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  1. Isn't the chance for minerals decent? The numbers in the skilltree look decent at least. Haven't tested it yet even though I have all the nodes for it maxed in excavation. (Didn't bother spending time to look for a group to do that a whole evening with so far)
  2. Of course going "Battle Royale" will attract an audience. I don't really see the point here. Everyone should just turn games into mass-appealing (in this case Battle Royale) games, to have as many players as possible, rather than catering to a very invested niche audience?
  3. Soloing is just not getting you anywhere past a certain point, the game is design to be like that, it won't turn around and suddenly go against its own core pillars. Right now I'd say it's not even that bad, have been soloing the campaigns myself as naked Elken just harvesting and crafting stuff and running away on the swift pack pig whenever I see some opposing faction members approaching. With 200 exports it's not even a problem if they kill me, because I can export the most important stuff before that anyways.
  4. Read the full post please - I didn't suggest not being able to acquire skills, I suggested to wipe and provide skillpoints from the start of campaigns so it's possible to play different specs without having to start from fully wiped accounts. You will have higher chances of breaking the game if you can try different skill training specs every campaign compared to slowly progressing down one specilization over multiple campaigns. More "commited" skill training is something that can still be tested later on.
  5. For testing purposes I'd rather see skills being wiped with campaign starts, no imports and every account given the same amount of starting skillpoints. Those could be enough to fill most of a basic tree or enough to completely reach the end of one specialization. That would allow people to test different specs every campaign and groups of people/guilds to see how their planned distribution of specializations plays out over the campaign.
  6. Running 1920x1080 windowed fullscreen on medium quality here. - No clouds - Draw distance at 800 Specs: GTX 1070 TI, i5-8600k, 16 GB RAM Constant FPS of 100 outside of combat (Capped them there, can go up to 130-140 if I don't). GPU Load around 65% GPU Temps around 70 degrees celsius CPU Load around 40-45% CPU Temps around 50 degrees celsius Using MSI afterburner to track load and temps (and to set up a custom fan curve so GPU starts cooling sooner). Task Manager gives same GPU and CPU load results. Looks like you CPU and GPU are somehow held back, but I'm not a techie and have no idea why. Have you compared CPU and GPU load in other games?
  7. My bet is on them adding something to it that allows new players to catch up, because the issue you described is something they want to avoid. Just take a look at the kickstarter video (again) - it's why the game is centered around campaigns and why Todd talks about the "Uncle Bob" scenario. I do hope ACE didn't forget that original vision because as someone who sometimes does not have time to play for weeks or months that's one of the main reasons I was drawn to Crowfall. Like someone has mentioned already, players still like progression. But that doesn't exclude a catch-up or flexibility mechanic. Even a skill reset could work fine if there is - IMHO - a penalty to it which is not real money, but something that has value in the game, e.g. you can reset a tree or a node and gain a percentage of the points back to be allocated into all trees of the same category and tier. (obviously would need some rules due to tree dependencies) They could add a mentoring system that allows players to enter a mutually beneficial mentor and apprentice relationship which boosts the apprentice skill growth in the same tree of the mentor logarithmically against the mentor's current skill progression and provides benefits to the mentor as well. Something like that would also have its downsides based on player preferences but it would promote interactions between new and old players and make it desirable for new players to be integrated into factions/guilds/social groups. There are lots of ways to "fix" this potential issue down the road and I think that's why this doesn't need to be at the top of the priority list right now. As for the tome system - I haven't even heard anything about that after the skill tree got changed back in April (?).
  8. I'll be at GC but mostly for business so I'm not 100% sure I can make it that day (due to possible spontaneous social obligations). Is it okay to claim a ticket anyways?
  9. Gordon added the Unite Party in Austin to the Crowfall Playtest Calendar, so I guess at least someone from ACE will be there for the conference as well.
