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    Belantis reacted to BurgundytheRed in New archetype suggestion - The Monk (Lee Sin like)   
    I'd rather see the monk as a dodge tank and scout; with high mobility, stealth, climbing, warmth, tracking bonuses and excellent unarmed combat ability.
    This monk would be unmatched when dropped naked into a CW, but less advantaged damage-wise against fully armed and armored fighters.
    There is no reason a monk couldn't equip a weapon or spellbook, especially if he had a discipline rune for its use, but Monk archetype skills should bolster his attacks regardless of weapon type.
    Armor should be useless to a monk (maybe they take some vow of courage), and all archetype defense skills would just raise armor class in general, or raise specific mitigations and shorten durations of CC without requiring a breastplate. Similarly the armor branch of the combat tree should apply to monks, with the breastplate requirement waived.
    I agree that the monk resource pool should be called Ki (or chi).
    Rather than group buffs and heals, I'd like to see a self-heal, group enemy debuffs, a group CC break, a disarm that gives the option to immedately equip or stow the weapon taken, and every type of CC.
    Promotion classes might be:
    Ninja  ~ Assassin type combat skills focus Wushi ~ Ki powers focus Yinshi ~ Stealth and scout focus
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    Belantis reacted to Eaden in New archetype suggestion - The Monk (Lee Sin like)   
    This is the second of two archetypes I came up with recently. I based them on some of my all-time favorite League of Legend champions. Favorite as much because of their lore, as their design, or their game mechanics.

    Here is the second one: the Monk (Lee Sin like).



    Give them a God, and there will be a believer.
    Give them a believer, and there will be a temple.
    Give them a temple, and there will be a Monk.
    Give them a Monk, and there will be prayers to live forever.
    The rich Pantheon of the universe of Crowfall have lead many worlds to rize and to fall in their names. Where Faith has been brought by Templars, where Virtue has been enforced by Confessors, the will of the Gods have been incarnated by the Monks. Neither judges or executioners, Monks find in themselves the true sense of the Universe, and accept the place that the sentient species have in the higher plans of the Gods. 


    With the ability to heal, shield, support and fight side-by-side with its teammates, the Monk is an interesting melee support. The use of his Ki to help allies and hinder enemies, and his high circumstantial mobility makes him a good group-fight oriented support.



    The Monks have learned to reduce their weapon to the bare minimum: the Gauntlets (The Man with the Iron Fists Ouuuuiiiii). This extension of their very self allows a better focus of their Ki, and the unfolding of battle.



    I want to make this archetype a really mobile support fighter, but limited to the very space provided by the unfolding of a fight. Meaning it could take advantage of both a close combat group fight as much as a more opened group fight, as long as there are players (ally or not) around him.
    Double edged Ki - The Monk have a unique pallet of skills, but where almost all of them have a different effect weather the target is ally or enemy. So does the spending and recovering of the Ki. (see below)
    Ki recovering / Ki spending - The Ki is leached from attacked / affected ennemy (10 pts of Ki / affected ennemy) and is spent on affected Allies (10 pts / affected ally). The max recovering / spending for any one skill is 30 pts. Some attacks / skills can rely on slightly different rules (spending only / recovering only).
    Ki pool - The Monk rely on its Ki pool to cast all his skills (but LMB / RMB / C). The maximum Ki pool is 40/50 pts (up to 60/70 pts with skills tree maybe?). As a 30 pts is roughly what is needed to do all intended effect of the combos.
    Combos - As the mechanics of the Monk relies of several combos, there is no T3 combos, only several T2. I think this is already plenty enough for our carpal tunnel to warm up.
    This mechanics would allow to theoretically spend 0 pts if 3 allies and 3 ennemies are affected by the same skills for example (can be possible depending on the skill and the situation). Most of all they force the Monk to be constantly on the move, and shifting between attacking and supporting dynamically with its level of Ki and its reading of the battelfield.


