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  1. spank99


    all about zerging it up son
  2. WE WONT PLAY ON THAT SERVER BRO WE DONT TRUST THEM BRO OR WAIT NM WE JUST WONT PLAY BECAUSE WE SUCK AND KNOW WELL GET POUNDED MERCILESSLY stop deluding yourselves and see your own fear of getting owned in game for what it is
  3. after playing for like a week on goofybane gotta say LOL even custard worse than i imagined, pretty much bottom line is the guys 'designing' that need to stop smoking drugs
  4. OCD or whatever got crushed, fade into obscurity like the nonfactors you are being beaten by a factor dont make ya a factor in the longrun edit: and you had a winrate in fights of like 1 percent
  5. spank99


    NSNL john will build the greatest zerg of all times
  6. id add the illustrious NSNL john to the list of GOATs
  7. cheaters, we know firsthand having a number of these hackers in our guild on sb using hacks/cehats
  8. spank99


    Wehrmacht is the top dog of all NA guilds. However, the bottom line is the Chinese forces are insurmountable for any NA nation and thats a fact, jack.
  9. You have deluded yourselves into thinking we had "1.5 to 2" groups of chinese players with us for most banes. My estimation: we psychologically crushed ya, all in a few weeks work.
  10. "Look on my works ye mighty, and despair" Glory be to the might of Wehrmacht, the army which leaves ruin in its wake
  11. 10v10 champs, we didnt lose to cloth meat like you
  12. Numbers were pretty freakin' even in that war, smoke a little less buster
  13. We already trounced you even numbers, you lost a defensive war pretty hard and actually subbed all the europeans on the server and that still didnt work to protect ya pixels when you outnumbered us at some of the 5 pm EST banes. Bottom line, do not stir the hornets nest otherwise ya get stung, johnny.
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