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  1. I sure hope so! They talk a lot about what they're planning on their forums@ www.descendentstudios.com
  2. Descent: Underground AMA on Reddit in about 15 minutes: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/309fj9/descent_underground_ama_with_eric_wingman/
  3. Sorry I haven't been as active on the boards here lately, I've been helping out some friends of the Crowfall team who are making an officially licensed reboot/prequel to the classic 6DoF FPS Descent: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/descendentstudios/descent-underground For those of you who haven't played Descent, it's about flying around inside tunnels blowing stuff up- think FPS but with more axes of movement and rotation. For those of you who remember the originals, this new one is a prequel and the single-player campaign is supposed to include things like the rise of the PTMC and the coming of the crazy bots. Just to answer a few questions that might be hard to find on the KS page: The game is a 6DoF FPS, not a MOBA or Flight Sim (Some articles were incorrect on this). Single-Player, Co-op, and Multiplayer are all part of the project. Flight mechanics are being based on Descent 1 & 2 (and will be tweaked with community help). Pyro-GX predecessor is in-game, but the Pyro has not been built yet in the the lore. Everything can be earned in-game (No "pay to win"). Private servers will be supported in addition to official company-run servers. Mod tools are planned, including map making. Windows, Mac, and Linux support are planned. VR will be supported. DRM-Free. The ships are piloted drones (Both for storyline reasons and because respawns). No subscription to play - the "subscription" mentioned on the KS is for special forum access. The game's forums are at descendentstudios.com/community/forum and they have live broadcasts at least once a week on www.twitch.tv/descendentstudios at 10:00 AM Central Time on Thursdays.
  4. Honestly, I figured it was some kind of incarnation mechanic for the furthest worlds, meaning that you spawn in a freshly created body and leave by dying. In the closer worlds it might be more like teleportation?
  5. Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom... Well, in HackMaster 4th Edition, Giant Badgers were very fearsome. They could dig holes a million feet deep, so I suppose this badger could be a siege engineer or sapper archetype...
  6. Neat! I'm really looking forward to how this develops. I'm a big fan of PVP via economics, trade, and resources- not just pew-pew. The multiverse thing looks cool too!
  7. I am hoping to attend the Austin jam this weekend: http://globalgamejam.org/2015/jam-sites/central-texas-ggj-2015
  8. Carvin' Marvin. From HackMaster. That sword is a flipping amazing plot device and villain. Wikipedia: "Carvin' Marvin", an intelligent artifact-level magic sword who is, unfortunately, completely insane and delights in having his wielder kill and maim anyone nearby and/or themselves. On occasion, however, he can be persuaded to pursue a more useful goal, and on those occasions serves as a very powerful and effective weapon. The last time Marvin was wielded resulted in a clash between him and Tremble, the Hackmaster +12 that had asserted its intent over Dave's character, with the end result that every PC died and Marvin absorbed Tremble's power as his own. Now merely waits at 'Meatgrinder Rock' to lure unsuspecting treasure hunters in and destroy them. What Wikipedia misses there is that Marvin eats souls, and the reason it's insane is that the sword is a composite of all those personalities.
  9. I'm fine with permadeath if there is little or no barrier to entry in the game's main activities. If my newly-minted peasant can sneak up behind a badass and (potentially, if I'm lucky) kill him from behind while he's distracted by something else- fine. If I have to grind for 300 hours to have a "playable" character- hell no. Alternately, something like World of Tank's leveling system might make sense- in this case the player would be leveling a family or clan instead of a single character. So while the specific character is dead, the next doesn't necessarily start from zero- maybe there is some loss (more for longer-lived characters) but you never lose your entire time investment.
  10. I would say that one of the most important ways to limit zerging (as much as it is logical to do so- armies exist for a reason) is to utilize real-ish environmental influences and limits to communication. For instance, a door is a choke point. Skillful defenders should be able to hold that door against a whole mess of less-able attackers for a pretty long time- especially since the bodies of the fallen should be choking the choke point. Mud, terrain, fortifications, etc. should play a much more realistic-ish role than in typical MMOs. History is filled with battles in which a small number held off a much larger force. There are even examples of smaller forces defeating larger forces by using terrain and confusion to effectively attack the large unit in smaller chunks. If these are implemented well in game, large units will have to actually use tactics instead of simply zerging their enemies. Another factor, which has been hinted at, is considerations like food and warmth. It is much easier to feed and house a small force. If being well-fed, rested, and comfortable impacts battles against those who are hungry, tired, and cold/wet/sweltering... that will also tend to limit the practical size of forces deployed afield.
  11. Not to be a total downer, but can these be renamed? Calling anything "Kane" in a game anymore is like waving the white flag at worldsmithing. A number of these others have also been played out as names. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I'd really like to see something original in the setting design and backstory department- these names aren't filling me with hope.
  12. <- Carebear Yes, it's an insult. Then again, my old EVE alliance had a PVP wing where everyone's callsigns were Care Bear names. For some, it's a badge of honor- like this guy that I wish had been in our group: http://youtu.be/ndWUlntJ58U Then again, even as a carebear I'm advocating for a logical, internally consistent world in which PVP can happen pretty much anywhere. The trick is getting away with it. I very much agree that there is a place for such a game in the marketplace, I just haven't seen it done well. I'm really starting to get the idea that Crowfall is intended to be the EVE of fantasy MMOs. If so, I'm hopeful they will learn from CCP's mistakes. After all, there's something really grand about a game in which crafting is an important form of PVP.
  13. I agree. Make it important to protect your crafters. Make NPCs produce basic stuff, better stuff is player-made. That would drive a PVP a economy (like EVE) where PVP means more that just whose swordarm is stronger. It's about resources and leadership and management.
  14. Actually, that's quenching. Tempering is the process of reheating the quenched metal to reduce stress and improve durability. It actually softens the steel. Then again, quenching and tempering only works on steel, not wrought iron. For that you have to cold work it (bench hardening). It's pretty tough to do from what I hear. Real wrought iron is hard to get nowadays.
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