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    Hey Silberfunken, schau mal in deinem Account und schau mal ob du den Alpha oder Beta Group 1/2/3 Access Entitlement hast das Pferd ist kostenlos und nicht reduziert das Backerpaket war reduziert ... wenn nicht einmal eine email an support@crowfall.com dann bekommst du den ganz schnell probier auch den link aus https://crowfall.com/client/ (den kennst du aber schon war scheinlich=
  2. source ? would be a too hard nerf for knight aswell it only makes CC more OP
  3. My Suggestion for the Harvestingsystem would be to add the weakspot mechanic of the assassin in harvesting and let harvester move arround a note. if the mechanic wouldnt fit, a cast of a aoe field, cursed by the Tree (based on the harvester lvl)(prog), that gives the player, who stays in the field, 100% crit for a short time, could fit aswell. Its not that annoying to aim on a special point (Fortnite) everytime and also motivates harvesters to move and look arround. so i would prefer the Buff on one reason that if u harvest with multiple ppl the crit place could be really full ;D also with that mechanic u could prevent harvesters for chatting while harvesting
  4. Crafter's Trademark?

    Put it in the name ?
  5. Wer ist aktiv?

    lol kraahk keine falschen Dinge erklären die aktiviste Gilde ist immer noch Caldera und besitzt auch fast 40% anteil an deutschprachigen Mitgliedern
  6. Why Dev

    Dont try to kill the gods
  7. Game constantly crashes

    Hey Guys, this forum is for Website Related Bugs. If u want help send an email with your dxdiag to Support@Crowfall.com. They are really fast
  8. QWERTZ Keyboard Configuration

    QWERTZ user here im planing with the normal key configuration, its more helpfull for the other users
  9. CC Problem

    Knockdown, Stun, Knock up Root, Supress, Blind
  10. @Pann thank you for the write up i really like the whole system, but it needs some adjustments in the combat sector because it shouldnt be allowed to train amor and weapons at the same time. Question: What happend with the Siege and Stealthed tree ?
  11. U need 72 hours of over training or ? So no progress for me. How is doing that only for a other dude. It's like u are crashing your car to repair the other
  12. @Scorn so a tome has only a one time usage ? On only one skill ?
  13. Yeah but gives u a tome 100% ? @Tinnis or only time for that skill that u are working like: I have a skill harvesting ore copper (blentiful) that I started it now and it takes 12 days to completely finish. When I'm using a tome did I finish it completely or can I decide how many time I want invest. And what happened with the rest time ? Can I go to the next spell ? Need the training with a tome the same time like normal training or longer ?
  14. Can u write down something to the tome machanic didn't get that system sorry was showing up later
  15. Die server sollten nach dem Patch wieder da sein