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    Burning the wicked and the weak.
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  1. There aren't better words than those already written for such a great person. Will miss you, bud. You were one of the very few special people in these chaotic virtual worlds that could impact not just who we became as players, but people. I am sorry that so many years went by, and all I can do now is offer my most deepest sympathies to your family and friends. Your passing is a tragic loss. A great flame of life and experience was extinguished by your passing. A light and beacon of friendship that shan't be forgotten.
  2. Confessors aren't usually the melee sort. Also, not big on armor. More like a fire based DPS with support capabilities which (at least in Shadowbane) made them excellent fun toons to play as you could be self-sufficient, assist with some group support, but then step to the front of the line and blow things away.
  3. It's OK to request to have your points removed if they were given to you before the expiration timer was setup on the boards. It is not OK to bash the staff or try to debate your way out of a Warning here. Please email support@crowfall.com if you need something reviewed. Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately, the OP is mistaken. Many have tried to explain the facts, but to no avail. Posting just to bash the project with false assumptions could be considered posting with negative intent, but we'll just assume that there was some communication reception issues here. Not much left to discuss in this topic, so closing this thread.
  5. I both love and hate the SB community. But they are mine to judge and purge of sin, no one else's. And death to all elves lovers. With fire.
  6. Another elf-lover.... Just what we need... I guess more kindle for the fire... Hallo.
  7. This thread is full of nope... I'm lighting a torch, brb.
  8. Confess your forum sins to me! I promise I will not hold them against you when I am not logged in.
  9. Natural state much? OOOOOOOOooOoOOooOOoOOhhhhhhhhh! Sorry, burn.
  10. Moderators got no cookies. I will set something on fire. Probably someone's account. Someone that starts with a c and ends with a k.
  11. Confessors are all that matter. I will not play anything else.
  12. If I see them, I'll try to merge them. Honestly though, I rather just let them fall to the bottom of the pile as new ones take their place. After all, people arguing about semantics and speculation is what these forums are for right now. If people keep a conversation going, then meh, why bother with it.
  13. I'm concerned that y'all are making me concerned. Fire.
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