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  1. Guild criteria: Region: EU only (dutch guilds would be great, but english is also welcome) Atmosphere: friendly but in for the win Casual/Hardcore?: Looking for serious guild but not super hardcore, RL will always come first. Size: not sure / don't realy care as long as it is not too small. Play-Style: Still figuring this game out, atm interested in archer, but depending on how the geme develops I might try a healer role (was a lot of fun in ESO) or perhaps even crafter. Commitment: Pretty high, already spent a good amount of money on the game and it has my full attention. Miscellaneous: I'm not super experienced with guilds, but I did enjoy being in a pretty decent PVP guild on ESO Experience: Mostly ESO Flyff Runescape (✝2007ish R.I.P.)
  2. Prologue

    Run Speed

    I feel the same, As a ranger mobility should be a thing! You should be able to get some distance from the ficht becouse you need it to propperly play your role (you can't out dps or tank most archetypes, so what els could you do with this class except to try and land some shots from a distance?). And sadly it's not a thing at all... In todays alpha test I noticed that druids are faster because they can teleport, champions have fast movement as default, I saw a knight flying past me as if it was nothing (not sure how/ which skill, have to test that later) and all other arch types seem to be at least as fast as the archer. The best option for mobility I found so far is the dodge rolling, which felt pretty week since you can only do it twice before all your stamina is drained.
  3. I realy liked how cloak worked in ESO, I have no idea what those other options are tho.
  4. YES as long as you have to aim for your target. being able to lock on to a target could be a bit too OP, and that would also make combat feel a lot less skillful.
  5. Altho I hope that the devs spent thier time on more usefull things than enabeling players to create dungeons in thier ethernal kingdoms. (Becouse any amount of time that they have to spend on this will take away from the core aspects of the game). I must say that I'm not against this idea, as long as it will not result in any loot or rewards that are asociated whit these player created "raids". Becouse otherwise you'll just end up forcing players to participate in PVE content.
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