    LMB - fist strike (+7 Ki pts) > fist strike (+8 Ki pts) > technique of 1000 fists (x2 damage of fist strike at once / +15 Ki pts) (physical damage)

    RMB - Ki tunnel (escape mechanism ~ blink of druid / uses stamina)
    1 key - Ki winds (spend x pts of Ki / depending on number of players affected)
    Small Area Of Effect buff / debuff (5-10 m ? / everyone around Monk) If ally = buff movement speed (+10%) and buff defenses (+15%) If enemy = debuff movement speed (-10%) and debuff defenses (-15%) recover 10 pts of Ki by affected ennemy (max 30 pts recovered) spend 10 pts of Ki by affected ally (max 30 pts spent) only buff self when another target is affected. 2 key (combo) - Ki projection (first tap) > Ki reunion (second tap)
    Ki projection (-10 Ki pts) - throw a bolt of Ki in front of the Monk (travels 15-25m?). Affected player have "Mark of Ki" for 3 seconds.If an enemy is affected by Mark of Ki: Dizzy status for 1 sec + small magical dmg if an ally is affected by Mark of Ki: small heal + remove a random status effect If an enemy is affected (+10 extra Ki pts / fixed) if an ally is affected (-10 extra Ki pts / fixed) Ki reunion (+10 Ki pts) - propulse the monk onto the target affected by "Mark of Ki"If an enemy is being "jumped on": knockdown + Monk is shielded of 10% of total HP for 3 seconds If an ally is being "jumped on": medium heal + Monk and ally are shielded of 10% of total HP for 3 seconds If an enemy is affected (+10 extra Ki pts / fixed) if an ally is affected (-10 extra Ki pts / fixed) Only one "Mark of Ki" can be in effect at any given time (due to cooldowns) The cost of this skill is really low, but as it is mainly based on a skill shot, it won't be easy to land! 3 key (combo / small cone in front of Monk) - Ki of the young > Ki of the elder
    Ki of the youngEnemy - small magical damage (+10 Ki pts / fixed) Ally - small heal (-10 Ki pts / fixed) Ki of the elderEnemy - medium magical damage + stunt (+15 Ki pts / fixed) Ally - medium heal + shield (10% of max HP for 3 sec) (-15 Ki pts / fixed) 3 key combo can each target up to a maximum of 2 targets at a time (enemy, ally, or both).  
    4 key (combo) - Ki balance > Ki sacrifice / Life sacrifice
    Ki balance (T1) - small self heal +10 Ki ptsKi offering (T2) - lose 30 Ki pts + important self heal Ki recovering (T2) - gain 30 Ki pts + medium self damage 5 key - Gift of Ki (-30 Ki pts)
    Provide a buff to all teammates for 10-20 sec. bonus of 5-10% to in and out of combat pool regens (HP, Mana, Rage, Energy, Stamina - only Ki pool is not affected) C key - Ki explosion
    remove all status and CC effect on the Monk Knockback (5m) + blind (1sec) every enemies around the Monk ---

