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  1. Alright, I went full reatard. Thanks for showing me that. I just checked the last talent in the promotion tree and didn't see it. Then I probably tried to equip it before I put all my talents back in.
  2. You can't equip it anymore, since the weaponmastery is gone and I definitly don't take "just use shieldfighter hurrdurr" as an answer.
  3. Like the title says. Why is the Stormcaller left with only a sickle after the weapon disciplines got removed. Seems kind of unfair compaired to literally every other class that can either carry main- + off-hand weapon or twohanded weapons. We're missing out on stats ffs. Why is nobody complaining about that? Is nobody playing Stormcaller?
  4. Glitchhiker

    Druid Armor

    Always go for more health if you have the choice
  5. Rather give us the mouse wheel to swap between trays and don't force the camera zoom on it. I don't want to have to activate a autohotkey script for that everytime i play. And, yes please fix the Mi dl em ou se button
  6. Sounds alot like you had the "hungry" debuff. Carry some food with you. Could be a bug aswell though.
  7. Ohgod, a new "leveling" thread. I'm getting flashbacks already. PS. Stay strong, Devonic. You'll get there one day....one day....
  8. I have no idea if there's bigger things planned for the free city in the future or if it's tied into the lore somehow, but i feel like it's somewhat useless simply as a trade hub, especially when ek's do the same even better and it's not the smartest thing to provide goods to the enemy anyway. The central map piece could be used for so many other, more interesting things. E.g
  9. You sound like my teacher. Also there's crafted items (eg. Advanced gear ~ 2k xp) that simply exceed any experience requirement of common vessels by far.
  10. I would also love more stat customization options for equipment. From older screenshots it seems there used to be more stats on weapons and stuff. I don't know why it was simplyfied when there's so many stats in this game to beginn with.
  11. Rethinking that: we obviously already have that and it makes me salty, but please no more.
  12. I would actually love to see amore interesting central map piece accesible to all 3 faction though. Be it a farming/ganking hotspot or any other incentive for concentrated pvp action. It can also be called a dungeon for all I care as long as it has nothing to do with grinding mobs for some kind of currency. That's the kind of stuff I hope never comes to crowfall.
  13. Gotta think of ol' UncleBob. Your suggestion would play right into his hands. The thought that a faction would be too distracted from farming to notice the enemy turning the scoreboard seems way to optimistic. Especially because keeps have fixed siege windows and it takes alot of objectives and time to actually catch up with the leading faction.
  14. Get out of here pve scum!! Just kidding. Please don't get offended. I agree the campaigns feel stale right now, bit this game does not need a pve dungoen.
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