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  1. I seem to lean towards techy or healing classes (i only realise looking at this list) Astrologian / Machinist - FFXIV Medic / Spellslinger - Wildstar Shaman / Druid - Wow Mesmer / Engineer - GW2 but if I had to pick one. Just one. I'd pick Astrologian, as i have this weird thing about the idea of card based magic. *shakes fist* Damn you Yugioh!
  2. I bought my bundle recently, I wanted to help this game out on anyway i can because I believe in it. My favourite MMO has been in trouble for some time. The company responsible for it was forced to release it about a year too early because that is what the men behind the money wanted. I am tired of games being destroyed before they are even out of the gate by having to bend over backwards to please investors etc. Whatever you have to do to launch the best version of your vision imaginable is more than fine by me. However... People are...sometimes....um....dense. Sometimes decidedly,
  3. Damn. was reading this thread, minding my own business...tried to think what the promotion could be.... thought of Musketeer...immediately thought of Mouseketeer! (embarassingly) laughed so hard i hit my head on my desk.
  4. Hi. First time posting. I hope there isn't a thread on this already, but i couldn't find one. Maybe its mentioned in a movement thread, I dont know. I just wanted to add Double Jump as a movement idea for the Suggestion Box. I know it seems like a small unimportant thing but I personally have always felt that double jump adds an extra layer to action based games, and is indeed very fun as well. Timing your double jumps and leaps/blinks to cross gaps, Jumping off something and realizing you made a terrible mistake and having that second jump to help you clutch your life from the jaws of
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