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  1. OF course there is a reason not to do this, It allows for the ideals of those who want to farm the game for all its valuable pixels to have weight in the decisions made to progress the game. I don't believe there is a great way of catering to both sides personally.
  2. My guess on the hidden character is a satyr or faun. half man half goat.
  3. these "ladies" would have your game turned into a "romance novel" by the sounds of things.
  4. Thank God! In reference to hearing more about sieges from the Shadowbane folks they are what made Shadowbane standout different from every other game in the mmo world. The world in which what you do and say to your opponent directly affect you, is one i want to be apart of.
  5. your opting for key control combat , instead of build / strategy play this is a failed idea.
  6. Let us hope that this game has all the skill elements and build options Shadowbane had to offer. If that's the case i know an entire community looking to jump ship.
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