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  1. What's next, the Houdini overboard box escape? 😉
  2. Bug: Running while mounted in invisibility mode (with Illusionist major discipline)
  3. Very nice! Looking at the video I'm surprised that assassins aren't more impactful in big fights, harassing a bit that's what they do. I'm not judging anyones skill here, just observing... I know assassins are fantastic in picking off lone targets and scouting ect. but in the big fights their role seems very minimal.
  4. Salut @abso, papypations lol, restons jeune dans l'Ăąme! Beaucoup d'Ă©motions reviennent en lisant c'est vrai. Abso, quels sont tes souvenirs de Damnation? @gilgalad1er comment vas-tu ? Ma premiĂšre guilde fut la Maison Naerth dont le fondateur Ă©tait Valanthor (?) Je me rappelle bien de cette Ă©poque!
  5. Hello @Urielle and @GoonBeetle welcome, I hope you feel at home quickly among the community!
  6. “The best skill at cards is knowing when to discard.”
  7. Comme l'a dit Uta, respect pour ton travail, c'est dommage. Ceci dit les voies du seigneurs sont impénétrables donc je te dis à bientÎt ingame!
  8. Sad to see the end of the partnership between ArtCraft and Travian due to result of changes in "strategic direction" for both companies, whatever "strategic direction" may be in this case. Maybe Travian doesn't agree with the longer than expected development time of Crowfall? Or ArtCraft didn't get enough money from Travian? WE WANT JUICY DETAILS 😄 That being said I will miss the Gamescon meetings and the Travian people @Minke @Ikas ect.
  9. This. Also the freedom for players to build their castles and assets in the campaign world wherever they want and the possibility of loosing those as the result of an enemy siege.
  10. I don’t think the points system is funneling players to deliver one kind of gameplay @nerion. People already have many different things they focus on. Legolasses and Gimli’s just competing for kill count is a thing for example. There are harvesters, crafters and traders. The gist of the argument is that there should be more empowerment for guilds like @PaleOne stated. There is also a myriad of ways to distinguish yourself outside the points system, you can be prolific writer of war stories, a talented leader, organizing and leading your guild to victory. Or a funny streamer. You don’t get points for those occupations but you do get alot of credits and recognition.
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