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  1. I really hope someone could help out - Its kinda sucky to be in game but then not able to talk to anyone
  2. Cannot enter chat - I see other players chatting but my text doesnt appear. Whisper command doesnt seem to work - I dont get a response if i whisper to other players. I can create a new chatroom but still cant type in there.
  3. At this point I think its a bug so I will repost in the bugs thread.
  4. I created my character and I'm in the game - but i can't chat? I see other players talking but I cant seem to find any command for joining the chat channel. Do I miss something really obvious? edit: I think I could be bugged? I tried restarting a few times. I cant seem to be able to chat or whisper or anything.
  5. I really like this idea! I wonder how you would prevent abvuse though? Like team killing to stack up on feathers - in the dregs less-combat players like crafters and such could sacrifice feathers to give a boost to combat players... Or is that part of the metagame?
  6. And so finally we come to the end! To our awesome writers: Thankyou so much for your entries and your efforts. Without further ado here are the winning entries: Frikka's Desire by Mother Fable. This was a really great story with interesting characters that left the judge wanting to know more of the protagonist's story. Centaur by TragicNumberOne Good little story with an interesting main character.- The Judge wanted to more about the relationships between the group. Zealot Lush by Chodie Third place. Fun character and a good story. C
  7. [Competition Closed - Entries to be announced] Thankyou to everyone who entered!
  8. I think Ive answered all your points in very great detail - we go round in circles and I think have to agree to disagree. Please see post 78 - I really did answer why the crow form is not a sufficient character persona, but Im happy you agree the vessel is also not sufficient either. Otherwise: No. The lore is missing and as the devs have said, intentionally lightweight. Hoepfully this is a work in progress however. I have pointed thi sout and even quoted the devs in previous posts. Also please not Im trying to give examples when I describe gamplay driving lore versus lore driv
  9. I understand what you're saying... and tyo a degree I agree with you: It should be possible to *brute force* our character persistence. But Ive tried to describe why I think it would be better for RP, and the game as a whole, if there was a dedicated effort to allow for a natural, traditional persistence rather than forcing players to work against the system, or despite the absence of the system, for it. *edit: I want to add: Thats why I think this has been a calm rational discussion - rather than the rantfest that some people are trying to paint it as
  10. I can totally see this - I think Character persistence is an important part of game loyalty (perhaps one of the primary ones) - but obviously not the only one. Another would be the social aspect that McTan describes: being in a community and playing with friends.. Being extremely skilled is another - and of course just really enjoying the game for its own sake is another. These are all valid. WoW had a massive element of themepark and player experience via its PvE aspects that Crowfall wont have: Simply: The epic setting and storyline had a lot to do with building game loyalty. I remember
  11. I think people will buy skins sure.. especially if they cost 2 dollars. Monetization is easy to do at a very low level. Character persistence is not THE ONLY reason that monetization works. Im sorry if it seemed I was saying that. Its more like character persistence is a big opportunity to monetize.. and affects VERY many players - and if a Game dev does character persistence right it will allow them to monetize at a far greater rate.- such as selling skins. Also: The characters in Path of Exile are persistent, even if they are not actually greatly customizable: I play Path of Exile and b
  12. Of all the things I ever crafted in a game the one that I was most satisfied about was the language instructor pillow in Archeage. Basically the different factions had differnet languages.. It wasnt possible to talk to your enemies unless oyu learned the language - the chat box jumbled it up. The language trnaslator pillow spawed a handsome npc to help you learn a little bit of the language every day. It took a lot of materials to craft but it was SO awesome when suddenly I could begin to understand and even communicate with enemies. It was also an extremely useful tactical skill to
  13. I give you my word this is not the last RP compeititon you will see I sincerely believe we are going to have our minds blown when they do the big lore reveal.
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