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  1. The game is probably going to be great, but the alpha hasn't really gotten to the point where my main interest lies, namely crafting and gathering. So, my questions are: When will the alpha reach this point? Will it be possible to be a full time crafter or am I forced to go out there and fight big battles? Sure, I will have to be a half deacent fighter because I want to gather resources of a quality that will be good enough to make the best weapons and armor in the game (yeah, that's me, you better learn my name or you won't be able to get the best of the best, the stuff your less wealthy friends will druel over heheh), but I'm not really interested in running around killing people and doing the raids that everyone else wants to do. Can I hire NPC's to sell my goods from my shop(s)? Can the guild I'm in (Lost order of Akalabeth. We formed in the first days of UO. My character was Ascricus back then) make their own town where we will have a guild hall, shops and personal houses? How about mines, will they last forever? Can a guild "own" one, setting up houses etc and a wall to protect it? Can we hire NPC's to guard our properties so noone can take them, even if we aren't enough players online to defend them? Are big walls enough to keep raiders at bay long enough for us to enter the game and gather enough players to defend it? Will there be annoption that will send you an e-mail if your property is under attack? I'm interested in everything in guild, crafting and gathering.
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