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  1. Seems to be the same on test vs live, at least according to the tooltip. (new powers acquired after promotion) Checked on classes with dynamic tooltips which are (I assume) based on power values and character stats. Are the promotion enhancements supposed to be affected by this as well? E.g. Illuminate gaining a heal on Crusader - because this also is the same as on live. MVP note
  2. You are beautiful and you deserve it.
  3. I like those suggestions. Heal from Condemnation doesn't seem to be based on how much damage it deals, would make it a flat heal triggered on hits instead anyways. And change the already short range LMB to look like a whip to absolve those sins in a more traditional way.
  4. Ah yes, the 8.9k in ~5 seconds on my plate-wearing Crusader from 60+ meters away. I remember that, was 6.1 (on live) though, not sure if Rangers got weaker now but it seems meta is turning into Wardens with traps on hit anyways, right?
  5. Indulgence (minor) grants Immunity to Sin & 1500 Fire Resistance for 30 seconds (45 sec cooldown). Not much of a "trick" but can be very useful
  6. Nice work! Third minor seems less attractive to me now. Stat bundles and other skills/enhancement just seem to overshadow it in many cases.
  7. Might have been suggested in some form already and there also might be a good reason for it to be as it is right now (I think if not explicitly stated, the aoe cap is 5), but anyways: Why not make the aoe cap dynamic, based on how many allies and enemies are in a radius of let's say 100m? Doesn't have to be recalculated more than once every couple seconds. E.g. aoe cap for abilities (excluding heals) gets increased by up to 100%, based on enemies within 100m divided by you & allies within 100m Your damaging/cc aoes in a scenario of 15 vs 20 would be able to hit 5*(20/15) =
  8. Agree, but you can look it up in the campaign details when you select a campaign (EU is Frankfurt Server) for now
  9. Go to a zone appropriate for your level (in God's Reach) and if there are other people, ask them if you can join their group. Also, really recommended to join a guild. Most if not all guilds are happy to guide and help out new players because they need more people to play with.
  10. a) what Kraahk said b) because of what Kraahk said c) to what Kraahk said Maybe just try to hire the owl at this point as at least a consultant. Consultant owl is also a pretty cool title.
  11. Isn't the chance for minerals decent? The numbers in the skilltree look decent at least. Haven't tested it yet even though I have all the nodes for it maxed in excavation. (Didn't bother spending time to look for a group to do that a whole evening with so far)
  12. Of course going "Battle Royale" will attract an audience. I don't really see the point here. Everyone should just turn games into mass-appealing (in this case Battle Royale) games, to have as many players as possible, rather than catering to a very invested niche audience?
  13. Soloing is just not getting you anywhere past a certain point, the game is design to be like that, it won't turn around and suddenly go against its own core pillars. Right now I'd say it's not even that bad, have been soloing the campaigns myself as naked Elken just harvesting and crafting stuff and running away on the swift pack pig whenever I see some opposing faction members approaching. With 200 exports it's not even a problem if they kill me, because I can export the most important stuff before that anyways.
  14. Read the full post please - I didn't suggest not being able to acquire skills, I suggested to wipe and provide skillpoints from the start of campaigns so it's possible to play different specs without having to start from fully wiped accounts. You will have higher chances of breaking the game if you can try different skill training specs every campaign compared to slowly progressing down one specilization over multiple campaigns. More "commited" skill training is something that can still be tested later on.
  15. For testing purposes I'd rather see skills being wiped with campaign starts, no imports and every account given the same amount of starting skillpoints. Those could be enough to fill most of a basic tree or enough to completely reach the end of one specialization. That would allow people to test different specs every campaign and groups of people/guilds to see how their planned distribution of specializations plays out over the campaign.
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