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  1. Zimm


    moonLurk Looks like my Twitch emotes don't work on here.
  2. Yeah I'd like to see them make an important role for each archetype within a group.
  3. I've always maintained that games that left a permanent gap between new players and veteran players were short lived. Why should people play a game that they can never fully catch up in?
  4. Honestly I'm REALLY hoping that they keep gear, and vessels (since to my understanding a vessel is just another piece of equipment) more to suit playstyle and not so much give a large advantage. For example if you like to play defensively you would have gear/vessel that increased health and stamina but you'd do less damage. I would go for something that gave me a large resource pool and perhaps above average recovery so I could sustain in long combat better. I've always preferred gear to have less impact in combat and more so enable you to play how you like to. If CF becomes a game that relies
  5. No joke I've seen the same like 5 to 7 people go around and dislike/post negative comments on Crowfall videos. I think CF will be the go to game for open world PvP on release. Until then, h8rs gonna h8 m8.
  6. Thanks, yeah I was actually pretty excited about EQ Next myself and we had a ton of fun making our own arenas in Landmark but it did fizzle fast! This would be more like practice duels and eventually having a tournament once I thought enough players could compete, it's certainly isn't something I'm planning on in the next test!
  7. Hey guys! Still relatively low total game time here so I'm eager to try classes and abilities out. With the Big World coming in I was hoping to set up a place where we could have organized 1v1s 2v2s so on and so forth to test skills, abilities, archetypes, and hone player skill. Depending on how long the Big World tests last for, and after people are comfortable with more archetypes, I was thinking of possibly setting up a Tournament with a bracket with just a simple prize like a Merchant Pig (free stuff is free stuff right?!?) Anyway I'd love some feedback, I just wanted to reach out to
  8. They could do it easily with an Alliance system, where you could link Guilds as Allies (like in ARK). Simply dropping that alliance would make them prime Targets even in the heat of battle.
  9. I'd hate to see anything enter this game that people would call P2W mostly because of the negative attention that can cause a game. Personally I'll have VIP regardless of what if offers solely to support the Devs, even if it's as is, I'll be happy with it. That being said I've seen people cry P2W over the model that's already in place, but this is only because people are confused about "being able to train 3 archetype skills," at a time, even though it's actually 3 different archetype skill lines, giving someone no advantage in combat. I think they should keep it as is and maybe make it so you
  10. I think the game offers far more options for different play types by not having dropped gear.
  11. I did see all kinds of things like comment filtering but I'm not even going to deal with that stuff. I think when it comes to hate comments I'll try to learn from the ones that are serious and hopefully be able to know when someone is just trolling and ignore it.
  12. Yeah it's actually music I own xD I knew that people could get flagged for stuff like that so I won't use any songs without permission! And I have no idea how to DM on Youtube xD but a couple people have PMd me on here to help me out!
  13. Haha your body was lying in the air too!
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