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  1. DL is not way to weak, i love the weaker DL because some enemys don't run out of it.

    But like the 2 above us the parry DMG is to high specially if i are in the loop of parries u don't wanna get 12-16k DMG

    I would see a little more DMG on the auto attack because with 2,0-2,5k we are nearly 2 k weaker then legio and knight

    Also without parry the Templar can't kill one


    Totally agree with @mrmoneda


  2. Weekly Templar Bug:

    - Templar can hit now Dead bodies and getting pips with devine light

    - Templar 3,3 execute dosnt work right sometimes on 40% health and pressing the key 3 times it hits 3 times doing the first hit twice

    //old Jump dosn't hit sometimes should be a tick problem with the server :)

    // old Cant move backwards with equiped weapon

  3. Templar is hitting twice with the 2, 3 (execute), 4 (divine light) and rmb e (pairy) (appeared this patch 4.6)

    Templar cant move back  with weapon is equiped on some envoiment (4.5)

    stuns applies sometime wrong without lags or sometimes not at all (4.5)

    (not a bug ) but should be devine light blockable ? causes wierd matchups against templar and knights


  4. So.... wir testen immer noch ;)

    Derzeit sind wir 11 Mitglieder und suchen immer noch mehr !

    Wenn ihr farmen wollt und in der Chaos-Fraktion seid, schaut doch von 19-21 Uhr vorbei dort bauen wir gemeinsam alle Rohstoffe ab.

    Danach startet das Gemetzel ;) diese werden auch Aufgenommen schaut einfach beim lieben Drakonil vorbei.


    Sehe euch auf dem Schlachtfeld


  5. @damebix on the secound vid, 1 grp was prepared to logout and some others did some training .... so nothing special ;)
    Another thing is that we (CFC) splited up in 2 channels and (like tinnis said) we barely know each others.

    The BIG fact is that was our biggest fight atm and for some guys the frist fight with 2 groups. So we are a bunch of noobs :D:D:D


    But yeah u killed us on the secound fight ;)


    After all i had alot of fun visit us again on EU ;D

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