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  1. Crippling Posion dosnt get shown as a buff on the character nor with spirit dart nor with Envenom What is the diffrence betweeen Crippling and Slowing Poison ?
  2. Deadly Posion dmg number dosnt fit with tool tip ( does target dummies have poison midigation ?) the posion dmg get way lower midigated than the bleed on the dummies test on a elk gets the tool tip number the bleed on tool tipp is lower but on test way higher ??!
  3. Ricochet of the Duellist is not Stackable with Spirit Whip ? bug ? if not please add a note to it. nvm its says in the patch notes ...
  4. yeah its a mouse over power desciption in the talent tree. dunno if they are the same as the spellbook text or a short variant. if you give me more detailed information on what you guys need or want to check, I would give you a report. Most likely the translators have no access to the game, which makes game translation really hard. edit some parts of the translations feel like beeing translated by google translate, most of the time because of the missing game context. This is an existing problem in most crowfall translations no matter the language. The Glossary of translated words in crowfall is sadly not consistent. Also, @MiracleMax could you focus on the translation of the tutorial?
  5. @MiracleMax the lobby / menu seems no change the talent tree seems to have the right abilities now displayed but the text it self are still bad and have alot of errors in it. Example :
  6. DravoiX


    @mxtt du kannst jeder zeit zwischen allen servern wechseln
  7. kann sein das durch die ganze Überlastung ein fehler dort passiert ist. Und ja der Support ist Weltklasse
  8. Du hast wahrscheinlich alle angenommen die Items befinden sich nun in der Account bank (vault/ Gewölbe)
  9. DravoiX


    Ich war auf eu 3 bin Level 30 und kümmere mich gerade um meinen crafter char
  10. practice dummies in ek and in the temple have diffrent bleed midigation refernece one post up
  11. shrapnel bleed tick isnt matching the displayed tooltip dmg number. it should tick the same dmg as long live the fighter
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