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  1. I seem to lean towards techy or healing classes (i only realise looking at this list) Astrologian / Machinist - FFXIV Medic / Spellslinger - Wildstar Shaman / Druid - Wow Mesmer / Engineer - GW2 but if I had to pick one. Just one. I'd pick Astrologian, as i have this weird thing about the idea of card based magic. *shakes fist* Damn you Yugioh!
  2. I bought my bundle recently, I wanted to help this game out on anyway i can because I believe in it. My favourite MMO has been in trouble for some time. The company responsible for it was forced to release it about a year too early because that is what the men behind the money wanted. I am tired of games being destroyed before they are even out of the gate by having to bend over backwards to please investors etc. Whatever you have to do to launch the best version of your vision imaginable is more than fine by me. However... People are...sometimes....um....dense. Sometimes decidedly, wantonly, stubbornly dense. The word Beta at this point now means something entirely different to consumers at large, than it does to developers. Beta means to a lot of people FREE DEMO! Instead of testing an incomplete version of the game. So i have no idea how they would react to the term Soft Launch. I dont think you need t change what you are doing, but the terminology maybe could use a rename. That is just my opinion. (Please forgive all the typos. its very late here, and im tired.)
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