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  1. I agree on this point. If CF adopted a more Eve Online approach to passive skill training CF would have a much broader choice for skill training, rather that a tree progression you use skill books which have fewer dependencies then you can easily build more choice. If you want to train ore harvesting then you don't have to train apple harvesting. Selection of which skills to train adds more depth and choice. Also it then becomes easier (from a UI perspective) to add additional skill books without re-designng entire skill trees.
  2. This is a reply to Angelhearth about my crafting system feedback: (I didn't want to reply in the testing feedback thread) This is my feedback on the Crafting System: I realise we haven't got factories and POIs yet but from my experience so far in Big World these are the main issues. 1) There is too much RNG in the system which causes a big frustration factor. I realise you can increase skill in areas to help the dice rolls in your favour but at the end of the day its still a dice roll. 2) When the dice fail it is crushing, you loose everything the resources and time. There is no partial recovery of resources. 3) The number of steps seems too many. It adds unnecessary complexity. These are my comments after several test sessions using the Crafting System that has been present so far. I realise it is subjective but I am increasingly becoming disappointed with the Crafting. Angelhearth said "Are you among those who believe you can be a good fighter AND a good crafter? Won't work, either you specialize in fighting, and probably fighting alone, or you specialize in crafting, with enough fighting skill to kill animals for hide and food. Thank god, because I am one of those who wants to be an exceptional crafter and have no interest in fighting. The possibilities for a crafter, in this game, is, or at least will be, amazing, making weapons and armor the fighters would pay all their gold, and more, for." Crowfall will certainly have dedicated Crafters and dedicated PvP players. If you look at some of my post you will see this is what I firmly believe will be the case. However, to be an amazing crafter why should you have to put up with a crafting system that incorporates so much RNG. If you have trained the crafting skills you are still subject to the outcome of the roll of the dice, even if you biased the rolls in your favour (by the skills you have). If those dice rolls fail you currently loose everything. I can't believe a Master Blacksmith would have such a bad day to 'loose' all his materials and components. Its just poorly made socks. The point about "Won't work, either you specialize in fighting, and probably fighting alone, or you specialize in crafting, with enough fighting skill to kill animals for hide and food." just doesn't make sense.
  3. You need to post this in the feedback test section so the Devs can make a note of it. Not many of the Devs read the rest of the forum.
  4. As always these choices are not 'black and white'. It's not always about increasing the 'realism' or forever increasing the skill ceiling. There is a choice to be made between making too many convenience features that 'dumb' the game down too much and making boring game mechanics that adds the 'realism' but doesn't add too much game play. Player rez, I personally like the idea but it should 'punish' the group performing the rez with the benefit of making the downed player active again, without the need for a graveyard run. Perhaps, a 5 minute channel that can be reduced by adding more people to perform the rez. Anyway, something to consider post 'soft launch'.
  5. No, I think its OK. As your skills increase and you get better tools it takes less time and does not become a burden.
  6. Perhaps, the terrains will change with the seasons and what we have now is 'summer'.
  7. You better where your lucky underwear when crafting there are a lot of dice rolls
  8. As above you are not stuck with anything. The only thing you loose is time.
  9. I think fixing the performance issues is a Quality of Service (QoS) call. If the performance is too bad it prevents you testing some of the game mechanics or estimating how far you can increase population or map size then you've got to address some of those issues now. The last 5-10% of performance, yes you can leave until later but the major performance bugs we have right now like the rubber banding and camera hitching need to be fixed as soon as possible.
  10. Yes, the Ranger is a bit broken. Just search for 'Ranger Bugs' or 'Tinnis' and you will see a long list.
  11. VIP BENEFIT : - Not having the Camera suddenly turn 180 degrees when moving
  12. You are wrong on this point. Many players have trained some of all the Universal skill trees. Also you can hop between nodes to get some of the benefits before completing the node. Personally I've trained to reach leatherworking but also I've needed some exploration and combat skills to survive.
  13. B2P and sub and cash shop is exactly what WoW has. The WoW cash shop is mainly account services and character transfers etc. but it works.
  14. How many times this has to be stated - "don't read too much into the numbers!". They are a first pass to get things working - the training duration may change, the stats increases may change, the node relationships may change. The devs have put something together to get the skill trees working.
  15. Out of all the suggestions putting an entry fee onto CW has merit, with the VIP letting you have access to 1 CW (in addition to other perks) and if you want to play more CWs (simultaneously) then you have to pay the entry fee. If you don't have VIP then you just pay for the CW you want to play. I don't like the idea of additional Universal Skill training for VIP. Because that doesn't give an even playing field in the CW. This CW entry fee will not stop multi accounts but it would put a significant barrier to all the alts jumping into the CW.
  16. Yes, I think the EK stuff is marginal. At the moment we don't really have enough information about EKs to really understand how they will impact the CWs.
  17. Not really in favour of the highlighted options. Those are pay to win. VIP status should only add convenience, account services and cosmetics but not give in-game advantage.
  18. I think even in 'pre-alpha' for a kickstarter funded project its too late for a major re-design of the skill tree. It does a job that it was designed to do, maybe it could have been better, but unless they can fund another software engineer to re-code it then it ain't going to happen. Modifications, node changes, training duration and speed changes probably but not a major re-design. ACE will also disregard feedback that doesn't fit into their vision and development schedule. They have to otherwise they will never deliver the game. Foolish you may think but Todd and Gordon are business men and sometimes an 80% solution is good enough. The CF forum is not a democracy - who shouts louder or post the most doesn't get to dictate the design. Rather the CF forum acts as a chaotic, dynamic and badly organised consumer market research group that at times has a misunderstood and muddled vision for the product.
  19. I can't see login back where you logged out working in the CWs. It's too open for abuse. You need safe re-spawn points or home bases.
  20. Summary of May 2016 Q&A thread http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/12027-questions-answers-summary/?hl=2000#entry275507 What is the estimated cap on concurrent players per server at launch? 1000 concurrent is ACE minimum for a campaign world. 2000 would be great and anything beyond that is probably unnecessary.
  21. Perhaps we can hope for a more stable client with less crashes. Or perhaps a new Inventory with auto stacking items. Or all the bugged ATs fixed. Sorry I was just dreaming.....
  22. James is very active on other forums.
  23. There's been very little information on inter-EK travel or transporting resources between EKs. There was a thread a few months ago with some suggestions of how to travel to different EKs.
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