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  1. Bonjour, à l'heure actuelle équiper une monture requiert d'être level 1, coûte 1200 gold et s'achète dans tout les temples au God's Reach et Infected. Regarde dans le quartier des marchants près du vendeur de rune mineures. Lorsque les montures seront finalisées graphiquement, les skins seront équipables et sans degradation aucune sur une monture d'après ce que j'ai compris
  2. We need a maintenance system in Dregs for buildings and guards in Keep/forts, that would force guilds to make strategic choices in building what/where. I proposed this during the stream but didn't get an answer.
  3. Welcome to Crowfall @BTBill I hope you enjoy it all!
  4. Flashing my tools when I'm trying to hide behind a tree or just running past nodes is annoying, especially at night.
  5. Belantis

    Hi, how are you?

    Thankfully I'm healthy and still able to work remotely. Also working to improve the garden with new plants, painting the benches ect. 🙂 And I started a Call of Cthulhu campaign via Roll20 with 5 friends which is a ton of fun! Still, the situation is crazy and affecting my mood from time to time.
  6. I agree with you @soulein that the game mechanics should evolve in the direction of politics, diplomacy and territory control, the so called 'throne war' and that subguilds would be a great feature to that end. There's also difference between a few cards presenting you with dilemma's and the game becoming a grind fest. A creative idea would be a crafting card giving Divine Favor for sacrificing one piece of equipment with the most experience value for example, which would simply mean you have the best crafter. Dominating guilds or alliances will irrevocably lead to the formation of counter alliances. But would be a pity if small entities wouldn't have their role in the throne war. I can imagine a big alliance having to strike a deal with a small guild to farm or to cap objectives for them. Independent mercenaries or assassin or trading guilds should have their place. There should be risks and rewards for forming alliances. For example the more subguilds, the more bureaucracy costs 😄
  7. Esports bookmakers! I wouldn't bet my money on you pam 😁
  8. Yes, that's what I'm advocating too: giving alternatives to score points in the form of a variety of Divine Favor cards.
  9. No need to take it to extremes @soulein One of the solution for more pvp in the Dregs that the devs thought of is actually the caravan system which is essentially a form of harvesting. I don't think it would hurt the game to have a few harvesting/crafting card in the Divine Favor deck. It would certainly hurt the game less than big groups steamrolling everything in their path for hours as we have seen in the last Dregs.
  10. The subguild mechanism that we know from Shadowbane would indeed offer amazing political content @soulein However I think that harvesting and crafting being an essential part of the game, should also have its purpose,. Not everybody can or wants to be King. What I like about Crowfall is that everything has a function, you hit a tree you get wood, plants and fungi are used to make food ect. So as a result harvesting and crafting should also have an impact on the the scoreboard. The best example is the Chaos Ember sacrificing card in the first campaign, it also offered us a dilemma, which I really love. To elaborate on this I think that a Divine favor card for sacrificing the most xp points in crafted gear would present us with interesting choices, In the context of alliances and subguilds, I would also like to see (political) dilemma cards to gain Divine favor, like for example cards that give points for breaking from an alliance and joining another. That kind of table turning cards would spice up things alot.
  11. Unable to log out in fort without being teleported to Temple
  12. Bonjour et bienvenue @Yueyehua ! La communauté de Crowfall est très sympa et aide les nouveaux venus du mieux qu'elle peut. Si tu a le temps viens faire un tour sur le Discord de Crowfall FR https://discord.gg/vbjvHE je peux te faire un topo sur les différents aspects du jeux 🙂 Le lore (Panthéon) de Crowfall permet aussi aux rolistes de s'eclater. Crowfall est, grace à ses mécaniques de jeu (interdépendabilité pour le craft et PvP), très social. Jouer dans son coin n'est pas conseillé. Bonne chance en tout cas !
  13. Trigger hippies, they are the worst A meaningful thief major discipline is what I would like to see: one that would give the possibility to loot bags
  14. I believe that if you cast a heal while out of combat you will be put in combat for the duration of the casting.
  15. "The best revenge is massive success" Frank Sinatra
  16. Great! and remember: when something seems too good to be less than ordinary, it rarely isn't always more truthful than a real friend would if they trusted you to believe.
  17. Thanks for this very useful overview!
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