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  1. There aren't better words than those already written for such a great person. Will miss you, bud. You were one of the very few special people in these chaotic virtual worlds that could impact not just who we became as players, but people. I am sorry that so many years went by, and all I can do now is offer my most deepest sympathies to your family and friends. Your passing is a tragic loss. A great flame of life and experience was extinguished by your passing. A light and beacon of friendship that shan't be forgotten.
  2. I actually loved the movie. I don't think it had as many plot holes as people think. There are pretty logical explanations to all of the issues, IMO. Wow, it's been a while. Lots to catch up on... Hi.
  3. That's actually a very good and helpful contribution. Keeping things organized is a better way to help than trying to become a forum officer. You should give it a shot and if you find it unsatisfying, then be open about it and step down. IMO, of course.
  4. Mourning.... There's your problem... There was nothing worth saving there! Lies! He is a vandal! Trying to brainwash/kidnap children into The Liar's church traps! He hunts down my kin, to "preserve morality". But all they do is oppress the truth! Off with his head!!!
  5. Good and Evil are man-made constructs. Nature/Reality is neither of these things. It creates, it kills, it rebuilds, it obliterates. Who is to say that what happens in the Cosmos is Good or Evil. Only those with a conscience who have given these actions a name, and deem against their self-interest do. That is just short-sighted selfishness, not Good or Evil. Just like fire. It consumes and converts unworthy matter into light and energy. Some could argue that it turns useless material into the most pure of existence--energy, which is then dissipated into the cosmos from whence it came.
  6. Funny enough the "argument" is related to one of the problems at hand, which is the concept of playing the martyr card to express discontent against the establishment. Some people require moderation and they are either so self deluded or just playing a trollish game to accept it. For example, if someone were to start posting about and linking to real world religious propaganda, this being a gaming site, we should expect that to be removed. That is at the basics of why you need mods. I mean I am just saying' hypothetically stuffs.
  7. Come on, you can do a lot better to explain how you were wrongfully prosecuted, without resorting to personal attacks, false accusations, and real life condemnations. Otherwise, my initial statement stands. You are using self-victimization as a troll tactic, and your game is boringly weak...
  8. Yeah, my sig sucked... Thanks! Up and running.
  9. Actually, by being wrong about the first, the second part of your comment becomes not only invalid, but a personal attack. I don't give your opinion any validity though, so whatever, claim what you will. In any case, I like to RP a religious zealot. It is fun to create a fictional world where I get to burn things, and call people unworthy, and have most get a laugh out of it. Some people don't like to do this in an RP fashion, and try to express it in their real lives. In my opinion, those people are missing out on the beautiful things in life, and are flat out pathetic.
  10. Saludeen should be more specific regarding the type of links he was posting. All I can see is a self-victimization technique used simply to cause more discord. And for the record, I don't like the AnonyMods approach. Everyone else in ACE posts with their real names, or very well known identity, so how is it that the moderators, who should/can also be community representatives are hiding behind anonyminity? When you are open, honest, and fair, you should not fear your community.
  11. I think this is exactly the argument that validates why transparency relating to mod actions is an exciting idea. Say good bye to all the hyperbole mod basing and victim crusades. Also ninja modding gets curbed due to the transparency. The RoC doesn't have to be a SCOTUS clad document, just based on common sense. And the most important factor is for the mods to check their egos at the door. There is still some, seen by whoever it was that posted earlier on this thread, that think that their mod badge gives their opinion weight. I've made that argument before, much more detailed and with
  12. Just make a group for it, which grants access. Make it give you a warning which limits ACE's liability of your sensibilities when you accept. Problem solved.
  13. Omfg he was referring to mod actions, not giving everyone full access to everyone else's accounts. Make a big issue about nothing, will y'all?
  14. Getting infracted isn't private in the real world either though. If anyone crosses the RL line then there should be no mercy, since that is flat out idiotic.
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