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  1. Yeah not sure why they nerfed Vanguard Scout like this. I already stopped playing it when the game launched due to its lackluster state. Was hoping for it to gain something but after initial testing it just lost more than it gained with these changes, at least with my Domain + Disc combination. Guess there were not many people giving feedback to the TEST changes so they just pushed them to LIVE.
  2. Could've been mitigated by listening months ago when feedback for this was given, but no - it has to lead to exactly what players told the devs already would happen before they take action. People already created more guilds back then to increase the amount of guilds that would qualify for top %
  3. EU had attackers and defenders during a siege being randomly ported to the bane trees during a fight inside the Keep. No idea what triggers it, maybe someone recorded it. Wasn't even zone capped (74 vs 95)
  4. Spawn Rate of Thralls in Tainted Hill Hot Zone (EU) seems broken. Low amount of mobs, no Major Thralls.
  5. Yeah the % increase is applied to a value that is not shown in the interface. Haven't seen any info on how this is calculated or any attempts at deconstructing the math behind it. Same issue with Vessels for example. You experiment on the final assembly and your 100% experimentation increase brings your 8 DEX to 10 DEX. I assume there is some kind of value used as a base that is generated when an item is assembled, then when you experiment on the item you just assembled you only experiment on the value that was generated.
  6. It can not fail, this display issue has been in the game forever.
  7. Yep. Entry barrier for new players is too high in Dregs. Needs more than 3 factions though. I'm still salty about the Hunger Dome development focus instead of figuring out a more new player friendly campaign configuration.
  8. Not entirely sure what happened so I might be missing some information. The stuff you took is from public chests so you emptied the "drop-off" stuff that is certainly of some value to us but not of much importance. Even if it was more important, you would've just taken more important pixels. Thanks for the lesson, we will try to be more respectful of the time that other people spend to contribute to the guild and stash those resources more regularly in limited-access chests. In general: we ask for contribution, we don't force you to contribute - that's entirely on you. We just make sure that if you give to the guild, the guild gives back. And that's not something that happens over the span of 2 days if you are a new player. Seems like you made the decision to contribute expecting to get immediate returns back. If you feel like you are not getting any returns for what you contribute, you have officers in the guild who coordinate that to talk to and make sure you understand how we operate and what you can expect. If you are a silent contributor, we might not be aware of it as well, especially now that we have more new people than veterans. Going with green disciplines to harvest in Dregs is not something we tell people not to do because we don't want them to harvest but because of how the game works. You will not or barely deal damage to the nodes and not produce the results you'd expect. We are first investing in people we know are reliable. New players joining are less reliable than someone who has been with us for a while and proven to be interested in the game long-term because they don't know if the game or the guild is the right fit for them. We don't invest hours of pooled efforts into people who might just join the launch hype and disappear the next day. If you are here for a few days and showing interest in working together to achieve a common goal - no problem, you will be included in the list of harvesters to invest in but we don't poop out 9 discs and 48k gold on demand and even if we did, there are people who deserve it more than you. If we had invested the results of hours of work of multiple other people in you, we would have lost way more than you took. Sorry for you that it turned out this way and happy for us, because your actions show that you value your own benefit over others' and even resort to toxic behaviour with the intent to ruin other peoples' fun in a game.
  9. Being stressed out troubleshooting/firefighting all day, eating while working and catching up on sleep is my guess.
  10. A lot of ranged attacks are limited in their verticality and none of the PvE enemies have a space bar so it's quite easy to get into a position where you can hit them but they can't hit you.
  11. Servers being down is not the issue, that can happen and especially if you are a small team which is dependant on a few key people who also need to have breaks, eat, sleep to stay productive that should be more or less common sense that it's taking some time. The communication part is the issue. Using Discord as your main communication channel is not sufficient. You have Twitter established as communication channel so it needs to be used as well. Or at least link the Discord in a pinned Tweet and tell people they'll find server status updates there. Tone & messaging – "Please play on test" is not something you write on the second day of the launch. If you don't know when things will be fixed, give scheduled updates even if the update is just fluff and you have no ETA for service going live again yet. Right now players are relaying more information to other players who don't know what's going on.
  12. That looks very similar to Crowdin. Dauntless (Phoenix Labs) also did that for multiple languages using Crowdin as their translation tool. There were around 10 (some languages had more) translators per language, 2-3 really good ones who ended up being the approvers. If you have someone rather qualified for each language to filter through people who volunteer to participate and to approve strings, it can work out nicely. Same people would also play the game in their native language and do ingame-QA naturally that way. If there was an issue somewhere, it was easy for them to flag it in Crowdin and suggest a fix themselves. They also had professionals come in from time to time to evaluate translation quality and give feedback to the community translators. After a year and a few months they had people do ~ $120k worth of translation work "for free" if you take common industry rates. Some people enjoy that stuff and I'm pretty sure there are native speakers capable and willing to help out if ACE would've supported it, especially if it was early enough.
  13. @KraahkI hope you copypasted and didn't type this again 😬 Regarding this thread, 2 feedback points: #1: 2 Localization threads for public test & live server is too much imo. One is enough #2: Localization feedback has collected from ACE over the last years which was more than actionable and it has seemingly never been acted on. Last time @MiracleMax brought the topic up again there was feedback once again and it ended with silence and no follow-up. Just as a heads-up for anyone who is willing to spend significant time and effort on trying to improve it: don't do it and wait until ACE shows actual commitment to any sort of change. And that change is probably only happening if there is financial purpose in improving localization.
  14. https://crowfall.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360006013193-Getting-Started It's a bit weird to see Hunger Dome FAQ being the first thing under "Getting Started". Hunger Dome is not an available game mode that allows new players to experience combat quickly as it was initially envisioned (according to Q&A) https://crowfall.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403069382423-Can-discipline-runestones-be-traded- That should be wrong now with soulbinding in place. Disciplines become soulbound when equipping, allowing you to unequip them but not trade them anymore. https://crowfall.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360059785954-Does-Crowfall-have-a-Healer-class- Bit misleading imo - we have lots of straightforward healers that you can build for buffing/debuffing as well but healing is their main purpose. Healing targeting is also a bit misleading, as it's now a mix of both - targeted heals and "just cast and everyone in 50m radius gets it" heals. https://crowfall.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403069535639-Are-vaults-or-banks-specitic-to-a-player- Typo - specitic => specific https://crowfall.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403089038231-Is-there-a-level-cap- For poor vessels it's 30, yes. But the maximum for "a vessel" is 35. https://crowfall.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403081021207-What-are-mounts-like-in-Crowfall- That sounds new, mounts have not been used to transport items so far, only players. https://crowfall.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403088901271-How-do-I-get-a-mount-in-Crowfall- Technically not on downed monsters. You can find the recipe for crafting a mount on downed monsters, not the figurine (unless this changed in 6.54).
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