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  1. Since there's a limited number of slots for vendors, might I suggest we get ranks there as well? At the moment I have 4 vendors, which is crazy, I know, but there's so much loot to sell, and it fetches money as well, so... I suggest Poor is as today, Common is double, rare triple, and epic quadruple. That way there will be more room for those that only want to sell the odd stuff. But don't make them more than double the cost for each rank-increase, that wouldn't help the situation. Why do I need so many? One is selling good blue armor, and is almost full. One sells good blue weapons and still have some room. One sells Artifact binds and is completely full. And the last one sells the odd stuff. Do I make money? Yes! What do I use the money on? As of now, not much, since I got most things I need. Earlier today I had 85000 gold, bought a vendor and cheap armor and weapons (people really have to start understanding what good blue armor and weapons are worth).
  2. I'll stop discussing now, all I want to do is seriously swearing and cursing you for not understanding how important time is.
  3. Of course it's hard work, it's god damned hard work, because it uses the most important resource you have in an MMO, time.
  4. Generally I am very negative to any special consideration of new players, if such considerations will make active players hard work less worth. If I have played this game for a year, and finally filled a second level passive, then I'm not in favor seeing a new player filling the same in a month, or, god forbid, less. That player should work just as hard as me to get the same reward. Anything else is what we call "sowing pillows under their armpits" in Norway.
  5. Catering specifically to new players is a great way of turning away old players that might then not overly enjoy the game, since their long and hard earned work is worthless. If you get into the game at a late stage (I take it it will be a total wipe, no exceptions at launch) then that's your problem, not those players that has invested countless hours in the game.
  6. How can the bounty hunter be sure the ones he's killing are "bad", and that it isn't the ones putting up the bounty that are the evildoers?
  7. There are now actually 4 female vendors. 2 in the Sun temple and 2 in the Earth temple. ALL of whom were changed or placed there after I mentioned it, in parentheses, so everyone, even imbeciles, should understand that it was more of a joke and no serious accusations!!!! All of whom also seems to be dependent on their placing, strangely enough.
  8. There are 3 temples on Test. Sun, Moon and Earth. Which one, and where exactly?
  9. Then be kind enough to tell me exactly where, on the Test server, this vendor can be found!
  10. Wrong in saying that there are no female vendors? I mentioned the vendor-gender thing in parentheses and you came back with fake information. Seriously man!
  11. And where exactly is that vendor, and how do you get one? On Test I think I have been through all vendors, and they are male, and you can't make a vendor, just buy one, and it is male.
  12. They actually don't seem to be interested in the feedback-thread. A guy from support told me to post stuff here, since they read this forum quite frequently.
  13. The thing is that there are so many crucial things still missing in this game that it's hard to understand how they will ever be finished. Not to talk about the Idea of going beta any time soon.
  14. I don't understand your train of thoughts here? I'm not talking about your vendor here (half eaten burger), I'm talking about my vendor, hired by me, to do a job on a fixed salary. I can understand the thought about not using him as a bank (although it seems strange), but if I want to place new items for sale, then he takes from the money the shop already has, he doesn't ask for more. As so many things in this game, the thought behind is so far removed from logic that it's hard to comprehend.
  15. Well, I'm playing this game as a crafter + gatherer, so vendors are one of the most important thing to me.
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