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  1. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    Partwise yes, but mainly because the game is player driven and we are still missing alot of core elements. Also there are alot of players arround that have nice ideas but Crowfall has no time ;). So they listen only partwise, which lowers also the motivation to play crowfall. But I think most of the players are just tired, which leads to be bored. No, because i want to test and help Crowfall so reasearching and testing stuff for the sucess For players some players it might be just collecting stuff for nothing and that takes sooooo long. No i love the dedicated endgame, but basic fights sucks ... Like my awenser round about 8 month ago nope when u asked a similar question. maybe leather and the mothernode ressources are too time consuming. (because they changed) YES it is poor game mechanics and no balance leads to boring pvp After all im still happy with crowfall but looking at the past there are some changes which lead to some boring stuff. Specially the Class Race split was just a waste of time ... I was thinking Crowfall is a game where i can create my own character which fits to my playstyle ... missing that part alot
  2. FEEDBACK: pls adjust the aiming system both melee and ranged need adjustments. melee is just to Inaccurate and ranged is not to accurate / to much forgiving happens alot if u to close to an enemy it ignores the closed enemy .... we need 2 diffrent types of aiming / adjustments. 1 for melee and 1 for ranged. atm its just feels that both have the same aiming type
  3. Die Beschreibrung wurde viel frueher erstellt. Und wurde daher nicht geupdatet und wird nach meinen Erwartungen bis zum softlaunch oder realease auch nicht solche versprechen / detailierte angaben haben. Da die Entwickler schon mit iherer Kickstarterkampagne genug versprochen haben, was sie warscheinlich nicht einhalten koennen. Die andere seite ist, wie du schon im vorrigen posts herraus gefunden hast, kann es leicht fuer rechtliche dinge ausgenutzt werden , wenn sie es doch mal aendern wollen.
  4. yeah but i only get this bug when i log in and then i have to go to skill tree and make a new vessel then my stats are back again btw have that bug again //edit ok did the same way and the stats are not going back to normal https://imgur.com/a/9bIOs
  5. some weird stuff is doing on with stats, it happend now 2 times that my stat bonuses (skill training) (*racial bonus works) are not showing on my vessel. just logged in and had no bonuses. - fist what i did was removing gear doesn't helped. - then removing disciplines. - restarted the game. - then chaning vessel doesnt helped - changed class still the same. - changed race - went in skill tree changed queue. creating a new vessel was fixing it, after skill tree queue change. https://imgur.com/a/lUDu1
  6. I was thinking when Res in crowfall, should be an c ability or at least a chargeable attack... Because c heal abilities save life for sure as well But for sure Res will break the combat even more
  7. Well, hello ;p

  8. Assassin Worst Solo Class?

    Dont forget the old templar ;D
  9. Crafting

    Fort oder Keep also nicht die startbasis / Beachhead
  10. Viel spaß in Crowfall ps Softlauch ist nicht im Februar für fragen rundum Crowfall stehe ich gerne zu Verfügung
  11. Horizon | [EU]

    Our member @Drakonil is streaming from day to day crowfall https://www.twitch.tv/drakosgamezone
  12. nobody could merge all eks together ... also it will helps the performance on your pc alot
  13. @cremdalacrem elken sounds nice but its only on one ear ....