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  1. as far as i know the stream controller works only with steam games. but yeah you can try using the exe under Download
  2. Awesome changes Thank the Devs and specially the Dev Partners ps. I dont know how the white vendor is feeling / why not grey / color less ?
  3. They don't even work on flat ground ...
  4. the Barrage and Supression shot skill from the ranger are bugged and not landing on the ground anymore
  5. Suche eine Gilde

    Dann sind die northlanders deine Wahl. CFC is ne Community dort kannst du auch bissle was erfahren.
  6. Everhoid here!

    how did you found crowfall ? What did you played before ? Are your plans in Crowfall ? Are you from NA ?
  7. Everhoid here!

    welcome to crowfall
  8. Horizon | [EU]

    Shameless bump to show that we are still active
  9. Suche eine Gilde

    deutschsprachig ? und was ist dir wichtig ?
  10. Hello folks,my name is Pyro!

    Welcome Pyro ;3 nice picture btw ;D Have fun in crowfall and dont get burned out so easily
  11. Dear Yanni

    Dont forget the retaliate which heals u on cc
  12. Murder of Crows AMA

    The better question which community members did you meet in real life and where?
  13. Murder of Crows AMA

    I would like to meet @Tinnis everytime when we talked or he is writing something. I imagine him as a 18 years old nerd looking like Sheldon from big bang.( I know that he is older) #nohate
  14. Final Combine for Vessels is a winner!

    just watched the vod have to say removing sheen is soooooo nice hope we see the sheen split up also in other final combines awesome change designers
  15. stealthbug is back ? ( after going stealth still players can see you) https://clips.twitch.tv/DarkArborealWeaselBatChest?tt_medium=create