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  1. Games must be challenging and fun/rewarding. Thievng in SB was great. One issue I had was the ease of stealing then be saved by a summon bot. Thieves would need to be carefully controlled in game so they didn't become op. SB occasionally released a FOTM like the vamp scout who until controlled was a beast. Not a scout anymore.
  2. Not sure how this will sit within CF, but I usually link assissins, thieves, and rogues as sneaky, untrustworthy, etc.I admit any of them can be loyal to one side. But rethinking Sun Tsu's importance of spies. It would seem these types would or could be "spies." And technically be aligned to one side, while actually being active within an enemy organization. I wonder if CF would allow for such behavior. ie. Officially sign on to defend a caravan, while really damaging it's purpose. So, would these sneaky types trying to act as spies, be limited to officially aligning with an enemy, b
  3. Playing the game a few times in the past few days. Now when I try to run the game, I get the "http invalid response." Any ideas?
  4. Even in proto-pre-penultimate-alpha its more interesting to me than BDO etc... B-)
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