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  1. I must be honest I haven't read the whole of your post because you just repeat the same assumptions and state the same things over and over again just using different words. TLDR So I'm just going to pick up on your assumption that campaigns are won by combat. Yes, this is partially true but without the logistics chain behind the combat players producing the weapons and armour, the harvesters gathering the resources for the crafters and the castles walls etc there will be no campaign win even for the best PvP players. You will also assume that players will automatically multi-account, some will yes but I believe many will not. You also assume that people will not enjoy the game if they are a dedicated crafter ('combat is fun but crafting is interesting') That to me is very trite and unsubstantiated. You seem to think in very 'black and white' terms; crafters will take part in combat, they may not be the elite PvP players but they will make a significant contribution. The PvP player will gather and craft, they will not be the best crafters but they will make a significant contribution. No one is stopping you having multiple accounts, that is up to you. I would prefer a more EVE Online approach to passive skill training but that is probably not what ACE have in mind. We have Universal and AT skill tress, with the Universal trees having all the non-specific AT skills. I am content that is the correct approach, especially with one Universal Skill queue. The skills themselves, the training duration and some skill dependencies need modifying but this is what these test sessions are all about. They are not about re-designing the skill system to suit the current MMO desire of players to be able to do everything as soon as possible.
  2. Loot boxes are temporary. They are only to help test the crafting. Hopefully, they will not be in the game.
  3. Hi and welcome to Crowfall! Check out the 'noobie' guide from Fantastikon in this forum section. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/14730-new-player-guide/
  4. I just think they need to 'tweak' the physics engine a bit to not allow players to climb steep inclines.
  5. It's not bad design it's a design goal. You have got to get out of the current MMO mindset that a player has to be able to do everything.
  6. Crowfalls uniqueness is that it spans several genre of games, having characteristics of many different types. It has similarities to MOBAs, standard MMORPGs, Online PvP battlegrounds and Survivalist games to name but a few. It also therefore does not conform to those game's expected character progression. It can't, because there is an inherent contradiction (i.e. the end goals are not the same) between all these different genres. This is where ACE will have to weave through all these different expectations. Hopefully, it will not 'give-in' to those that are expecting a more standard character progression that can be found in the current MMORPGs but it still has to satisfy the player's need for visible progression and reward. If ACE can pull it of Crowfall will be a great game. If not then ..... Happy New Year!
  7. Yes indeed, I have run dungeons in WoW as a healer and I couldnt remember much about the actual dungeon. All the focus was on the health bars.
  8. Its not the healing per se thats the issue its the lack of aiming and targetting the heals. I.e. the healing aspect of some of the ATs are less skillful then the aimed damage dealing powers. AoE effects because they are not targeted are less skillful.
  9. IMO for CW there should be a limit, not sure what that is but it maybe part of the campaign ruleset. With the kneel mechanic other guilds can ally with another guild, albeit in a subordinate relationship. Overall in the game there shouldn't be a limit so the EKs can act as a hub for the large guilds. This means there must be someway to create CW guilds that players then join in the campaigns. Large guilds will probably play in several CW simultaneously and in the DREGS there may not be a concept of guilds just ad-hoc groups like in Big World.
  10. I think you can upgrade at anytime. If you look at some of the higher level pledges in the shop they should have an Upgrade button. The pledge that you purchased will not have an upgrade button because you already have it. If this doesn't answer your question email ACE support.
  11. Although its been stated that the CW rewards will be from the Embargo Bank at the end of the Campaign. If these could also be done at the end of each season (spring, summer, autumn, winter) then that would provide a more immediate reward, especially for longer campaigns.
  12. The options should be there, it is up to individuals if they want to wear guild tabards or colours and have the guild tag in the nameplate.
  13. Most religious fanatics don't really care about the consequences of their actions as long as they make a point.
  14. No please don't. We will then have 100s of posts arguing about what is and is not zerging. Ahhhhhhh!
  15. I could agree with you because I am in a guild with good organisation and communication structure but for new players finding a guild that fits their play style and online times will be essential. I never played Shadow Bane but from what I've read this was one of the main criticism of the in-game guild support. EVE Online has a good in-game searchable database of guilds with filters (e.g. 'PVP only' or 'mining type' guilds). Other guilds may not have the 'out-of-game' tools and websites (you might say 'so what! its a hardcore PvP game'). But, IMO CF should provide a minimal set for these types of guilds. I don't agree with integrating voice comms into the game but simple guild noticeboards, messaging and guild chat should be available.
  16. Crowfall is a guild based MMO, it is not meant to be played solo. Therefore, what guild support should Crowfall be implementing? EKs form the base for a guild and sort of player housing, consisting of Castles (of differing sizes) and surrounding land that can be utilised for different guild based activities. But what else will a guild need in Crowfall? Searchable register of guilds, with guild descriptions, size, timezones, activity levels etc. Guild join request mechanism Guild Crests, Flags or Guild Markers and Banners of some description for use in CWs and the EKs. Guild nameplate tag. Guild text chat. Guild 'Message of the Day' and Noticeboard. Guild Banks, with shared storage with access levels. Customisable Guild Ranks for members. In-game calendars and event notification. Guild member activity indicators (perhaps a green, amber, red) or days since last loggin. Guild perks for CW wins and/or activity levels. Are there any other guild features that people would like to see in Crowfall?
  17. You need to experience EVE Online to understand how passive skill learning works well in a PvP MMO.
  18. 1) The Spirit Bank is an artifact that has been put into the test sessions to test the transfer of items between different server (inventory) and account based databases. I am sure the Spirit Bank (in its current form) will not exist in the released game. 2) Even if a guild or group have accumulated resources into a 'local' bank it is only the resources and items in Embargo that will be exported from the CW, at the end of the campaign. The percentage of items from Embargo will depend on the win conditions of that CW. 3) The transfer between Banks and Embargo will, I assume, be physical not an instant transfer (i.e. you will have to physically transport the items to Embargo not like the current Spirit Bank). 4) Guilds will have to estimate how much resources are required to win the CW (stone for walls, ore/leather for armour and weapons etc.) versus how much to 'bank' in embargo. Because you 'don't know' what you 'don't know' most guilds will play to win and be very 'risk' averse and keep everything in the CW guild or local banks and only when things become clearer will resources be put into Embargo. Once resources are in Embargo they will not be available for the CW (i.e. its a 'one-way' transfer).
  19. This sounds too much like the European Union - Is there going to be a Council of Ministers?
  20. Please no global chat even in the CWs, in the EKs maybe. No bubble chat either. Group chat, and whisper are OK. Integrated voice comms, why? There are enough 3rd party voice comms that can be used without diverting development time to integrate into CF.
  21. I think in a previous 'autorun' thread I argued against an autorun hotkey and after testing in the Big World I haven't changed my mind. Its not that it's a convenience it is because I don't think I would use it much. If the Devs put it in OK not a problem but I think their time is better spent elsewhere.
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