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  1. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Contact us at Or pm us here on the forum
  2. Just went into an EK after the latest patch and had a duel, the screenshakes are gone wooohooo !!! Bugs: I had some weird UI changes
  3. I experienced some screen shakes in these fights
  4. So I found a couple of bugs: First one allowed me to re-level my already leveled vessel meaning 90 attribute points extra Second one allows me to equip 5000 arrows on my ranger Third one did unslot all my discipline runes and reset my talents once when I unequipped my mount (plank) from the mount slot
  5. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    It has begun
  6. More recall options

    Thanks for the feedback. We agree to disagree. It will be interesting to see how the game develops for sure!
  7. More recall options

    Spirit banks are bound to disappear as the game develops further. Recall is not. So, is recalling to a safe zone as the situation is now better than recalling to a owned Keep that can be attacked as I propose?
  8. More recall options

    I hear you. But what's the difference with the recall button we have now then? You can bring your stuff to safety as well and the actual recall button is here to stay. Is the economy of mercenaries and thieves suffering from the actual recall power? I don't think so
  9. More recall options

    I'm thinking too far ahead maybe, a stage of the game where we have our own build cities in the campaign world. To me it would make sense to allow a player to return to their bind point, that is the city matching their guild crest.
  10. More recall options

    With the new clusters of worlds expanding the total surface of Crowfall Campaigns I think I would be good to have the option to recall to a Tree of Life of a Keep you own. What are your ideas on recalling and having more recall options? Please share your thoughts!
  11. Good job Yumx, the class icons look great !
  12. Leveling

    I don't really see the problem with leveling. We grind for gold, for harvesting leather, so at the same time we will level Now, we will be able the build a character by making choices which means less generic builds and more flavour and surprises in the game.
  13. Go, Greco! - Official Discussion Thread

    Good going! Congrats Dave Greco!
  14. I can Phil it in the air tonight tadadada!
  15. New to the Game !

    Welcome iLogos, you'll find alot of same-minded people here!