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  1. Well sure but a perk like that is really not that relevant to most of the player base, so it wouldn't really make VIP more or less important.
  2. I feel like a lot of this discussion goes to waste becuase there simply isn't a reasonable way to avoid people having multiple accounts, there's simply isn't... The only thing ACE can do about this is make the VIP status more worthwhile than having multiple accounts for the average player But that is a slippery slope to pay to win and people who have the money will have no problem having multiple accounts with VIP. Most of the people i see complaining about multiple accounts are worried they will PERSONALLY and INDIVIDUALLY have a disadvantage compared to another individual. Well... This game is not about individuals and one person having an advantage over another single person isn't going to mean much.
  3. TL;DR Still going to say this: As long as they make VIP more worthwhile than having multiple accounts i'm happy.
  4. How about we wait and see how their system feels? <rant>Seriously i don't know what's with people trying to make every game into world of warcraft (and then complaining that it's just another clone) </rant>
  5. You say this but then the range of his attacks is 30m, i was expeting a shotgun type thing. Can't wait to check this little rodent in-game.
  6. I like the way blizzard did it with hanzo. That would also help if projectiles are affected by gravity(not sure they are or will ever be)
  7. I believe the biggest reason they won't do this is to force player interaction... if you can do everything somewhat well you don't need others. The way i see it, having multiple accounts(and i mean owning, playing all at the same time is irrelevant) is a advantage over other individual players, but it unnoticeable in the big scheme of things, for duration of a campaign for example, becuase if you don't have a crafting alt, all you need is a crafting friend or a freelance crafter(hit me up ) Edit: grammar pls
  8. i wonder if animals also become 'Nodes' when they die and have a new 'HP' bar you have to deplete to get the materials... Also if animals will have POIs similar to mines where they respawn in mass, would be nice if this mass NPC spawns happened in random places.
  9. i made a similar post not long ago and someone said that the devs confirmed roads will give speed buffs
  10. here: http://crowfall.com/en/playtest-schedule/ Would make it easier for people from different time zones to know and look foward to them, i for one always here about the streams after the fact.
  11. ACE thinks the same, check their Q&As. That's the reason the began doing combat from the beginning of the development and never stopped working on it.
  12. Fonte. Estou em conflito... Ping baixo é bom porém em um jogo onde interações sociais são a base, o HUEHUE me deixa com pé atrás. Alguém mais vivo aí tem uma opinião pra dar?
  13. Albion online will be an excellent mobile game, that's all that needs to be said.
  14. As long as you can fall and die a horrible death, starving your way down, unlike FFXIV with the invisible barriers, that woul be awesome.
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