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  1. Spying will almost certainly be a thing in every part of this game. Get used to the idea. Start working on countermeasures tactics for it. If you play like a clueless idiot, you will probably die like a clueless idiot.
  2. I don't want to rain on the OP's parade but as a game being published by a small and new indie studio, even if Crowfall has the most mind blowing features of any game in the history of the universe for all time it probably isn't going to change or save the mmorpg genre. Why? Because a small studio won't have the resources to market the game widely. Blizzard became the 800 pound gorilla it did because it excelled at marketing and had the budget to make sure that when they put out a new game, you heard about it constantly. I've mentioned Crowfall to friends and colleagues and none of them had ev
  3. I am planning on that being my bread and butter.
  4. Your logic destroys my arguement for farming basic wood and turning it into legendaries. You make me haz a sads.
  5. What if there was a +stealth bubble around the gates that extended out far enough that you would need 3-4 characters on each one to see all the way around it? Let them sit right on the gates all they want, they would never see anyone else unless they went farther out. I'm sure it would have issues of it's own but if the main purpose of gate camping is to see when people are there, wouldn't the easiest fix be to stop that directly? EVE Online has been mentioned a couple of times and this was part of the solution that CCP came up with to address the matter, a built in stealth after you jum
  6. I had a dude steal 3 billion isk worth of stuff in eve. we ended up talking him into giving half of it back, then he wardecced us to kill all of our citadels solo, then he finally deleted his character when that didn't work. good times.
  7. resurrecting this post. we're looking for people again.
  8. good to know. thank you for posting this.
  9. he did say they're somewhat casual. though a 2 year gap seems more than somewhat to me.
  10. we've blown through the 700k views mark, just under a month after the above post. go us.
  11. we have passed 600,000 views now. yay and stuff.
  12. a new permanent guild website will be going up later today. link will be available for those interested.
  13. i agree with this sentiment. i just hope this newest group of SB players doesn't try to make CF in to SB2. crowfall is crowfall, treat it accordingly.
  14. 500,000 views mark surpassed for this thread
  15. as i've said before it's not a guild. if someone wants to come make a guild called that, that's cool too. my guild is in my signature and it isn't dreadlords. regardless it won't change my trying to make this a thing as well. as for what happened in some other game that really has zero relevance to crowfall. i never knew the group you apparently have a hard on for to judge whether or not they were "the real deal", and honestly if they aren't a crowfall entity they don't concern me. show me their paperwork showing that dreadlords is trademarked and i won't use it. until then kindly kick rocks.
  16. the butt hurt is strong in this one.
  17. A (temporary) guild website and (permanent) discord server have gone online with the new year. These will be provided to prospective members interested in joining. Happy belated new year!
  18. Doobie Brothers - Nobody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3GBT1bGIV4 Corrosion of Conformity - Shelter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEqt8f4KQTs
  19. this reminds me of that one time when a lfg post turned in to people telling war stories.
  20. i apologize for the delay in response, holidays and all. we would be happy to have you join us if you're still interested.
  21. don't expect balancing to make every class balanced either. it's pretty well known they won't be.
  22. i recommend path of exile. it's been keeping me busy.
  23. EVE isn't pay to win, because dumping $10,000 into it doesn't ensure you will win. it only ensures you'll have a blinged out killmail when you finally die. EVE is more pay to be able to get on a level playing field with the big boys faster. not necessary to do, and only marginally beneficial. you can't buy talent or skill. those can only be earned through practice. crowfall will be no different.
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