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  1. What's Recon used for in this build by the way? You have no ability that benefits from Expose, or am I missing something?
  2. I agree, just pointing out that they did some steps towards that but I haven't seen any feedback on it or any further follow-up from ACE. It was just mentioned in the Q&A, something along the lines of it being such a big change that they don't want to roll it out to all classes and discs immediately, but rather wait for how it is received on those 2 classes. Imo would be cool to async AB-test this in Hunger Dome. Have it running for a day with that change and for a day without it.
  3. Isn't this what they wanted to address via this change: Assassin and Myrmidon single-target melee powers will now wait until the impact should happen to acquire its target. This will allow those powers to be a bit more fluid in aiming and re-aiming to intended targets. Which they wanted feedback for so they can gauge if they roll this functionality out to all class and discipline skills. No idea if that would mean it will apply to AoE effects as well. Not sure if there was any follow-up on that, or if anyone actually noticed a difference on Assassin and Myrm.
  4. With their basic kit yes, VS at least has access to the dark viagra build (barbed stake + fortified stakes + soul steal) so can be pushed from wet noodle to semi-boner noodle. That took a hit as well though with bleed removal from buckshot.
  5. Yep, sometimes you just don't know immediately. Especially when your animation plays and you get CC'd at the same time so the skill actually doesn't go through and can still be used.
  6. This build would fit a Vanguard Scout much better.
  7. Pixie is a tribute to the mysticraven build? If yes, I support this choice
  8. That's a "survival" aspect of the game. In the campaigns you will encounter so-called "Hunger Shards" that have snowy areas around them. Stepping on them for x seconds gives you the Hunger debuff that drains the chicken in your chicken bar faster. I guess it's made to fit the "dying worlds" setting but imo you are right. It adds nothing to the game except that you need to get some food if you don't want your resource and health regeneration stopped. Food buffs can exist without having a chicken bar. Maybe it's also because back when the game was entering production, survival games were pr
  9. They did, though durability now depletes via combat as well, whereas previously it would only be reduced on death.
  10. If you buy Jewelers Bur and add it to the rings, they increase stat caps as well. That's why I wrote above now you have a need for those in endgame crafting, whereas previously they are pointless if your lego vessel already caps the 250 limit
  11. OBJECTION! Guinecean for example also gets 100 stats (well, the most aesthetic race deserves that much at least) Half-Elves have an extra minor slot
  12. Reaching 236 on purple vessels on average (except SPR-based, those are a bit higher). That's less than blue vessels previously. Kinda makes sense, given that we could reach hard cap on main stat just with the vessel. Now the jeweller's burs actually have a purpose because their cap increases were meaningless before, increasing caps for non-main stats that you didn't reach anyways. But should be put into patch notes at least. Saves us the trouble to report it and the QA team the trouble to add a new bug ticket for it because apparently they didn't know about this change either.
  13. Dunno if it's a bug or intended. Since patch notes did not mention this change, I'm assuming it's a bug. 6.5 Vessel stats are lower than 6.4 Vessel stats, except Fae Vessels, they were always lower for no reason. Now all other vessels have been set to those values. Steps to reproduce Craft a Vessel on 6.4 patch Craft the same Vessel with the same crafter and the same rolls on 6.5 patch Compare Vessels and observe Expected result: stat values are in a very similar range Actual result: stat values of vessel crafted in 6.5 are significantly lower than stat v
  14. Yep, it's the same dot as the passive bleed after stealth on duelist but it's the consistent one that allows VS to be viable in prolonged fights or fights against classes with sustain. I can see the utility of the exhausting debuff having quite some impact but why the hell would this be on Buckshot? It's not tied to Pepperbox or the Stun mechanic, it would make more sense to add this to Feral Instincts since it's the same mechanic but a different status effect. Generally some reasoning behind the changes that are made to classes would be nice or just some communication about w
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