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  1. like a smoke bomb that stays in a aoe field ? the mechanics are there. because blind is a debuff, debuffs can put on aoe spells. now the thing is can the blind be the whole time aslong the player stands in the smoke / blind dunno if the tech is there. but should be the Campfire mechanic that gives a debuff with the duration of 2 sec think that could be interesting for rangers and duellist aswell
  2. Still growing Still active Still awesome! also it was nice to meet and work with the members at Gamescom
  3. When i want to click on the the Notification that i got invited this error pop's up so i will live with notification of my invite ( im the Guildleader) which i cant remove
  4. XD thank you for that informative answer Look in this thread, it's already known If nothing helps write support@crowfall.com
  5. If you just go by the Default class with out Disciplines the Cleric has till a way better healing set as the druid. I liked the legionnaire for beening melee with better healing single target (as the druid) and an RISK to go melee to reduce armor / kicking players away AND RECHARGING RAGE. (also still i loved the movent speed buff) it was usefull if a player runs a way you could catch him. The Cleric is just COMPLEX (ironie) Design. A Druid or a Legionnaire was still able to do other stuff expect healing a cleric only can Heal !!! A Cleric that goes out of mana will help none but yeah ... it makes also no fun to play see Confessor ...
  6. Tuesday 21th of august till Saturday 25th of august
  7. as far as i know the stream controller works only with steam games. but yeah you can try using the exe under Download
  8. Awesome changes Thank the Devs and specially the Dev Partners ps. I dont know how the white vendor is feeling / why not grey / color less ?
  9. Dann sind die northlanders deine Wahl. CFC is ne Community dort kannst du auch bissle was erfahren.
  10. how did you found crowfall ? What did you played before ? Are your plans in Crowfall ? Are you from NA ?
  11. welcome to crowfall
  12. Shameless bump to show that we are still active
  13. deutschsprachig ? und was ist dir wichtig ?
  14. Welcome Pyro ;3 nice picture btw ;D Have fun in crowfall and dont get burned out so easily
  15. The better question which community members did you meet in real life and where?
  16. I would like to meet @Tinnis everytime when we talked or he is writing something. I imagine him as a 18 years old nerd looking like Sheldon from big bang.( I know that he is older) #nohate
  17. just watched the vod have to say removing sheen is soooooo nice hope we see the sheen split up also in other final combines awesome change designers
  18. Would recommend my guild but my guild is empty. So your only option is caldera.
  19. I don't know how to formulate that better, but i didn't expected the world generator so early. I was really thinking that crowfall will start with hand made worlds. And then starting maybe then when the first campaign starts. Specially because out of my experience hand made maps have some special love To the video i can just say thank you for sharing that with us specially seeing todd so passioned about the topic was really fun to watch. @jtoddcoleman will roads provide us some bonuses ? otherwise making cells just for hills is kinda time consuming or ? (most of the players will not run on way if there are no real bonuses) Also what is about water ? to use boats for deeper water so we need only one anmation (simpler animation) and could use the mounting system. they could be avaible on diffrent spots where you only can leave and enter a boat.
  20. @Pann are we allowed to tag all ?What are the tags for Akshey, thommy(Bentley) and Susi? Otherwise would also nice if u just can collect some answers from the bussy programmers. Would love to hear how the new guys are feeling after some month of working. But having heard anything on the forum from them, so I don't know there forum names. Who is sitting next to whom?in the office? Who is coming to Gamescom this year? Also what are you playing at the moment? Specially @thomasblair and Mark don't even know the name of mark halash xD I kinda miss max and the buggy streams xD
  21. hey, can pls confirm that players dont get any notification on the website when the get invited. so they cant join any guild anymore ? just had this error with my newest members.
  22. we could maybe submit next weekend but yeah its alot of stuff todo
  23. In my eyes the health pool change was the main cause why the champion is so strong now % heal and a lot of health .... good idea .. also he is now a tank / best tank in game. in that position where the templar should be high health and good heals ... sorry im not a big fan that all fighters have the same HP ..
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