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  1. Major Disc: Deadly Infector Diffusion: Doesn't do damage as advertised. Running multiple poisons does around 200-300 dmg with a full pip finish. Tool tip says 800+
  2. Just a quality of life thought for the character selection page. I'd like to be able to move my characters around and reorder them, in a drag and drop type way. Thanks ACE
  3. Thanks for posting this! I was just trying out assassin and was doing an ineffective version of this. I'm glad I have a way to tune up the build.
  4. Guild criteria: Region: US-West Atmosphere: friendly yet competitive, PvP focused Casual/Hardcore?: I'm a casual for life. Play-Style: Mostly melee, but slayer has been fun. Commitment: Can make most scheduled events. Experience: Been here since 2016. Been in previous dissolved guilds.
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