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  1. Great idea. ACE had the same. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/worlds-worth-defending
  2. This. Because I value my time too much to spend "only" a couple of days hitting the same uninteresting mobs with the same couple of uninspired abilities over and over and over and over and over (x10^9) again. Where's the problem with having an alternative to that?
  3. Yeah, conflict with your own allies that sweep in at the end and steal your loot. There's no pvp if every faction has it's own adventure zone, providing every ressource.
  4. Alright, but doesn't especially vandal, with the stun from stealth which is almost impossibly to predict actually benefit alot from that change? You basically force your opponent to retaliate and after that he's either susceptible to the next stun/supress or he ultis and you have to kite and restart the fight. I mean you do realise we can't have the vandal be able to stunlock a target from 100 to 0% HP, right? That would be kinda op....
  5. How is Vandal broken (in a way that doesn't affect all cc promos equally)? I know the abilities only superficially. Why would that make it even more broken?
  6. I think most of us can agree that the current retaliation design is unhealthy for the game (Spam-macros, rng on cc immunity, no cd) and basically renders all cc-promotions useless, so I came up with a little rework: Seperate the immunity buff from the active stun-break. Make the E key (default Retaliation key i hope) a flashcast cc immunity with 100% chance to apply costing Stamina and disable stamina regeneration during the effect. Rename it to Resolution or something like that. The varying active stun-breaks, get moved into the default active ability kit of each class. This Retaliation ability should be available at level 1, can be activated also when not cc'd (to counter spam macros), costs stamina (making it impossible to activate Resolution and Retaliation at the same time, except for maybe specialized builds) and should be on a cd of around 30 seconds. The goal here, is to raise the skill gap by offering defensive counterplays to cc that require anticipation or quick reaction and on the offensive side allowing exploitation of guaranteed susceptibility to cc after running out of Resolution or right after a Retaliation. Like most of my ideas there's probably some flaws that I'd love to have pointed out.
  7. Alright. With the formalities out of the way. I would love such a concept, but I feel like it's important that it's not seperated from the campaign world, so not like a different realm/instance or EK for that matter. You should still be made aware of the situation on the battlefield to have the greater goal in mind - the total victory for your faction/guild/alliance. That's why I also like the idea of it rewarding you with faction score. It could be a fight pit in the free city, where traders for example can randomly run past and watch for a while or fight themself. No judgment. I would also like a "borderless" FFA pit in the temple, similar to the one they added to the gw2 pvp lobby at some point, where you can simply walk through the invisible boundary and attack anyone that's in it. Just for poorly made sockss and giggles or practice. BUT enough with the daydreaming... I'm pretty sure we're not gonna see anything like that until maybe a year or more after launch, if the game ever gets that far.
  8. Relative to games that offer engaging and entertaining ways for that leveling process, yes. But not the mindless grind we are forced to do in CF. We want to "play a game" not "work a chore".
  9. Would you be considered "harvesting" when using the marauder in regard to the Spotting passive?
  10. What do you mean with bleeding out? Affected by any kind of bleed or killed and not released? If it's the first it'd be waaay too strong and if it's the second it's quite underwhelming.
  11. Sounds fun, but a whole major disc to basically lose 1 ability for another. Not sure if that's ever gonna be worth it. Maybe add some more perks/abilities. Something like a "rocket jump" maybe or buffs/enemy debuff to the bomb-interact-abilities.
  12. I like all of them. Pretty interesting abilities. Definitly more creative than most of what ACE could come up with.
  13. I was talking about templar in general not only paladin. Except you consider every templar promo a "healer".
  14. The major problem i see with the whole class, is simply the fact, that you can outplay a templar way too easily no matter his/her skilllevel. The reason for that beeing it's pip generation and lack of mobility. Even if I can agree that the class is superior at a tree of life fight every decent commander would be able to counter a group that relies on it's templars and stacking your group with templars would render you completly useless in every other scenario than a treeroom or fortroom fight.
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