    Well, the idea is that a Monk is relatively weak on his own, but gets great in a team fight. With a Monk, it is necessary to balance the Ki with the flow of the battle, to be the Yi and the Yang of the battle in short. You won't score a kill spree nor revive a teammate, but your effect on a battlefield, even if more subtle, can do an overwhelming difference.
    Only damage the enemy, and you leave your teammates without an efficient support.
    Only support your allies, and you remove an annoying debuffer / magic damage brawler from the back of the enemy.
    And in both case, you actually does not benefit of the full spectrum of your own skills.
    You have a small Ki pool, forcing you to constantly juggle between damaging and debuffing the enemy to recover Ki, and healing and buffing your allies to spend the precious Ki.
    As a conclusion, I would say that with the different combos, the different effects, and the battlefield reading, the entry level for the Monk will be quite high (as for the Druid). But when you got your way around it, you will be able to do good quite quickly.
    However, doing great with the Monk will require to properly land a 2, or to reposition yourself precisely with a LMB, to make sure to use the other skills (LMB, 1 and 3 for example) to their plain potential. But also to be able to dynamically spread the effort as much on offense than on defense, which can enormously bent the balance in your favor, or not at all.
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    Belantis got a reaction from Tinnis in Holiday e-cards from the Crows - Official discussion thread   
    Thanks, it was fun to make. Merry Christmas !
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    Belantis reacted to Extintor in Skill training duration   
    I did some checks and I got this table for the time to train every level of every tier. I'm not sure about the 100th level but the other ones looks coherent with the durations I saw in the game.
    If anyone find something wrong, please, let me know.
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    Belantis reacted to Dirkoff in Claiming territory   
    Or well organised guilds who patrol their lands to protect their well earned resources from thieving ragabonds and opportunists.
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    Belantis got a reaction from Kith in Tracking Dbags   
    You want to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women? Just burn down their cities.
    I find a tracker for specific people a bit far flegded.
    Reminds me of the feature in BDO where you could ask a shady npc where a specific player was.
    Tracking down a specific leader or commanders of a guild at a certain moment could also mean tracking down his whole army...
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    Belantis got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Holiday e-cards from the Crows - Official discussion thread   
    Thanks, it was fun to make. Merry Christmas !
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    Belantis reacted to Chrissy The Blesser in Holiday e-cards from the Crows - Official discussion thread   
    These are all brilliant!  I LOVE Them.  The poem is PERFECT!   Fabulous results from a terrific idea.  Merry Christmas everyone. May yours be filled with blessings and giggles.   *Chrissy hugs*  <3 
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    Belantis got a reaction from KrakkenSmacken in Tracking Dbags   
    You want to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women? Just burn down their cities.
    I find a tracker for specific people a bit far flegded.
    Reminds me of the feature in BDO where you could ask a shady npc where a specific player was.
    Tracking down a specific leader or commanders of a guild at a certain moment could also mean tracking down his whole army...
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    Belantis got a reaction from KrakkenSmacken in Campaign World with Seasonal Winners?   
    Elitist bastard
    Cranking up the difficulty rate until there is nothing left of the original MMORPG aspect of the game seems, well, game-breaking to me.
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    Belantis got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Tracking Dbags   
    You want to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women? Just burn down their cities.
    I find a tracker for specific people a bit far flegded.
    Reminds me of the feature in BDO where you could ask a shady npc where a specific player was.
    Tracking down a specific leader or commanders of a guild at a certain moment could also mean tracking down his whole army...
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    Belantis reacted to narsille in Tracking Dbags   
    Personally, my end goal for the game is to become a quest giver...
    I plan to set up shop with a bunch of third rate daggers, cast off helmets, and the like and accost newbies.
    "Take this magic unguent and wipe it across the asses of 17 sickly gazelles.  If you do, I will give you 27 ethereal dust and your choice of either of these fine daggers"
    [someone needs to keep the fine traditions of The Barrens in WoW alive]
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    Belantis reacted to Armegeddon in Tracking Dbags   
    LOL! Great stuff right there!
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    Belantis got a reaction from krevra in Tracking Dbags   
    You want to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women? Just burn down their cities.
    I find a tracker for specific people a bit far flegded.
    Reminds me of the feature in BDO where you could ask a shady npc where a specific player was.
    Tracking down a specific leader or commanders of a guild at a certain moment could also mean tracking down his whole army...
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    Belantis reacted to Pann in MoC Gordon Walton Pt 2 - Official discussion thread   
    Picking up where Part 1 left off, Gordon goes from Chicago to Florida and returns to Texas 
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    Belantis got a reaction from MiracleMax in Fri, Dec 16 – Sun, Dec 18 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    I noticed a black grafical glitch coming from the corpse of a mob.

