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  1. Well as im leaning more to the MOBA side, i have to say Crowfall is not nearly a MOBA. Its more an Insult than everything else. I think what crowfall needs is more Strategic gameplay and a better seasonal economy loop like: Spring framing, Winter hot spot for fighting. Mechanics like the Hungerfog should be implemented in Campaigns aswell. Outposts have to be more meaning full. Imports are just not needed. The Map should be rescale on the size of players active joined, maybe to signing in for upcomming campaigns.
  2. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). EU Times are not that great, due to summer time change, move it back 1 hour. How do you like the variance with the Campaign cards is there anything you'd like to see different with them? i would like to see them removed from winning an campaign and just as bonus activity. Do you like the Campaigns combined or NA / EU separate and why? i prefer sparated, but the populations seems to low for it, its still the problem that 75% of the population is sitting in infected or Godsreach. What was your
  3. seems a bit weird since a fight can go from 2 vs 3 to 1 vs 3 but the 3 could be low hp and even change fast to a 1 vs 2. You eleminate nice come backs with that rule
  4. if its the old one 500 blackmantle block 500 healing
  5. @Dvalin mostlikely yes, the change just came last patch on the request on of the eu playerbase. We can basicly request when ever we want the eu campaigns back it just got lonely on the servers
  6. Nice post are you guys EU or NA based ?
  7. The first Dregs on Live is over and already a new has spun into motion - which we of course is taking part in! I want to toss out a special thanks to KDS for helping us out with harvesting and crafting. We had a great time having you under our banner, especially impressive were the large fights which are somewhat unusual for Europe.Thanks to the whole EU Community and Russians for providing the blood and gore of these fights. My first couple of months in Caldera is coming to a close. While it has not been the easiest one, it took us time and sweat to get our gears working. Lastly, I want
  8. should i really highlight a normal monster ? im okay with bosses and other enemies but the guards in the temple shouldnt scout NPC monsters
  9. Thank you for the fights and motivation to improve crowfall over the years, I hope you guys find the game that you looking for. Otherwise crowfall is still waiting for you
  10. https://imgur.com/a/55kRcu5 the kill embari Champion / knight Campain card is bugged we (horizon) killed only 50 and get points for it
  11. we started with flower power into the 5.110 Dregs test specially thats to our recruites: @Angelhearth, @Norwod , @DemonPudding, @Freshly , @Zastier , @Worper for picking power and fighting with us.
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