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Posts posted by DravoiX

    • Combat and gameplay flow
      fake trees are anoying
      monsters feel abit to squishy and respawn faster which is sometimes good but, u have to space to rest.
      monsters deal good dmg, but its easly to kill monster that are 7 levels above u.
    • Progression of new characters from levels 1-25
      2hours to level 20 without sacrefising and a 3 man group ;)
    • Frostweaver gameplay and mechanics
      played abit of frostguard, in general the vfx feel abit to ... much
      love the short cool downs on the dmg spells
      jake of all trades


  1. 48 minutes ago, Tronk said:

    I'm getting an issue where the game keeps rejecting my 2FA token.  I open the test launcher and log in without a problem.  I use the launcher to start the game, and it fails login and puts me to the in game login page.  I try logging in there, and it tells me "Forbidden - Invalid Login Token".

    test is down ;) for updating to the new version if u wanna play please use the Live Launcher


  2. 1 hour ago, Waterdrops said:

    . As said before, it will be mainly focused on PvP content, but, it is also said that the materials are acquired trough mob drops. My doubt is, how do players go about it? Party expeditions or solo runs? The game is more about party play or solo? Or perhaps it has a well balanced flow?

    Depends if and what guild you are joining, with some classes you can get a good speed of farming monsters. But the game is more about party / guild play. 

    1 hour ago, Waterdrops said:

    . I´ve seen the description of the content of the packages. Is it really a necessity or a good deal those items of buildings?

    Not necessary nor a good deal you can get the buildings by crafting in-game


    1 hour ago, Waterdrops said:

    . I don't really have a fixed time for gameplay, will any guild be willing to take me in? While my time is irregular I would love to take part in the progress and growth of a guild, get to know better those who I will be playing with and make some good friends if possible.

    If you can't join the sieges ( I think both are 21:00 CT and CET) your PvP experience will be quite less.

    But there are guilds which could need you.

  3. they had an Sydney server in the past but it was not enough used. ACE is also using AWS so they can book servers on demand, the chance is also there if the player base is increased to get a campaign server for OCE after launch. Keep in mind the while testing the player base is small.


  4. Blaming marketing is quite harsh since Debby Sue is allready a year there and most QA / Streams were way better before Quality and Question wise. We had awesome streams with @vkromas , @ShadowLion, @Melissa which prepared them self before and after a Stream. What (most of us) just want is interaction with the Developers. But most of the content feels like 0815 auto generated reused content most of the time.  I played multiple games for a long time even if i hadn't fun with the game it self. Alot of players feel aboned which is their right, because a community isnt really existing only some "players" that want to shine through.

    I hope that ACE will  realise that we dont need a Q&A everytime with Todd or Blair, with the right setup everybody(even @ACE_JackalBark NO PERSONAL ATTACK just picked a person) of the ACE team could make a wonderful interaction with the community.

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