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  1. you dont need full nodes now, so that means even vip want to login early to change the node. Also VIP needs to login to select the next node when its done. There isnt that much between VIP and non VIP i think.
  2. because there are more than enough 3d printers already which have proven themselves and more than enough Kickstarter for 3d printers resulted in some very bad ones. These look very small btw. for a low price this might be better https://www.cetus3d.com/
  3. With SLI you are not stacking the RAM sadly so your graphics card in SLI have a total of 4gb of ram. Glad it worked out.
  4. 8gb on 970? Turn off Sli and run only 1 card. sli is hit and miss with most games and since crowfall isnt out yet Nvidia didnt make any sli profiles for it. Also since 970 is legacy card now im not sure it will get sli support if it ever comes to the other cards.
  5. Can you link me to some of those issues, wanna bet they are from Gameworks titles? 3 to 5 years ago i never had a driver problem with my nvidia cards and they were indeed better. The last 2 years i have had several issues. Some issues Nvidia has never fixed so far. The Nvidia forums is full of it and it is now advice to simply dont update your drivers unless something is broken because it sometimes causes more harm than that it fixes. And for longevity with Nvidia... they will drop the 1000 series in legacy driver the moment Volta comes out maybe end this year like they did with th
  6. It isn't consistent when the performance is worst on higher priced GPU on most games that have come out this year. Feel free to blind yourself that is your own decision. About games not being optimized for AMD, they have focused on that lately and Bethesda has signed a partnership, EA , rock games, 2k and more. On the CPU front intel has done little and rather than come with 10nm they did another 14nm update on a new expensive platform. It is just ridiculous how the cheapest motherboard is more expensive than the cheapest CPU. Will you recommend an i5 still these days?
  7. Crowfall needs to be careful anyway when it comes to skill power. What if someone new joins crowfall after 6 months of launch? Skills need to give you more skill options more customization not directly power in my opinion.
  8. You say that but if you look at benchmark of the games that have come out this and last year there is not much between Nvidia and AMD. Actually AMD does better with newer games using newer API like DX12 and Vulkan. Doom on Vulkan is a good example of that and big games like battlefield 1 run better on 580 than on the 1060. You simply have not backup your claim, while i have linked you to several different reviews which you dismiss of being too small of a sample group. As for complications, lets see. Ashes had problem with Nvidia because Nvidia had settings enabled in their drivers whi
  9. It is funny you say that and then show a list that only look at ONE syntectic benchmark... While your claim was that more games are optimized for Nvidia. Benchmark Test Description Video Card Benchmark results (“Baselines”) were gathered from users’ submissions to the PassMark web site as well as from internal testing. PerformanceTest conducts three different tests and then averages the results together to determine the PassMark 3D Mark rating for a system
  10. here is a nice one http://www.pcgamer.com/radeon-rx-580-review/
  11. That link doesnt show much... this list is made from 1 benchmark it seems. Not even a ingame benchmark Look at actual reviews that test actual games like Gamersnexus or this one http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/msi_radeon_rx_580_gaming_x_review,10.html There simply isnt much between them. Strangly enough with DX12 and Vulkan where game developer actually need to program more for specific cards the AMD 580 is often faster than the 1060. The 1060 often wins with dx11 titles, the Nvidia DX11 drivers are simply better there. But this shows a different trend then
  12. Show me that difference You mean like this one?
  13. actually i dont think that is that true anymore. Almost all the conoles are using AMD hardware now for the last 5 years and looking at the number of ports... you might even say more games are now optimized to run on AMD hardware if yo count console as well. But even so looking at the 1060 and 580 with current modern games there is little between them besides one or two titles heavily favouring one or the other. the only problem is finding these cards with the miners... here are some benchmarks, as you can see it goes back and forward. Nvidia 1060 is not constantly better. http://ww
  14. If you allow non-vips to queue you kinda get the old system again making Alt account more attractive than a VIP. I think either give 1-month vip standard with the game, to help a new player get a good start and help them into the game would be a good compromise. They also experience if the vip is useful for them or not. Another option might be is to reduce the number of pips on early nodes so that it becomes less of a chore or allow 1 pip queue to get roughly the same effect. Actually scaling the number of pips would be good because later in the skill tree you are talking about
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