  10. 1. You are assuming that Crowfall is targeting casual and super hardcore players alike. As far as I know, that's not the case. I might be wrong though. 2. The only correct answer to your question here is yes. You asked whether early skill points will make a difference and since every skill pip will increase the stats of your character, every pip makes a difference. That's just common sense/basic math being applied here. There are obviously tons of other factors (your own significance in a group of multiple people, the relevance of your skill stat to the activity that you are performing, etc.) that might reduce the effectiveness of the difference your skill training makes. 3. No idea. Like you said, that is probably not anywhere at the top of the priority list of the devs. 4. You should read about the campaign system or watch the Kickstarter video, it covers what has the most potential to keep the game fresh over the years pretty well. 5. Probably also not one of the priorities since not even all planned races have been added yet. I don't see how it would fit the lore right now, but it would be easy to add the concept of a wolven race. 6. PUBG covers stream sniping in their Rules of Conduct. Whether the guy who got banned was watching the stream or not can't be proven though. Only ingame data in combination with assumptions were used to justify that ban, as has been said by the lead community manager of PUBG. It's not even clear if stream sniping will be an issue in Crowfall. PUBG is a completely different game and hiding is very important in it. If you hide in a bush and your position is known by the enemy, he can shoot you from a couple hundred meters away without you seeing where he shoots from if he has a suppressor. Crowfall does not give you the ability to shoot that far. Crowfall also does not give you the ability to kill someone in a second without the enemy attempting to run away. Crowfall is designed to be played in groups. If you "stream snipe" someone in Crowfall, you probably need to do that in a group as well. Streamers will probably not stream their attack on a fort anyways. You want to stream your gameplay to an anonymous audience and at the same time have someone punish players who want to use the information you share with them? Good luck with that. PUBGs enforcement of that ignited a huge debate already and it will do more harm than good. I feel like some of your biggest concerns are not that big after all. Especially cosmetics, additional animal races and stream sniping.
  11. Kopfstoß hört sich an, als wär das nochmal eine zusätzliche Fähigkeit/Kraft, um sich kurzzeitig schneller zu bewegen. Ich hoffe mal, das ist auch so
  12. Edit: Problem gefunden, der Avira Browserschutz wars. Keine Ahnung wieso, aber das Ding blockt bei mir alle Crowfall-Weiterleitungen von gesponserten Anzeigen. Andere Anzeigen von Games, Events oder Merchandise wird nicht geblockt. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ja, ich hab ABP an, schließe den aber in dem Fall aus, da es einfach genug andere mit "sponsored" markierte Games-Werbung (Keystone, Black Squad, etc) in meinem Feed gibt und dort funktioniert die Weiterleitung immer. Hab ABP testweise mal deaktiviert, Browser (Chrome, pls no hate) neu gestartet und den Feed durchforstet, bis Crowfall wieder aufgetaucht ist, aber das Ergebnis ist dasselbe. Bin anscheinend auch nicht der Einzige mit dem Problem, wie man hier in den Kommentaren sehen kann: Ich weiß nicht, wie viele Leute, bei denen die Weiterleitung nicht funktioniert, dann "crowfall.com" manuell eingeben. Außerdem sind die Daten, die Travian dadurch erfassen kann, fehlerhaft. Bei Facebook zahlt man soweit ich weiß nur für Impressions oder Clicks. Die Conversion Rate wird höchstwahrscheinlich weitaus geringer ausfallen als mit funktionierenden Links. Vielleicht funktionieren die Anzeigen in anderen Sprachen, aber wenn das schon mindestens seit dem 21. Juli so läuft, also jemand über eine Woche jeden Tag Geld für fehlerhafte Anzeigen ausgibt... Huiuiui. Ich hab das übrigens nicht gepostet, um drauf rumzureiten, auch wenn sich das jetzt so anhört.
  13. Hallo, keine Ahnung wo ich das sonst hinposten soll. Kann @celloach momentan weder taggen, noch eine Nachricht schicken. Der will wohl seine Ruhe Sehe seit 2 Tagen immer wieder Facebook-Werbung von Crowfall in meinem Feed und wenn ich draufklicke, passiert einfach gar nix. Keine Weiterleitung, kein gar nix. Um auf Crowfall.com weitergeleitet zu werden, muss ich die Adresse des Links (http://tracking.traviangames.com/115691234501123/s1/RPG_Confessor_Logo/36) per Rechtsklick zwischenspeichern und in die Adressleiste kopieren. Vielleicht hat das ja noch jemand bemerkt, wenn das nicht nur mich betrifft und vielleicht interessiert das ja diejenigen von Travian, die Geld für diese Werbung ausgeben.
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