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  1. What prevents the stealthers in a team from avoiding all PvP, sneaking in the main Keep, waiting for many teams to kill eachother and claiming the second place?
  2. Infected needs an upgrade to become an interesting diving board for solo players/small guilds towards Dregs: veterans guilds will mostly rush towards Dregs where the risk/rewards are greater while new players/casual small guilds might linger in Infected to progress in a slower tempo and eventually consolidate their numbers and gain experience so to enter Dregs at a later stage. To accomplish this two-stage rocket mechanism I think Faction vs Faction needs objectives with interesting reward in Infected, points of interest for fights. New players who arrive in Infected must be enticed to stay an
  3. Knowlegde about Import/Export rules and lootable inventory in Dregs is still not great among new players who end up wasting their Imports and then their possessions needlessly. When it comes to information, the transition between God's Reach + Infected and Dregs is lacking. Especially the mouseover information about Campaign rules & Restrictions: Could you somehow put this more prominently on the Dregs information page?
  4. @AZimut tu déclames des allégations sans connaitre la communauté fr sur Crowfall. Renseigne toi mieux, cela t'évitera de passer pour un imbécile.
  5. This guide is the best, I recently started playing cleric crusader. Thanks for all the ins and outs on this class!
  6. The balance is shifting towards PvE and that isn't good. The game isn't even finished and bank space can't keep up with the itemization. Leveling vessel upon vessel is becoming pure boredom. Alot of players have many accounts and like to play many classes, for testing purposes and for fun. I understand that we are testing and wipes and thus recurrent leveling are inherent to this process, but we need to move to away from the PvE grind in general and embrace the PvP fun. Obtaining knowledge runes is a total grind now. Make minor / major disciplines runes available with an easy to
  7. I think focussing on PvP scoring for the outcome of a campaign is a narrow approach and that the current system allows for players to take on all kinds of roles, organisators, roaming solo killers, scouts, harvesters/crafters ect. Btw, there are cards that let you score points for kills during fort and Keep siege windows, we actually got one in winter on Aliepo EU. I can image other cards having same results for PvP outcomes exist too. In short, we currently have both of best worlds in Dregs imo, a build up strategy game involving teamwork and open PvP.
  8. I'm afraid you don't grasp the subtilities of Dregs rules Sambuka. You can win all your battles and still lose a campaign. You can get hammered alot and still win a campaign. That doesn't mean the Dregs is broken. In fact it's working pretty well. The kill/death ratio is interpretable in different ways: the number of death can indeed be an indication of activity and the effort put in capping forts ect. I personally prefer the strategy mechanisms involved in scoring points than focussing on kills. There are other games for that.
  9. Est-ce qu'on t'as donné un scroll swift mount? dans ce cas il faut que tu equipe ce scroll et que tu crafte la monture (en pressant J).
  10. Very good post @veeshan I like what I read! I make a post a few days ago proposing the same general idea but much less detailed. The main question is: will such networks in CW truly benefit PvP and give small guilds/alliances with the same opportunities as the big ones? Somehow I think there should be a price for having an extended spider web be it maintenance or upgrades to the citadel. Also cutting off branches of the web should imo weaken the defenses of your citadel.
  11. A leader tag would be a great idea and frankly other types of tags too. It would give a better overview in big fights!
  12. Merci @Uta très bonne traduction et super explication! Petite remarque, En ce qui concerne deux domaines personellement je traduirai de la façon suivante: Shadow: Ombre Dark: Obscur
  13. <QUESTION> Will we see procs on weapons (chance for an elemental or organic damage hit) before release?
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