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  1. I'm not really sure how a crafting only guild would work. It would need a regular supply of high quality resources which would come from the CWs. To be successfull in the CW you would need to be on the winning side and therefore have some PvP skill. I suppose you could trade your items for the resources but is that really going to work.
  2. Do I invest in ACE or buy another monitor? Decisions
  3. Dirkoff


    The spyglass or 'out of body' crow idea certainly has potential. I quite like the idea of leaving your vessel because that can make your vessel vunerable while you scout ahead as a crow.
  4. Yes even if the guild system is not on the schedule for a few months an info dump of the proposed design and implementation would be helpfull.
  5. Exactly this. RNG is used a lot in MMOs and there is a place for random outcomes and results but rewarding a player with a Failure, where all the time involved in getting to that point is lost is bad design. Time is a precious resource for some players and this is an unnecessary handicap for these players. Also from my experience CF is using the standard RNG library so each dice roll is an independent result, so it is quite likely that some players will get 3 or 4 consecutive bad dice rolls. (How crushing is that!) Most game designs that use RNG have some sort of modification mechanism on the dice roll result to prevent long sequences of good or bad rolls. In summary pure RNG is bad design and rewarding the player with failure is even worse game design.
  6. Unfortunately not much info. So its a bit of a gamble. But they do look cool!
  7. Crowfall is in pre-alpha. There is no real game loop yet. We are still testing individual game components. So you cant expect a "reward loop". This is what some of the new testers do not seem to realise.
  8. There could easily be CW with a skill threshold limit. (i.e. you can only enter the CW if below a certain total number of skill points). To be honest ACE would love to have this problem ... lets make the game and worry about what happens 2-3 years post launch later.
  9. This sounds a bit like Archage where you accumulate labour points. When you craft you use labour points. If you are down to zero points you cant craft anymore. Archage use this in their cash shop because you can then buy more labour points. Its a horrible system.
  10. I have faith in Gordon and Todd delivering a game. It just depends whether its a game that stands upto the original vision.
  11. Deleted: double post for some reason.
  12. Inventory sorting with tabs for different types of items. Auto stacking of items. Highlighting of items in your inventory that are able to be used in a recipe when the crafting window is visible. Mini map with ping location. Icons/letters on compass to identify group members. Exporting of your currently trained skills in XML format. This can be used by 3rd party tools and guilds.
  13. As well as the combat tacticts and strategy there will need to be logistics planning and execution. Food, armour and weapons supply and distribution. This part of the gameplay will be important for the longer CWs.
  14. Yes, that was a question that sprung to mind after reading the article.
  15. Combat is a major part of CF and together with the ATs its what has been developed and tested first. SP and HD were two battle arenas that tested the combat. In Big World we have the first glimpse of the other systems EKs, harvesting and crafting. Also combat is always a hot topic for debate - Is it skillful enough? is it fluid?, AT balance? etc.
  16. What we see in "Big World" is not all the software systems that have been developed by ACE. So basing a predicted launch on Big World is fraught with uncertainties. The big big unknowns are the issues that appear when the software sub components integrate together. There are often emergent properties that appear when two or more components are put together and undesirable behavior occurs and a major re-work is required to fix. The other big risk is overall performance, can CF meet the target of 10000 simultaneous players in a world with a decent FPS.
  17. I think the OP is, how shall we say, slightly naive. MMO software is very complex compared to standard single player and other MOBA type multiplayer games. Its not a linear relationship between software complexity and development costs - its more exponential. Its easy to search for 'ball park' figures for development cost of MMOs and they basically range from $50M to $200M. So a ~$10M budget is a very tight budget indeed for an MMO. IMO they could easily do with double that amount. They probably need more server engineers, a full blown internal test and QA team and to get a significant user base at launch they need to spend more money on marketing. That's not to say they will not succeed with the current funding but with more funding it will reduce the risks.
  18. By calling it a 'Soft Launch' it gives ACE plenty of leeway to ship the game with or without certain features. Until they define a list of features they are going to launch with its difficult to judge whether 2017 is a realistic target date.
  19. All good stuff but to quote TBlair "Don't get hung upon the numbers" ACE have put very little effort into getting the skills and the crafting numbers right. What we have is a first pass to test the crafting mechanisms rather that the actual effects, stats, bonuses etc. Good feedback to give but I don't think we need to be concerned yet.
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