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    Belantis reacted to Kith in Do you make use of all of your abilities?   
    Thank you for the shout out!
    New abilities will be unlocked through a system called Disciplines, which is still being developed!
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    Belantis got a reaction from Kith in Do you make use of all of your abilities?   
    Kithslayer wrote an overview of the Myrms powers, I recommand you read it.
    Here:  http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13372-first-impressions-of-the-myrmidon/
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    Belantis got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Fri, Dec 16 – Sun, Dec 18 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    I noticed a black grafical glitch coming from the corpse of a mob.

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    Belantis reacted to Kraahk in Can we sink any deeper? The 6 stages to the hell of Crowfall!   
    Come all ye crows and murder-lads and listen to my true story.
    It might save your souls...
    ...for i have seen the deepest dregs.
    Stage 1-3
    Stage 1: 330,000 m below sea level
    First you think its cool.
    You slobber and you drool.
    You grow additional limbs
    to show off in the gyms.
    Yeah, bath yourself in glee.
    The truth is: You're not free!
    Stage 2: 660,000 m below sea level
    You feel a little pinch.
    One eye begins to flinch.
    The fingers getting longer
    (what you equate with stronger).
    You still think you'll get through.
    If you only knew...
    Stage 3: 1,000,000 m below sea level
    But your are lost. You just don't know.
    You take your part within the show
    that leads you to the deepest hole.
    And on this path, just like your soul,
    your face is getting darker.
    Ignition of the sparker.
    (click to enlarge)

    Stage 4-6
    Stage 4: 2,000,000 m below sea level
    Oh, now you start to feel the pain?
    You think it will drive you insane?
    Suggestion: Better be prepared!
    For this is nothing if compared
    to what awaits you on your way.
    This stage is just like holiday.
    Stage 5: 2,150,000 m below sea level
    Your shoulders down, your fingers stretched.
    Your body, like your soul, is wretched.
    But that your eyes can't see no more,
    they sailed away and left the shore.
    Do you believe now what i tell?
    That it's not good to go to hell?
    Stage 6: 2,250,000 m below sea level
    Your body crushed, you feel your sin.
    You're down. Remember where you've been.
    And what decisions brought you here.
    Don't shift the blame onto your gear.
    Confess to her - and with some luck
    she'll kill you and get you unstuck.

    Thanks to the confessor who stopped my endless fall. I felt like reborn. And strictly speaking: i was. xD
    edit: couldn't count up to three. fixed.
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    Belantis reacted to Fantastikon in New Player Guide   
    (This is also posted in the Pre-Alpha 3.0 – General Discussion forum. I wouldn't normally double-post, but Gordon/Tyrant suggested it, so here we go!)

    New players are streaming into Crowfall, and since the first experience can be quite daunting, I wanted to put something down that might make those first hours in the game a bit easier. Because I want players to like the experience and stay in the game! (So that we can fight later on! And I can loot your apples! No, just kidding, I meant to make up for killing some of you the other night!)

    I will assume here that you are on one of the PvP servers, where the main danger is other players. You can do some exploring and basic crafting on the PvE server, but the good stuff, and the action, is on PvP. I will comment on how you can use them in tandem further down in the guide.

    Do this first

    When you first spawn in a PvP world, you'll be in a graveyard. That's a dangerous place to be, and you'll be naked and unarmed, so for a while, you'll have to play the survival game. Run away from there, and avoid any player you see, until you are in a lonely spot. The center of the map is around 1500, 1500, and the edges of the map are sometimes quieter, so go for that. When you run, you can sprint by holding down Shift, but this drains stamina, so you might want to save that until you need to get away from someone.

    Now you need basic weapons, and for that you need tools. Chop down some trees and pick up everything that drops. Look and listen to make sure that you are still alone.

    When you have a bunch of wood, twenty or so, go into the crafting menu, hotkey J. Open Basic Crafting and select Basic Harvesting tools. Put in wood, wood, wood and click through until you have a rune in your inventory.

