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  1. My imports/exports are bugged, I was able to import more than 20 items in both EU and NA campaigns.
  2. Apperantly you are able to be in stealth and use you mount at the same time as a duelist. Just mount up and at the very end of the animation go in stealth.
  3. All differences among people are erased upon death
  4. Indeed, ESO Cyrodiil pvp zone includes some of your idea's, notably buffing the ruler. Personally I'm concerned about the tricky implementation of all this. There are already many things (in the pipelines) to fight over! Also, The Throne War is a metaphorical war, it's not about a physical throne, at least that's how I understand it.
  5. Bye Pann, thanks for the good times!
  6. Wooow! My compliments on your Dregs War Story @Angelmar, it's the cream of the crop and in that genre! Also, it's really important to include as much guilds as possible into these stories, to create a sense of community and to tell the political story. So that people years later can say "Yeah, I was there at the siege of Keep Turkshmoolem!" ... Even if they weren't actually there ūüėĄ More of this! Thanks!
  7. Great suggestions, I'm very much in favor of it!
  8. Excellent suggestions, I wholeheartedly agree!
  9. Bonjour, √† l'heure actuelle √©quiper une monture requiert d'√™tre level 1, co√Ľte 1200 gold et s'ach√®te dans tout les temples au God's Reach et Infected. Regarde dans le quartier des marchants pr√®s du vendeur de rune mineures. Lorsque les montures seront finalis√©es graphiquement, les skins seront √©quipables et sans degradation aucune sur une monture d'apr√®s ce que j'ai compris
  10. We need a maintenance system in Dregs for buildings and guards in Keep/forts, that would force guilds to make strategic choices in building what/where. I proposed this during the stream but didn't get an answer.
  11. Welcome to Crowfall @BTBill I hope you enjoy it all!
  12. Flashing my tools when I'm trying to hide behind a tree or just running past nodes is annoying, especially at night.
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