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  1. Just dont play it 😁.
  2. Well played to everyone. It was a blast playing with balance faction (EU/NA) and fight against so many chaos players. Special thanks to 4Gs and to anyone who wants to improve by playing and fighting back.
  3. The sound of when an ability hits, even when it doesn't hit, is quite annoying to me.
  4. If range changes are supposed to work with other changes not yet in the game, i don't see se point to put them on live server. At the moment with body blocks, desync and servers performance, having 3m range and also gap closer skills nerfed, makes melees pretty boring imo. Especially when everything else remains unchanged.
  5. To me, as a melee main user, it's quite annoying having the aiming reticle on the side. Most of all, i don't see the big Design behind the range reduction of ALL melee skills especially when the game is not stable enought and servers have huge spikes and desync. You also decreased the melee AOE skills range to 3m and that makes no sense to me. It's not like with melee basic attacks where you can get used to the new range, it's more like making some fundamental skills useless bacause of positioning and game mechanics.
  6. Myrm whirlwind is stil not interruptible by pressing again the same skill.
  7. Myrm charge went from 25m+6m to 15m+3m while the skill description went from 25m to 20m, that's why i hope it's not intended.
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