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  1. I think it really depends on what you want to do with your EK. If you want your EK to be a social/trade/guild hub then the bigger the parcel of land the better. If you want to host PvP battles then a Castle or Citadel might fit the bill. However, if you are just using your EK for 'player housing' to store your trophies then a Fort of some sort might be suitable.
  2. That looks nothing like my 'local tavern'.
  3. Todd was saying in a video (can't remember which one) that he doesn't really like the idea of 'blueprints' because it is so easy to fit the building pieces together but he hadn't ruled it out completely.
  4. Prison: For tenants that don't pay their taxes. You could upgrade this to a torture chamber with stocks, racks and other cosmetic instruments of death and pain.
  5. CF will not be like EvE, although there are similarities. EvE has a massive persistent universe with different safety/combat zones. CF has different zones but the campaign worlds in those zones are not persistent. Guilds will/are being formed and there will probably be alliances between a few of the guilds and there may be an 'informal' agreement that a few guilds will try and dominate a certain CF level (i.e. the dregs) but IMO these will be entirely different to the large scale EvE coalitions. You may even get the situation on one campaign where Guild A & B are working together b
  6. I assume its easy to put a limit on the number of types of buildings per parcel type.
  7. Hi, I thought it's about time I found myself a guild, as to get the most out of these test sessions and to give constructive feedback to the developers you need to play as a team (after all CF is a team game). I'm not looking for a top elite guild that has 500+ members supporting a number of different MMO games but rather a CF specific guild that is just starting out, preferable in an EU time zone. Summary Region: Preferable in an EU time zone. Atmosphere: Chilled – no drama's.. Casual/Hardcore?: Serious casual; its got to be fun rather than a grind. Size: Not Large and n
  8. But I also assume those could be crafted (if you had enough resources) or are they unique and can only be obtained from the stronghold packages.
  9. I assume that as the strongholds are like LegoTM packs (i.e. you buy a pack that builds into a car but you could make it into a small lorry if you added some more bricks) you could buy a castle but by adding additional walls, towers etc you could expand it into a Citadel. Put it another way a Citadel is only a Citadel because of the size and number of towers, walls, gates etc. These are the same walls, towers and gates that make up a castle. If you had all the LegoTM bricks you could build your Citadel on the same parcel of land that you purchased a Castle?
  10. Dirkoff


    No first come first serve. Hit and run tactics. Resource points are there to be taken if they're not guarded.
  11. The Small Fort is made from MDF therefore the redemption value is lower than normal wood
  12. ... because you may want to take advantage of the August prices of the "parcels and strongholds" before the prices go up but you don't have sufficient funds and therefore by redeeming some of your backer rewards the credit can go towards the cost.
  13. Second Life, isn't a game per se, but it has the concept of player owned land and private islands. They use a simple teleport system via a grid map. So all the land is mapped to a physical grid system. You can click on the map and get info about the land and player. The map can be zoomed in - out, panned etc and is very simple to navigate. The number of players is huge.
  14. So has anybody purchased an Imperial Palace?
  15. Dirkoff


    From what I understood resource points like quarrys, mineral deposits etc aren't owned.if you are there harvesting the resource it's yours while you are there. But anybody else can fight you for it and take over the harvesting. Its sort of first come first serve.
  16. WoW started off with ammo and different types of arrows. But after 2nd or 3rd major release they dumbed it down - which was good IMO but later releases they dumbed down a lot of other game mechanics and over simplified everything making it a too easy. Its a compromise between realism and fun.
  17. I know in WoW they started with ammo and after the 2nd or 3rd major release they did away with it. But i think WoW in the recent releases over simplified everything and made it a real care bear game.
  18. Having ammunition limits for both catapults and ballistas adds another logistics planning item for castle attacks but I wonder if that is a detail too far. (i.e. annoying rather than fun).
  19. OK but I still got from that Q&A session that some of the small building types may not have proper interiors. But if more do then that will be awesome. A tavern will have to be pretty big to accommodate 10-15 legos
  20. Melissa explained that this will not be possible because of the camera angles wrt to the different archetypes. Only larger buildings like halls and throne rooms will have interiors.
  21. I think a building/planning tool is on the table but it hasn't showcased yet.
  22. Great news! A few questions: 1) Will you be able to terra form so you can add a moat or a raised bank as outer defenses to the castles? Edit: Just got to the video question about moats! 2) When you buy a castle, fort etc. do you get all the component pieces which you can then rearrange and then later buy additional pieces to enlarge the castle?
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