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  1. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück mit der rekrutierung und alles Gute!
  2. Is this the first time that this has happened to you?
  3. Great input comrade Soulreaver, I wholeheartedly agree that these changes should be implemented asap! On the topic number 2 of disciplines I would add that we need some kind of a major/minor disciplines wallet. I think a pool of let's say 6 major and 9 minor disciplines (we start with zero and have to gather those) which we can choose to equip and/or unequip at the Temple zone will give the necessary limitations while still allowing players to be creative with their builds. It would also limit the 'waste' of destroyed discipline runes and the hassle of getting these back.
  4. I would like to keep this thread civil and constructive, thanks for all replies that try to do that. If you're annoyed and can't restrain yourself from using dubious language, please move on. As for most things there is a logical explanation and solution for the situation that is discussed here: we have a prime time that is fairly short where most people play and an off-peak time that is much longer where a minority of people are active. What we're talking about are night-cappers that capp alot (except Keeps) on the map during off-peak hours and let the point counter tick much longer than people playing during prime-time could possibly do, even if they capped alot of Keeps/forts/outpost. Its mathematics: if you don't have night-cappers in your faction you cannot win any campaign in the current situation. That's why I started this thread and posted a few possible solutions in my first message.
  5. First of all I want to give the devs team a huge compliment for their work on this 5.8 version. Since a couple weeks activity on the servers, even the european one has increased considerably and besides the usual fights, we all had the opportunity to capture or defend Keeps, forts and outposts which had a meaningful impact on the scoreboard. For me capturing and defending those points of interests started as a fun activity but rapidly transformed into a boring, repetititive and pointless one. The main reason is that the people playing in other factions had different playing schedules than my guildmates and I: when we would go sleep they would capture all the forts and alot of outposts back, typically between 00:00-06:00 am Central European Time. That is why I would like to suggest a few changes in the way the scoreboard system works: Firstly Keeps should earn more points per tick, maybe 50-55 instead of 40 points, putting more emphasis on sieging and giving people time to organise thanks to the sieging windows of opportunity. Secondly there should be less outposts in the different worlds. Thirdly Keeps and forts should give half the amount of points during the night that is 00:00-06:00 am. Fourthly Kills and Assists should give players of a faction more points. What are your thoughts? Please share those !
  6. Your arguments are a bit vague and unconvincing considering the above quote. Unique rewards? Bragging rights? I think the game will be flawed without a wipe. Just import a stack of golden apples and a swift mount and rush to the nearest Keeps to capture those and you're ahead in terms of points. Even training should be wiped imo.
  7. It doesn't make sense not to wipe before the sanctioned campaigns start. Whats sanctioned about a campaign where some have headstart in terms of gear and levels? This needs to be clarified.
  8. Contact us at https://caldera-hq.eu Or pm us here on the forum
  9. Just went into an EK after the latest patch and had a duel, the screenshakes are gone wooohooo !!! Bugs: I had some weird UI changes
  10. So I found a couple of bugs: First one allowed me to re-level my already leveled vessel meaning 90 attribute points extra Second one allows me to equip 5000 arrows on my ranger Third one did unslot all my discipline runes and reset my talents once when I unequipped my mount (plank) from the mount slot
  11. Thanks for the feedback. We agree to disagree. It will be interesting to see how the game develops for sure!
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