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  1. I know adding additional layers increases the probability of assembly failure.
  2. This may answer some of your questions: http://crowfall.com/en/news/faq-revision-crafting-and-economy/ Also take a look at: https://sites.google.com/site/crowfallresource/index/crafting
  3. The problem with RNG in games is that the game designer shouldn't implement a pure RNG. If a payer get 2 or 3 consecutive failures he will always cry 'foul' or out of 100 events he only get 40 successful outcomes from a theoretical 50% he will cry foul. In a pure RNG system your sample size is always going to be too small to prove the correctness of the RNG. With a six sided dice you throw 3 consecutive 6s you may think your chance of throwing another 6 is very low but because each event is independent your chance of throwing a 6 on your next roll is unchanged, it will always be 1 in 6. Game designers can build in anti-streak mechanics to avoid loosing or winning streaks. There is a lot of debate as to whether these are good or bad, with some people advocating 'anti-streak' mechanics is open to abuse. IMO the problem with the current crafting system is there is too much RNG. Yes you can bias the dice in your favour but the end result is still a dice roll and it doesn't provide any satisfaction when you have assembled all your components and consumed all your resources and the final roll is a failure. That doesn't give me much incentive to try again. Some players may try and try again to get that max stats but I believe they are in the small minority.
  4. The game is making slow but steady progress. Last time I had a look it was undergoing a bit of a rewrite.
  5. Sorry your first impressions were so bad. I think ACE have dropped the ball on this. They new it was going to be a bloodbath and I think most of the existing testers expected as much but ACE opened up the testing to the beta backers who probably expect more of a game experience. There is a PvE server and Spirit Bank which should help new testers orientate but that only goes so far. Ace need to help new testers better.
  6. I think if they leave the skill tree as is, tweak numbers/times and maybe lower % complete before progression, I still think it would be a missed opportunity to make it interesting and a major component to customise gameplay. Perhaps it's not intended to be that but it could add so much to the strategy to the game.
  7. I've received 1 gem, but quite rare, during a team effort on a mother lobe. Edit: @Makkom It was previous patch 3.7 or 3.8 can't remember. Its tucked way in my Spirit Bank
  8. Yes, good maps with resources. Well done.
  9. At the moment CF is struggling with more than 50 players on a smallish map. Some of this may be graphics but I think most of the glitching and rubberbanding is to do with their network code and server side issues. Picking Unity was certainly a brave move, as there are a few proven engines (e.g. cry engine) available that could have been used. Lumberyard has good potential especially as it's integrated with Amazon's cloud infrastructure which CF uses.
  10. Earlier phases of the game testing had Siege Perilous and Hunger Dome. You obviously missed those phases. We are now into Big World.
  11. All these systems will be put in place in due course. This is game software testing. We are testing different parts of the game. Software testing can be boring but you have to get the foundations working first. This is not even beta phase testing where you would expect a complete game loop. Test the mechanics that are in the software now, provide bug reports and feedback. The factions and guild support will be implemented eventually.
  12. Bienvenue à Crowfall. Rendez-vous sur le champ de bataille.
  13. One of the problems of an official political forum at the moment would be resources for monitoring and moderation. They have other priorities at the moment. As ACE own and manage these forums they just can't let anything be written, even in a dedicated sub-forum, because they need to stay within the law and have a reputation to protect. It may come later but for now I think it's too early with respect to development priorities. Yes you could have a community run sub-forum but that would have its own issues as well. If people want a political forum now it would be better done outside the official game forum.
  14. Dirkoff

    Guinecean questions

    Unfortunately it's all to do with the race specific animations.
  15. I don't like the skill tree either and would prefer an eve online approach to skill progression but the current implementation is sort of growing on me. I think we need to wait until it's more integrated to see the effects (good or bad). One thing that does need changing is better visibility (in terms of quantifiable stats increase) of the increase advantages per skill point.
  16. It was good to see so many Caldera members, and some new recruits, in the "snap test" last night. Even with a few minutes notice there were quite a few roaming around the Mourning map. It was certainly interesting testing the FF concept with no grouping available. There was plenty of 1v1 sparing
  17. Hi and welcome to Crowfall! Good to see you thinking about streaming the game, its in a state of development so there are some frustrating bugs, as you would expect. But still some good game play to have. Check out the 'noobie' guide from Fantastikon: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/14730-new-player-guide/
  18. Yes, I think there is a video of it somewhere. You may want to add this to the testing feedback section of the forum.
  19. An old map would be like an Ex Girlfriend - "you know your way around but there would be no 'tingling' sensation as you reach the top of that mountain."
  20. Take a quote from EvE: "If you can't afford to loose your ship don't fly it." replace ship with vessel.
  21. Here read this newbie guide: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/14730-new-player-guide/
  22. I've been pondering the issue of skills and the equality of 'Veterans vs Newbies' in new campaigns. Perhaps, a way to even the playing field and also maintain the account skills is to introduce Campaign Talent Points (CTP). These are time based points (i.e. passively gained over time) and scaled to the campaign duration. CTPs could go from 0 to 100 from the start to the end of the campaign world (CW). So in a "short CW" your CTPs will increase frequently in a "longer CW" they will increase slower. These CTPs can be spent on perks during the CW. The campaign perks can be part of the campaign rule set and be tuned to that world and map. At the end of the CW the CTPs and perks will be removed because they were only relevant to that CW. The CTPs could be redeemed at anytime and you would get perks that only cost 5 and others that may cost 20. It would be your choice how to spend them. The choice of perks should be sufficient to allow variety and they should be meaningful enough to have a benefit to your vessels. Examples of Campaign Talent Point could be: 1) Additional health regeneration when inside a Keep/Fort. 2) Movement speed increased when travelling on roads. 3) Bundle of 200 Leather hides
  23. I should think there will be server wipes before beta phase. From a code point of view it takes an effort to maintain compatibility between patches and they may want to introduce new systems that make keeping players items and progress difficult to maintain. The best way to think about it is to try different things, experiment with different skills, recipes etc so when the game gets released you have a more thorough understanding of the game to help you make the best choices.
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