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  1. Btw: I'd love to hear from people who've played both DT and CF on what they like about both games and where they differ (as far as we can judge that in such an early state).
  2. The dark ages of PvP? We have CF, AO, SO, PFO, BD, AA and a plethora of other Sandboxes that have been announced or launched since we started working full-time on DT. We have dozens of freeshards for SB, UO & DAoC. DFO and EVE have been running for (close to) a decade. Plus theres a gajillion of MOBAs and other great (if not very substantial) fast-paced PvP games out there for the quick fix of PvP. I'd say we are living in the golden days of online PvP. In the two minutes that I have open for playing games every week I cannot even decide which one to choose this time. =D I started seriously thinking about Das Tal somewhere around 2008-2009, when Shadowbane was close to being cancelled. Everybody and their mom thought that WoW was the only MMO model out there and that we'd be stuck in battlegrounds and arenad with TAB-target combat forever. Those were the really dark ages. /rant =D @valor You'll get a reply very soon.
  3. We'll try our hardest to prove you wrong. =D Also: Join our forums and alpha and see for yourself. I promise to not gank you too often. =P
  4. Jackdaw is correct, we have roughly spent 1% of the budget that Crowfall has. There is no point denying that. The one good thing about it is that it forces us to focus n what is really important. The core combat system (step 1) and now GvG & clan mechanics. Yes, that means fewer fancy animations and less fluff for now. But those things can be ramped up at a later point. Whereas once your core game implementation is broken that cannot be fixed anymore. And custard yeah, I played a ton of small-scale PvP yesterday and took part in one siege (as a healer / CCer) - it was simply the best.
  5. Hehe. Kickstarter is hard. =D Anyways: If anyone wants to learn more about our game there are some video explanations here: http://www.das-tal-game.com/videos And a metric ton of recordings from the last two days of testing here: http://forum.das-tal-game.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1269 Alex PS: I'm biased, I'm designing the game. PPS: And yes, I am also a spent-way-too-much-money Crowfall and AO backer and looking forward to both games. =D
  6. Pretty awesome. I've come away with the exact same conclusion after witnessing the death and rebirth of dozens of Shadowbane servers. That why my game (Das Tal) has the same core concept at the heart of its design: game worlds (you call them campaigns) must be allowed to end. That allows for a huge reduction in grind and gives us the possibility do do tons of different rule sets for each single game world. I think we're seeing the birth of a new genre here. I'm stoked. Looking forward to see what you guys come up with in your implementation of this concept.
  7. Probably true. They will if they want it to be public knowledge. Worst case we'll wait until the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign (I'm speculating here). Would still appreciate an answer. Though you never know (as an outsider) how much of each person's work actually makes a game what it is. So I'm probably mostly asking to satisfy my curiosity. =D
  8. Hey everybody. Who else from the original Shadowbane dev team is gonna be on board for Crowfall? Damion Schubert (Ubiq) has recently quit his job at Bioware. Will this be a bigger reunion? Cheers Alex
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