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  1. we need cooldowns on forts or timeframes. I really hate running in cycles ;(
  2. Horizon | [EU]

    we (balance) won the last campagin and also leading the current one. here is a screenshot from the last one nearly at the end
  3. Seems like it's not for EU ?
  4. Horizon | [EU]

    Horizon is prepared for 5.8, we got over 35 members in ONE year. I met really nice and interesting persons. And I'm really happy and proud of every person which is part of our Guild. Thx to everyone that followed me over this year
  5. groupleader picture is bugged a wonderful fae dodge
  6. Woodworking has directly the Composite Reflex bow unlocked
  7. first its feedback to an class that might need it. you wont be able to switch from 2 because both of them use Hate Wrong the ultimate worrior that WE KNOW is a HATRED skill this skil that yumx showing says it requiers SOULPOWER => Ultimate yes for ultimates its fine but not for a NORMAL ability, and might even to equip too can make a post like this valid. But i would test more there are so freaky things in the new talent tree the only thing that we can discuss is that is it really has to be a 500 soul power abillity why
  8. How can we expect to switch vessels in a running campaign without creating a new one ? Will be class switching in a campaign still possible ? What is about the level of a vessel is that bound to the version in the lobby ?
  9. Horizon | [EU]

    @MushukeSure just join our discord and poke me
  10. So for which points did you came for crowfall ? I specifically had a great time back at 5.2 when the discipline where new. And I were in caldera with around 35+ members and a working crafting chain in the guild. I came for in deep character creation.(with a lot min maxing) and choices. (quite in) Strategic and tactical gameplay (Outpost are nice, but we will see more in 5.8 with the campaign) But what I really wanted was to compete with other guilds with my guild and kick them out of the world and be the last guild standing, which is in my opinion still possible so I still hope for crowfall
  11. There is no mmo that really supports large fights, without lags. Even then BR games can't go over 100. With a simpler game. We will see how 5.8 works and the splitting in different servers work, because in my eyes a 30 Vs 30 without lags is possible on a server with nothing else
  12. Heavy weapons seems to have no experimentation also pistol main hand seems missing ? video 8:16 also an discord question:
  13. Guild Presentation

    Friendly fire in the Dregs is unlikely. There are no announced differences between the Dregs and Shadows, so I can't imagine why one would be better than the other. i think it will just a diffrent in joining (balance wise) guilds will be 30+ players while Dregs will be maybe online 5 players can join a campaign at the same time and that you can group up in the campaign
  14. Patch of Darkness

    like a smoke bomb that stays in a aoe field ? the mechanics are there. because blind is a debuff, debuffs can put on aoe spells. now the thing is can the blind be the whole time aslong the player stands in the smoke / blind dunno if the tech is there. but should be the Campfire mechanic that gives a debuff with the duration of 2 sec think that could be interesting for rangers and duellist aswell