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  1. Dust cleaning We are still active and still playing Balance
  2. awesome job how did u made the overlay ?
  3. Devotion with upgrade of the paladin promotion is still not healing you forgot also vendors
  4. Guess, since travian left, the eu support left aswell. its a really nice time for watching an stream.
  5. Profound devotion from the paladin makes devotion not healing anymore
  6. @srathor U didn't stole from Cal you stole from mine xD I made that sheet in 2017 January with my first guild. The colouring came from there, the green stats are marked because I found them useful . And I stole some names of the bar for a other sheet that's why some bar names where greenish grayish. We stole also alot from a guy called something DXaltair. In the end the list landed on panns resources site under a other name xD.
  7. Ich denke das die deutsche Community einfach leider nicht aktiv genug ist um eine Lokalisierung zu finanzieren. Zudem kommen die News ja auch um Mitternacht das bedeutet die Übersetzung würde ca 4 Tage später kommen
  8. why dont u run a replace over the your / you ?
  9. Can u pls check on your new version seems it got sorted which mixed your backend
  10. shouldnt be the other harvesting majors like villain and foreman also be on the vendor otherwise we still gate gems and minerals for noobs
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