    Close the crafting and open inventory, hotkey I. Equip the Runestone Hammer you made by right-clicking it. Now you can harvest stone!

    Harvest the nearest boulders until you have some stone, say around 15 or a little more (to account for failures). Keep checking your surroundings, using eyes and ears, to make sure you are still alone. Run if people are approaching!

    Go into crafting again. Under Basic Crafting, go to Basic Weapons and make the weapons you need (and shield and arrows if you need them). Make and equip them.

    Check your food meter, the chicken legs in the upper left corner. It's probably run down a bit, so eat any apples you got from the trees. It's not good to be much under 7 (of 10). You can chop more trees for more apples.

    Now you're armed and (maybe not that) dangerous!

    Decide what you want to do now! Probably either trying out combat, crafting better gear, or just checking out the world.

    For trying out combat, be ready to die a lot, at least if you are running solo. Best is to get into the mindset of dying, and to make that hurt less, try not to have much in your bags that you don't want to lose, because your killers will loot your bags! In my opinion, getting into fights and mostly dying was a lot of fun in the first hours of playtesting, at least when I didn't loose something too valuable. And sometimes you will win, and that's exhilarating!

    For checking out the world, try to still be ready to die! People will manage to jump you now and then, and they'll probably loot your bags, so again, don't have anything in them that you aren't ready to lose! But do it anyway, because the world is really pretty (even if the edges of the map just look out over a white nothing)!

    If you want to craft, I really, really urge you to start playing with other people, because in a group of only three or so, you are sooo much more likely to survive and thus keep all the materials you harvest!

    I won't tell you everything, because it's fun to explore the crafting menu and figure things out, but I'll tell you a few things straight away!

    First, make a Runestone Pick, to gather metal ore! It's the same Basic Harvesting tools, but this time, you put in wood, wood, stone. Make and equip the Pick!

    Then, get potions! For this stage of playtesting, there are craftable potions (under Alchemy) that simulate higher skill levels. Make a bunch of harvesting potions, to gather the materials you need faster!

    Find an ore node, preferably copper or iron, because those are the lowest level ores, and easiest to harvest with basic tools. Harvest until you have two or more, and then make a Plentiful Harvest potion. Drink it (right-click in inventory) and then keep harvesting ore and making a few other harvesting potions (I won't tell you exactly which one, you'll have to figure that out, because that's fun!).

    Then, figure out what materials you need for what you want to make (probably some weapons and armor that are not the Basic ones), and go find them! Check the timers on the potions and go about it in a way that seems smart to you.

    And survive! Check your surroundings, as before! A trick is that while the crafting timer runs, while you are finishing the thing you are making, you can close the window and look around, the countdown will run in the background. Then you can open the interface again and move your new item to your inventory.

    Make new harvesting tools, because the basic ones you made before are just to get you up and running. Find them in the crafting menu and make them. Check the Penetration stat of the tools you make. Higher quality materials require higher penetration tools. Explore and figure out what you need!

    Also, check out Crafting Potions!

    Make your stuff! As I said, I'll let you explore the menu and figure out what you need, but here is a hint: most advanced stuff requires components and components of components, so it takes quite a few steps. But it's so worth it when you're done!

    Also, at one point in the process, you can name the item you're making! My first advanced weapon was called... Fantastikon's First Poleaxe. Yeah, I'm creative that way!

    About food

    Hunger is a real thing in this game (both as in The Hunger, the metaphysical force that destroys the worlds of the campaigns and gives us the zombies, and as in... hunger, as in, I need more apples!).

    The best way to stay on top of it is to chop trees for wood and kill boars for meat. With those you can craft a Survivalist Campfire, and standing close to one while not in combat mode gives you both food and healing. The devs are nice that way!

    But of course, there are always apples!

