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  1. Thanks for this very useful overview!
  2. Auswahlmöglichkeiten...Ich mochte es sofort, den Templer und den Champion zu spielen, sehr tanky Klassen und fühle mich wohl, wenn ich Plattenausrüstung trage 😁 Ich habe nicht jede Klasse vollständig getestet, aber ich habe ein gutes Verständnis dafür, wie sie funktionieren, was notwendig ist, um ihnen entgegenzuwirken.
  3. Als alter Shadowbane-Spieler nahm ich die Nachricht auf, dass eine ‚Fortsetzung‘ in Vorbereitung war : Crowfall. Ich war sofort sehr begeistert von dem Konzept, das auf dem Papier beschrieben wurde: Sterbende Welten,Minen, Mühlen und Steinbrüche Erobern, um Ressourcen zu sichern, Burgen errichten und Nachbarn belagern. Ein tolles Konzept! Später wurde mir klar, dass Crowfall den Thronkrieg weiterführen wird als Shadowbane. Es wird eine Revolution im Gaming sein und ich werde ein Teil davon sein, außerdem habe ich eine großartige Community gefunden!
  4. Me cooking a bit of roasted meat gave me negative crafting points, is this just a display bug?
  5. One does not simply use salt, you got to throw it with style
  6. Merci @royo @Vlaana @Tigerman @Sylvanie @Mortys pour la soirée fun de combat en EK 😀 A refaire!
  7. I agree that the 90s respawn mechanic is extremely fast for the defenders in a siege and should be looked at by the devs. There are ways to circumvent this, like you said bombs and ballistas are one. Another way is to breach a wall near the respawn statue and have one or two assassins or whatever kill the respawning defenders. I've seen it happen, it's extremely efficient. Problem solved 😄
  8. Thanks for your input ! Of course group composition and other prerequisiteslike good communication are fundamental for a succesful outcome. But so are many more things. I'm talking about military tactics specifically. Two different things.
  9. Battlefield tactics Having participated in a number of big fights I thought about writing down some observations on battlefield tactics that might be useful for everybody to analyse and think about when fighting. This constitutes by no means an exhaustive analysis, it’s just some pointers to help people and give them insights. When your force is outnumbered in a big fight employ cleaver tactics to alleviate this imbalance and turn the tables in your favour: 1- The salami tactic This is the underlaying tactic when facing superior forces: pick off the weakest targets one by one to weaken the opponent. No frontal assaults just one slice of salami at a time, Take all the time you needs to achieve this. 2- Choke points During sieges use the breach in the walls to stop an enemy attacking force or to fight defenders. This choke point will allow you to alleviate the opponents superior forces and to pick off the weakest targets by chain pulling them or simply dps-ing those own. Also use the cc and dps abilities of confessors in these situations. The goal is to kill the enemy force one by one. 3- The roundabout When outnumbered you can in some situations use the terrain features to kite larger groups of enemies around a big rock or a friendly bane tree (in case of a bane tree this will increase the damage done to and slow his enemy). This will again allow you to weaken and pick off one target at a time and kill it. 4- Feint retreat Try to keep the initiative by superior movement speed To reshuffle the cards in your favour during a fight you can sometimes feint a retreat to look for a choke point or a roundabout or just to escape a stalemate. 5- Maneuverability Try to retain superior movement speed and flexibility compared to your enemies. This will grants you the initiative. For example learn to fight on the move. Conclusion – Train, train and train again Please share your thoughts on this!
  10. A crow with a dead branch in its beak flies into the courtyard. Bad omen...
  11. What's next, the Houdini overboard box escape? 😉
  12. Bug: Running while mounted in invisibility mode (with Illusionist major discipline)
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