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  1. I've had a quick look and can't find a direct link it may have been a video. The only quote I have found (its pretty weak) is from the Crows & Vessels FAQ. They talk about any campaigns (plural) you are subscribed to meaning you could be in more than one campaign word.
  2. I have to disagree with this post on a number of issues:
  3. I did notice that a parcel name and title was not consistent e.g. Parcel Woodland Creek became Woodland Stream.
  4. Politics and rivalries are good for the game. Personal insults are not.
  5. Or well organised guilds who patrol their lands to protect their well earned resources from thieving ragabonds and opportunists.
  6. The well organised guilds will have food reserves and a distribution chain.
  7. Yes I agree but you do need to have some sort of positive enrichment when you see your skills leveling. I just don't feel that with the current skill tree.
  8. Yes but when the last 10 points takes days it is, metaphorically speaking, 'like watching paint drying'. Don't take that analogy too far
  9. I would like ACE to ditch the current skill tree and just implement what EvE has. A single skill training queue and individual skill books. Skill books would have their own prerequisites and you could train any skill book that you have the required underlying skills. Maximum flexibility and interest. You could even craft skill books and sell them. Job done!
  10. The other mechanism for the current skill tree I don't see the need for is the non-linear time progression from 1 to 100. Each point gives the same relative stat increase but each point takes longer to achieve. The last 10 points is as interesting as watching paint dry.
  11. None of us are paid by ACE! We do it because we want the game to be great and the more testing and bugs that are found the more robust and better the game will be. Having fun whilst testing is just a by-product. If you don't enjoy testing this early in the game development, take a break or just 'dip in and out'. All activity helps Ace.
  12. Holidays are for pansies. Get back to work I say you have a game to produce But if you have to take a break have a good one and comeback in the New Year with lots of good ideas.
  13. The current skill trees are a backdrop to the overall increase in capability of your crow, whether it be combat, crafting, gathering or exploration. But when you obtain a skill node there is no sense of 'wow I can do this now'. It's bland stats increase for the RNG system and it's hard to notice a difference. Each point in a skill increase something but it's small and not very inspiring.
  14. The whole premise and background for Crowfall has always been survival; dying worlds, the hunger, the changing seasons with dwindling resources, mobs becoming more aggressive etc. Early concept video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufu-L4dMh7E&index=5&list=PLVKduOhPTRsLW6Hjhk82mraTO7RHvF0gt Its a battle to survive and become champions of the dying worlds. The food mechanics we have in front of us now are just for testing (yes its a pain now) - the numbers will get 'tweeked'.
  15. Dregs Ruleset Only 5 man groups allowed Hunger fog that moves around the map Aggressive AI mobs No global chat Compass and mini-map 2-3 minute death spawn timer Harsh equipment degrading Harsh food ticker Export of resources from embargo at the end of every season
  16. Yes at the moment movement and overall manoeuvrability is king. Anything that diminishes that will not be worn willingly.
  17. If you can't get more than 30fps you will be at a disadvantage but the network latency is more of a factor when in combat. IMO your Lenova should be OK to learn CF and get involved.
  18. Yes, but that has been done before and there's always spam on these global chat channels. Recruitment Thralls fits in with the trade thralls and other NPC thralls that will be present in the EK hubs.
  19. My only concern about using just colour is this may not help players that have a problem distinguishing colours (i.e. 'colour blind'). The GMail Letter designation is a good idea. I know google spend a large amount of time and money in getting their UI right in terms of simplicity and usability.
  20. From the spec you have a Lenova laptop with a mobile GeForce graphics card. I have a High Spec Gaming PC and also a Lenova i5 ideapad 500 laptop but with an AMD Radeon R7 M360. (Your laptop is slightly higher spec than mine) My Levova laptop does run CF at about 20-30fps and at times the fps drops to single figures. So yes it will probably run CF but not at great fps (>60fps). The bottleneck will definitely be the graphics card and not the CPU or memory. Hope this helps.
  21. Where did you get this information from?
  22. Hi and welcome to the battle. Before you jump straight in and get 'ganked' it may be worth spending some time on the map they call 'Sanctuary', This is a no PvP map, it has very basic resources but it should allow you time to orientate yourself and get a hang of the basics, Also look at Fantastikon's Guide: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/14699-new-player-guide/?hl=guide
  23. The thing is a lot of numbers, values, UI stuff gets forgotten when new tech is added and integrated into the next patch so it is not always the case things are done 'on purpose'.
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