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  1. I've tried this several times, both from my iPad and my PC, but when I select the picture to upload it seems to be uploading, but nothing shows up in the "crop window" and when I click done, my avatar window is as empty as when I started. I've also tried to link from an external web-site (Google Drive).
  2. Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. Whatever other players might say is of no importance, an answer from the Crowfall team itself on the other hand is more or less a guarantee.
  3. There are no dedicated forum for questions directly to the staff.
  4. This one scares the poorly made socks out of me. Does this mean you're following the same path as Blizzard did with WoW, each continent (partner) their own servers and NO playing on other servers than theirs? Really screwed up things with the US guild I've been in since Ultima Online! Not interested in answers from the community, theirs answers have no weight.
  5. I've tried to upgrade my Bronze 2016 to Gold 2017 through PayPal AND Visa, but both failed. Tried 3 times with PayPal and once with Visa.
  6. I have never played beta in a game that allowed that and would think it highly unlikely. Maybe we get a few days head start, but nothing more.
  7. Well, the reputation of a guild is often based on the worst player in it. If you don't agree, you should say so.
  8. All the archetypes has their speciality, but, as far as I have found, they are all fighting related. Will there be an archetype that is solely for harvesting/crafting, where the combat skills are secondary? I would strongly suggest one be made. Crafting will be a vital part of this game and the really great crafters will seldom be involved in fighting except for self defence, so they need no specialities in those areas. So, I want to se dwarves, plenty of them, I love those guys, allways played one, if available, unless of course, I can play a cute female, gnome, death knight.
  9. Having played a crafter in many games I have found that the best way to calculate randomness is to use the percentage on the tries combined. If you have a 50% chance, that's what you have on yoyr first try, but then you get a 50% chance on the 50% left, ie. 75% chance, and so on. That way, you can still fail indefinately, but the chances of failing will be so small after a couple of tries that it's close to negible. If it's a 50% chance for every successive try the chance of failing indefinately is actually quite possible. I know, after a few of those failing streaks in WoW. It's so disenheart
  10. Looking for a crafting guild. I want to play this game as a crafter, not a PvP'er, so I'm looking fir a guild that is strong enough that we can harvest and craft without being killed every 5 minutes. I don't know very much about the game, only played 4 -5 hours in total, but if I find the right guild I'll probably be online a lot. I'm from Europe and would prefere a guild based there, but it's not a must, the right guild takes presedence.
  11. I remember playing Anarch Online during the beta (guide for a couple of months before launch) and we begged Funcom to not rush the release. They didn't listen and the game (a game with a huge potential) flopped. Please don't do that with this game, it can turn out to be the WoW-killer that I've been waiting on for years now.
  12. I got the feeling, from watching all the official videos, that they went for "bloodbath" because that was the fastest way to get the big world testing going. My personal opinion is that we have all paid hundeds of dollars to get this game going and that this should mean that most of the players are well established people and not a bunch of screaming kids whos only goal in a PvP game is to kill as many players as possible. There will be enough of those when the game goes live.
  13. You obviously haven't played many MMORPGS. The number of girls, both PvP and PvE are quite many. Maybe not as many as boys, but they probably count for roughly 10% I would guess, after being a member of several guilds in the last decade or so. My primary guild is Lost Order of Akalabeth, but in games where LOA doesn't have a presence, like EU WoW, I play with other guilds.
  14. And with less than 10 of them available at any shard at any time (at least it seems like that), that would take a little more than 17 weeks, lets say 10 years or so.
  15. It's not so much a complaint as a question about what the developers wants to test. Sure, if it's PvP, I'll just keep my mouth shut and wait for a while.
  16. 25'ish players online on EU-server. But I'll try to find someone who is interested in harvesting and crafting the next time I log on.
  17. Well, during the time I was online today (4-5 hours I guess) there where fewer than 100 or so players on all 3 servers (combined) or approximately 1/6 of the max. Not much of a server load.
  18. As they aren't going to make it to the final I can't see the importance in that. If you just want to check how many times the players use them, have a counter.
  19. Maybe increase the speed for skill gain? Just for the testing phase of course, I wouldn't want it increased for the final game. As it is now it takes days for every part.
  20. Isn't it about time you guys find out if you want to test server load, crafting and god knows what OR PvP? You can't test much with a bunch of players running around killing harvesters and crafters, and certainly not load testing. I mean, who in their right mind wants to play this game when they die all the time? I know you said it, that it will be a blood bath, but you really have to think about WHAT you want to test. I guess I'll wait until you decide WHAT you want to test. BTW, you can test EVERYTHING if you don't let players loot someone they killed! That way the PvP'ers can run around ki
  21. Is it really necessary to make these? Can't we just have them in our backpack and click them when we need them? They are for testing, after all.
  22. When I make one, it disapears. I got to the sigil part, but when I click "take" nothing shows up in my inventory. This has happend 3 times on different occasions. So no silver axe for me.
  23. As long as every Tom, hooligan and Harry attacks and kill the players who wants to harvest there won't be any real testing of the crafting, unless of course the testing is done by the PvP'ers. Maybe let the players keep what they have in the inventory? This is a testing phase, so there shouldn't be any need for them to get the loot anyway.
  24. I have tried both the EU and the US West servers, but can't find a single animal. Yes, I've been looking. My character is a duelist, just in case us duelists are a bit near sighted. Without animals to skin and hide to use for crafting it just isn't too much to do in the game.
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