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  1. In the world with magic, all races usually learn some sort of. That's why I say confessor. Champion, well - he does not have to be big and powerful. Small, fast and cunning may also beat his foe.
  2. Knight and Cleric simply don't fit for Guinecean. Champion, assasin, confessor would sound all bettor for me. I can't imagine how so small pig can resist a mighty blow for half giant. Are these races already in game?
  3. Hello, it has been quite a time since I stopped subscribing for news as we are still in pre-alpha. But there is one question I would like to have answered. Is there anyone who also feels the animations are not just right? And is there going to be models and animations change before launch? Champion moves he makes when fighting barehand hardly evocate the combat. It looks rather like dance. When making his first move, he starts by putting his body backward and then, he hits the space in which his body was before... It doesn't remind me of natural combat at all. I didn't test if Knight's strange move looking like the shield is made of paper are still in place. And then champion's back doesn't look well too (his deltoids). So what you say?
  4. After folder deletion, it tells me I deleted everything and will try to start from the first patch again.
  5. I have been installing last 9 patches today. Most of them went okay. The last one launches a problem. It says HTTP invalid response. Any solution?
  6. If there is such discipline in the game with no illusions, then it should get illusions.
  7. How can one rate an alpha-version? 1. encounter a bug 2. say it is garbage instead of reporting the bug and ask for refund Really!? You judge a whole alpha-version game cos' of one bug (which may be even on your side)? Will you say a pie is trash, because you don't like a flour itself?
  8. It comes with a risk. But it will be happening. If Art Craft finds a way to profit from it avoiding any harm to players, they should allow it. But it is unlikely, so keep it banned and report anyone with a screen of him trading the account. However, proof from other sites like facebook is not a proof. So really, it will be happening and not throw in-game chat likely.
  9. I went throw the news. Considering the development rate I remember, I don't think beta is likely. But I will jump in just to check what's new. Thank you for help.
  10. Assasin added as a playable archetype. I'' check them. What about the following 2 months, will the game move to beta or so?
  11. I don't like it. I voted and pool disappeared. Where can I see results? I see it now. Huh, why haven't I seen it before?
  12. I haven't followed news at all since three or four months ago. How much did the game progress? How much is it going to progress in 57 days (till Summer Holiday + 10 days)? Is there any list of major changes, where I could follow the lates news without reading all minor tweaks (like assasin added, crafting pots added, promotion classes added)? The last question is related to history module. A tool used for setting changeable environment during the Campaign's lifetime. How deep is it? I've some ideas for it. Has it been tested yet? Or just mentioned? Thank you for your answers.
  13. I am not aware of the testing state, but are you sure this will be a problem in the real game as it comes? Big-scale battless + Hunter's stake will make its work. You can't play only meele classes, they would be vulnerable to AoE. And it is where some ranged damage will find its use. Game is not supposed to be balanced for 1vs1. There will be better soloing classes and better teamplay classes.
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