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  1. If the potions are temporary and in game to help test the Crafting System why is it they only have a 75% success rate? If they are helping test then just let us make the potions. I can't see any benefit except wasting time and resources having anything but a 100% success rate. Unless I am missing something.
  2. As above you are not stuck with anything. The only thing you loose is time.
  3. I think fixing the performance issues is a Quality of Service (QoS) call. If the performance is too bad it prevents you testing some of the game mechanics or estimating how far you can increase population or map size then you've got to address some of those issues now. The last 5-10% of performance, yes you can leave until later but the major performance bugs we have right now like the rubber banding and camera hitching need to be fixed as soon as possible.
  4. Yes certain keywords in the skill description tooltip are coloured orange.
  5. I'm not disagreeing with you (@Bramble) they are good questions to ask ACE. From the last set of Q&A videos it looks like they are getting the feedback from the testers they want. In fact, they are probably getting more feedback then they can handle. I just think that i) ACE could have done more to help and manage the backers expectations who were invited in from the beta groups who were expecting more of a game experience and ii) prepared Big World more to support the new testers. Counter to that is all the information is available if you know where to look for it but unfortun
  6. That's what I'm concerned about. This is software testing, warts and all, and it is a bloodbath and not newbie friendly. ACE knew this was going to happen but they wanted to test the technologies in Big World anyway. What perhaps they (ACE) haven't realised is the reputational damage and fallout from many players who were expecting a 'beta' experience quitting in frustration.
  7. Its not only the 'type and volume of testing feedback' but the reputation that Crowfall may be getting out in the wider gaming community by the new players who quit in frustration because they are ill-informed what state the game is at. It may be argued that a few players who are turned away by their first experience may not matter but this sort of thing can quickly snowball. ACE being a small developer of a niche game need as much good PR as possible and I would hope that they are addressing this issue.
  8. There's some good feedback here but some of the observations come from the perspective of a traditional level up/quest type MMO. Crowfall is different, there will be no quests, and the mobs are there to act as a low level threat and to drop resources. They are not the focus of the game play and hence why they are not everywhere on the map. Personally, i would like a mini map but I know many backers do not because it gives too much information which should be 'scouted'. The 'bots' by the camp are actually mobs controlled by the game AI.
  9. Inv Inventories are per AT character and per server. Also equipped items are per server. So the only thing that links ATs now is the Spirit Bank.(i.e. the Spirit Bank is on an account basis everything else is per server and per character).
  10. Yes, the Ranger is a bit broken. Just search for 'Ranger Bugs' or 'Tinnis' and you will see a long list.
  11. VIP BENEFIT : - Not having the Camera suddenly turn 180 degrees when moving
  12. I know some of the 'bugs' are frustrating but ACE have their priorities, (see the last few Q&A videos). Some bugs in certain areas they not get touched because that area of the code maybe be due for a re-write or replaced with another mechanic (For instance: the Inventory Take bug - they are re writing the inventory code so there is no point spending time fixing that with the current code base.) Every single test session I learn something new and understand the game mechanics better. By being active during the test session and providing constructive feedback and documenting the 'Bugs
  13. 1) Skill Training 06/01/17 23:20 (GMT). Some Universal and AT skills seemed to have stopped being trained. Stopping and restarting the skill seems to 'restart' the training but I think the skill restarts at the start point rather than the point that it stopped training. See screenshots below. Logging out and back into the client seems to have started the training so it may just be a UI problem 2) Camera Hitching. The Camera Hitching issue has been particularly bad this patch, not sure if that is due to the servers being more populated or other changes. But as your character moves
  14. You are wrong on this point. Many players have trained some of all the Universal skill trees. Also you can hop between nodes to get some of the benefits before completing the node. Personally I've trained to reach leatherworking but also I've needed some exploration and combat skills to survive.
  15. B2P and sub and cash shop is exactly what WoW has. The WoW cash shop is mainly account services and character transfers etc. but it works.
  16. Yes, and thats when you use up all your resources on crafting equipment and weapons and go out and PvP.
  17. Wipes are necessary. This is software testing. Fortunately the skills are not being reset this time. But people shouldn't be concerned about wipes, it happens - I'm sure the devs will try to minimise the number of times they have to wipe the server databases but it will happen quite frequently.
  18. How many times this has to be stated - "don't read too much into the numbers!". They are a first pass to get things working - the training duration may change, the stats increases may change, the node relationships may change. The devs have put something together to get the skill trees working.
  19. Out of all the suggestions putting an entry fee onto CW has merit, with the VIP letting you have access to 1 CW (in addition to other perks) and if you want to play more CWs (simultaneously) then you have to pay the entry fee. If you don't have VIP then you just pay for the CW you want to play. I don't like the idea of additional Universal Skill training for VIP. Because that doesn't give an even playing field in the CW. This CW entry fee will not stop multi accounts but it would put a significant barrier to all the alts jumping into the CW.
  20. Yes, I think the EK stuff is marginal. At the moment we don't really have enough information about EKs to really understand how they will impact the CWs.
  21. Not really in favour of the highlighted options. Those are pay to win. VIP status should only add convenience, account services and cosmetics but not give in-game advantage.
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