    A few other things to mention

    Do find a guild as soon as possible (check the Guild Recruitment forum)! Or at least a random group. It's so much better to have people around you. Getting the materials for advanced gear, and getting the peace to make them without being killed and looted can be nearly impossible on your own (unless you log in at odd times, when the servers are empty), but is quick and fun when you are in a group. Even standing guard while someone else (with potions) is harvesting is fun, because you have a purpose! (There are chests in houses and permanent camps where you can transfer stuff between players.)

    Do be aware of the stage the game is in! A lot of you belong to the 'Beta' playtester group, so it makes sense if some of you enter the game believing it to be in a beta stage. It most certainly is not! It's not even alpha, it's pre-alpha. This is basically tech testing that we are doing. It's fun testing, but it's still very early testing. Be prepared for new things breaking with every patch. Have patience.

    Do check the forums (but if you read this, you already are). Leave feedback.

    If you want, try out the basic stuff on the Sanctuary server! There are only basic materials there, so you can't make any advanced gear, but there is also no PvP, so you can explore some of the crafting menu in safety there.

    You can also, at the moment, move things between the servers via the Spirit Bank. You access this by opening your Character Screen (P) and clicking the Spirit Bank tab. This is an account level inventory, and whatever you put in here is safe from looting, so while harvesting, you can move your stuff here until you have enough. At that point, you can log out of the PvP server and log in to Sanctuary to do your crafting in peace (don't forget your crafting potions!). Or you just take it back out when it's time for crafting, even if you remain on a PvP server.

    Do note that whenever you put something in the Spirit Bank, it is locked for a few minutes before you can access it. Also, be aware that (as with many other things right now) it is not intended to remain in the game, and probably not for long in testing either. It's a placeholder until they have implemented additional game systems.

    Also, my dear guildmate Tinnis has a Tester Resource Site that is worth its weight in gold. (Well actually, since the information is data on a server, it's worth more than its weight. Let's say the servers' weight!)

    Be aware that there is a really nasty bug that means that sometimes when you have finished crafting an item and either press Take or you drag it to your inventory, it just disappears. It sucks, and it seems to happen especially often with the stuff that you spent a long time making, but... No, no buts. It sucks and the devs are working on it, and we all just hope they will figure it out and fix it sooner rather than later. It doesn't break the game, you can just do everything over again, but yeah, it sucks when it happens. (Did I hear someone telling me to have patience? Must have imagined it.)

    That's it for now, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy playtesting! Here are some videos (made by not me) that might be helpful as well:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UphPQbrSTqY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvsxs8vOQUc  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4glvv-ZxXI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzxpubV_4MI  If you want to add something, please do!

