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  1. I truly hope it's a temporary bug. Also for me, flashcasts add deep into the game and in my opinion, we should have more of those, not less. It almost feels like with all this changes the game is getting closer to an app game in order to listen some random whiners that think to speak for ACE or for the comunity. To me, seems like the game is going in the direction where the only gap or diversification between players/guilds, is the time they can spend for the infinite grind or the ppl they can bring in. Meanwhile skillceiling is actually close to the ground, flashcast is almost gone,
  2. . Berserk: The icon of berserk, is now showing the dmg you take in relation with your maximum hp and not with your current hp.
  3. . Neck Slash: You have now to wait the global CD after usigin berserk/vengence/frenzy before being able to use neck slash even if its a flash cast, same with third basick attack while under the effect of frenzy. . Berserk: Several skills like redirect pain, retribution slashing, ecc go throught berserk and you wont get the heal back. . Raging Bull: You are not able to save berserk crash with raging bull if you are knocked down.
  4. Just dont play it 😁.
  5. Well played to everyone. It was a blast playing with balance faction (EU/NA) and fight against so many chaos players. Special thanks to 4Gs and to anyone who wants to improve by playing and fighting back.
  6. The sound of when an ability hits, even when it doesn't hit, is quite annoying to me.
  7. If range changes are supposed to work with other changes not yet in the game, i don't see se point to put them on live server. At the moment with body blocks, desync and servers performance, having 3m range and also gap closer skills nerfed, makes melees pretty boring imo. Especially when everything else remains unchanged.
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