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  1. I am looking forward to both. However, I'm afraid both have missed the lessons from the best pvp game ever in EvE Online. Hopefully I'm wrong. Players need to have a sense of investment. Guilds and alliances need to build/upgrade/protect their sovereign territory. The days of capturing the same keeps over and over again are over, and will not hold peoples interest for long. Loot/consequence matters! Goons just got ejected from Deklein after nearly a decade of owning that land. Real investment, not fake point to point overnight keep trading.
  2. I would like to inform some of the inexperienced people that there is no such thing as winning beta. Likewise there is no such thing as winning Alpha. There is nothing to win. Bragging about guild accomplishments in alpha or beta only exposes your own desperation. This is generally laughed at and ridiculed by any clan/guild/corporation of any consequence.
  3. Agree with this. There are aspects of combat that feel good but the performance makes it difficult to get an accurate feel for everything. I have been playing the Confessor and do find myself wondering what's the point sometimes, often because of the short base range and necessity of stacking sin to do real damage. I might just join the druid train, at least their LMB is hitscan I think. The FOV feels too zoomed in to me as well. Without knowing what the default FOV is, I would suggest ACE should include an adjustment slider in 5 degree increments up to a maximum of +20 from def
  4. I like having a run toggle for things like, taking a drink, answering the phone, alt tabbing and doing something quick etc. There is no real reason to not have this convenience feature. Hopefully it comes with an improved, more complete, custom hotkey system.
  5. I sincerely hope as part of owning/dominating/exploiting territory we can build a whole lot more than just one size fits all keeps.
  6. Funny. I'm pretty sure i saw that same person complaining about boobplate somewhere else.
  7. They probably should have just made those skills mobile then.
  8. I have written about 10 paragraphs in reply to this thread and just deleted it all. I cannot get past the disconnect between the EK and CW. If we allow direct influence between the two with things such as building dependencies, building research, import/export efficiency, and anything else, the EK now becomes persistent, can be made invulnerable, and goes against the whole reset concept. On the other hand, with no influence, they are largely just vanity housing districts with a large amount of development time invested. I know exactly how a CW should play out but that's for another thread.
  9. LOL maybe we need triple flips too. Quadruple for assassins! And don't forget pirouette's!!! If we borrow anything eastern for Crowfall i hope it comes from the souls series and not something like Wildstar. No I never played it, just looking at the play style made me vomit.
  10. Is this what I think it is? Jumping once and while in the air you actually somehow jump again? If so, I don't like it at all. I would be open to a bit of control in the air but not a completely new jump.
  11. I must admit I haven't played BDO. That said, I cannot stand the way BDO combat looks. Complete over saturation of graphics spam. It's horrific. Also way too much ninja flipping going on for my tastes. All the characters sound like they just inhaled several hundred Btu of helium.... hate it.
  12. If you are going to continue ignoring the clear negatives I pointed out then i have no more reason to post in this thread. This is my last attempt... "Like I said before, it's a system with a built in double negative. You either ignore the timer rendering it a useless mechanic or you abandon your team for a period while you role play thumbs up or down, or die trying. There is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise."
  13. None of the games you mention here are really mass PVP games, Albion is dead before release. GW2 on the other hand tried to be a mass PVP game but it was very boring with a fixed world and structures. I have no idea how they expanded the game because I left before that. I simply used it as an example to point out the negatives of a system similar to what you are proposing. You still haven't addressed my primary contention: "Like I said before, it's a system with a built in double negative. You either ignore the timer rendering it a useless mechanic or you abandon your team for a period whi
  14. There is a certain level of depth that needs to be achieved to have enjoyable combat, everyone agrees with that. Expecting a game designed around larger scale combat with 100's involved to play like a 5v5 arena battle is completely unrealistic. The skill set changes from twitch based to push based, knowing when and where to push as a coordinated mob, fewer skills used but coordinated over a larger group of people (blob). This in itself is a skill, especially for commanders. The difference between the two is one of information. The visual and auditory feedback you receive in a 1v1 or 3v3 relati
  15. Can we be any more reactionary and arbitrary? lol The OP poll is severely incomplete and let me say I do not believe any Campaign should be PVE focused. The original poll does not suggest this either. It simply says "more PVE focused" which of course does not equal "PVE focused." 1. We all know that PVE will and should be a means of gathering materials, in fact it should be integral. Did anyone here ever play on an EQ PVP server? Some of the best fights I've ever been in happened fighting over valuable spawns for loot. PVE done properly creates contested points within the campaign worl
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