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  1. Need to make sure the micro management is kept to a minimum.
  2. 2. Combine Desiccated Body parts into a Vessel of the appropriate type. There is a unique recipe for each vessel type which generally have similar requirements. This must be incorrect it should read 2. Restored Desiccated Body parts into a Vessel of the appropriate type. There is a unique recipe for each vessel type which generally have similar requirements.
  3. As long as the 'Take' bug is fixed anytime is good.
  4. At the moment with 'Big World' mobility is a key attribute to chase down opponents and win encounters. That doesn't mean to say that it will always stay that way. However, saying that - with all 'Open World' encounters mobility will still be a key attribute but there will be many objectives in the campaigns, choke points, POIs, sieges etc that mobility will not be as important. So its not as 'black and white; to say that mobility is the best or it isn't. It will depend on the situation. Also the ATs will never be perfectly balanced 1v1 given the same skill level of the players. To all those player who think it will that is not the design aim and I believe it will be impossible to achieve. At the moment the ATs are broken and very unbalanced - that will change when ACE get round to all the other ATs that are not implemented. The ATs will be better balanced but you will not get perfectly balanced 1v1 fights. Each AT will have their roles in group fights and that is where the skill will be. Choosing the right AT mix for a certain situation.
  5. Hmmmm, lot of assumptions on player behavior here. It depends on the guilds and the loyalties of the players. I believe most of the serious guilds will have players that put their guild first before their own stockpiling of resources~ the priority will be to win the campaign.
  6. Yes, as if anybody would do such a thing as wall up a graveyard.
  7. Yeah I think guild crests above the AT head is a good solution.
  8. I think Todd mentioned that the building will not be instantaneous and that there will be a partially built state.
  9. Try email support - this is for community question and answers.
  10. Didn't get chance to test much this weekend but I heard there were lots of fights and fun between the Mourning Mountains.
  11. They may struggle to reach Eve Online player numbers, if they do it will be awesome!
  12. If they manage to get the server's up earlier it's more testing, that's good!
  13. There's a good deal of information about randomness in game design. In fact there's a good book by Raph Koster http://www.theoryoffun.com/ on game design. Which is kinda ironic in that he discussed the crafting system with Blair. But essentially, a player makes some decisions or moves or acts in some way and as a result there is an outcome. The player uses this result to assess his skill in the game. The outcome is used as a skill feedback loop for the player, This outcome is used to make future decisions or moves. In a shallow game, there might not be many of these moments, whereas a deep game can continue delivering this feedback loop longer. However, the vast majority of outcomes in Crowfall's Crafting system no longer have meaning. I crafted an item using a recipe and I rolled the dice. It came up as a “failure”, and I lost all my time/resources. That event – me crafting an item – is not deterministically linked anymore to the actions or skills I have acquired beforehand. The feedback loop has been broken. Output randomness does not increase the depth of a game, in fact its the complete opposite. What the randomness actually does is obscure the outcome. You may have played perfectly, and still lost when in fact your play wasn’t the problem; dice rolls were. These theories are not mine they can be read in any book about good game design.
  14. It must be after midnight the trolls are out ....
  15. If you want to play a healer type I suggest looking at the Druid or Legionnaire; these are currently the 'support' archetypes.
  16. The answer is yes and no. There are ATs that have healing capability but there are no specific healers.
  17. Hopefully there will be some sort of salvage option to reclaim the resources from poor results but the current Failure result is totally demotivating. A skilled craftsman would never attempt to build an item and get nothing - it is just a bit ridiculous.
  18. It is not that there should be zero RNG but there is too much RNG. Random outcomes can be beneficial for a game but not to the extent that it becomes a lucky lottery and the player feels that his skill is being replaced by the roll of the dice.
  19. Thats a tough one to answer. It really depends on how much you think CF will be successfull and how much you will enjoy it. Also how much of your spare time will you invest in Crowfall.
  20. The other proffesion which hasn't got much traction in the skills tree is cooking. Food supply will be important.
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