    Good luck! And good hunting!
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    Belantis got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Do you make use of all of your abilities?   
    Kithslayer wrote an overview of the Myrms powers, I recommand you read it.
    Here:  http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13372-first-impressions-of-the-myrmidon/
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    Belantis reacted to slyjeff in How About Recruitment Thralls?   
    So, one thing I'm used to is guild spam in general chat trying to recruit people. Which isn't really that effective and kind of distracting. And you probably can't get rid of this, but it does show there is a need to get exposure and such.
    So what if you could set up thralls in public places for the express purpose of publicizing your guild? As in, there could be "guild marketplace" in public EKs where people could place these. People looking for guilds could interact with them to find out guild focus, achievements, requirements, and ultimately put them in contact with an online member (or leave a message) if there is interest.
    I'd think this could spur some EK activity for even the most CW focused guilds, and it would be a cool place for new players to find others to group with.
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    Belantis reacted to Kith in First Impressions of the Myrmidon   
    "Bull in a china shop" is right, and I love it.
    The first thing that jumped out at me was how spastic the Myrm feels.  The forward movement on its attacks is substantial.  The re-aiming during animation helps lots with root motion, and it lends itself well to the flavor of the bull.  Getting lost in the heat of battle or ever panicking means missing a Berserk Crash, and as a player you absolutely need to keep a level and cool head, in direct odds with the fast, twitchy, raging feel of the character.
    The sticky charge is delightful.  Having played a knight and getting body blocked from charging to a different position the change is amazing, no more failed charges due to enemy positioning.  I still managed to fail some charges due to allied positioning, but that's on me.  As an aside, I think the knight's mass needs to be substantially increased during the charge, by a factor of 5 to 10.
    Using Pulverize to negate Berserk Crash means that it rarely gets used to deal damage, despite its high (relative to the Myrmidon) damage output.  Being able to time a Colossus Smash to pull off a fully charged Pulverize hit while also timing it to negate Crash damage feels amazing; I only managed that two or three times during the play test on 9/2.
    The Bloodied Swipe combo tree is pretty essential, and I used it a lot, maybe too much.  The Fury regen buff from Gore kept me from having to worry about Fury management unless using Whirlwind (more on that later), and Colossus Smash is good CC with a stun long enough to pull off a highly charged Pulverize for max damage, or to force another Myrm to Crash.
    Arcing Slash seemed ok, but it leads to Spin to Win.  Whirlwind is a great AoE attack, mostly for its bleed stacks which won't suffer from damage splitting, but absolutely suffer from having too many Myrms on a target, since the bleeds only stack to 3.  It's a good reminder that group diversity is a key to success, as awesome as it was to have herds of stampeding minotaurs last night during the test.
    Cast Net is either difficult to use, or broken.  I never got any successful net pulls, and I quickly stopped using it.  There are other means of covering ground that are much better, and I never felt that I needed the immobilize.  I would hardly miss this if it were removed entirely.
    Berserk is the meat of the mino.  It has a 5 second down time, and can be activated pretty much whenever, including when knocked down.  Suppress and falling is the only thing that will keep a Myrm from Berserking.  I never managed to take enough damage from a Crash to kill myself, but I did take enough to put me at risk, and occasionally would get focused down afterwards.  BERSERK WILL NOT MAKE YOU IMMORTAL.  The heal ticks are well spaced out, and if you are under 1/3rd health when you berserk, you absolutely can get killed during Berserk.
    Basic attacks have a huge amount of forward movement attached to them, so much that they can keep up with sprinting in combat.  The Fury cost associated with even the basic attack is a good thing, as this prevents infinite chasing- although I never found that to be problematic, switching between sprinting and attacking kept the Bull moving at a high speed at all times.
    The "dodge" is a fairly high damage attack on paper.  I definitely underutilized this during the test, and it'll take me some time to utilize this well.
    Raging Bull, the C power, is either a lifesaver or highly aggressive CC.  It's nearly instant application of CC is a refreshing change from the slow windup of the Knight and Champion's C power, and fits the super twitchy feel of the Myrm very well.
    In terms of damage output, the Myrm is lackluster, but I expect that from a tank class.  If you want to spike up damage output to make a kill, you need to overextend your defenses and open yourself up to either fatal Crashing or getting focused down, which is functioning as intended.
    Kudos to the devs for a very solidly built archetype that makes you choose between survival and damage output, or, if you're very skilled pulling off both.
    I look forward to seeing this quality of thought being put in to every future archetype, as well as the reviews of the older archetypes (especially the Knight) prior to launch to bring them in line with the quality of work seen last night.
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    Belantis reacted to Tinnis in Video - Ranger - Putting the "DANGER" back into ranger! (group fights and burst damage)   
    Crowfall - Ranger - Putting the "DANGER" back into ranger! (group fight burst)

    As a follow up to my previous ranger video thread - focusing on my newly acquired bow range in more casual settings...
    Please observe the burst damage and utility a ranger has in group fight settings at any range they chose to engage at - both the bow and daggers.
    See spoiler for a very specific six second sequence of the fight and my thoughts....

    also bonus little video of a few casual bow ganks ;p

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