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  1. Would recommend my guild but my guild is empty. So your only option is caldera.
  2. I don't know how to formulate that better, but i didn't expected the world generator so early. I was really thinking that crowfall will start with hand made worlds. And then starting maybe then when the first campaign starts. Specially because out of my experience hand made maps have some special love To the video i can just say thank you for sharing that with us specially seeing todd so passioned about the topic was really fun to watch. @jtoddcoleman will roads provide us some bonuses ? otherwise making cells just for hills is kinda time consuming or ? (most of the players will not run on way if there are no real bonuses) Also what is about water ? to use boats for deeper water so we need only one anmation (simpler animation) and could use the mounting system. they could be avaible on diffrent spots where you only can leave and enter a boat.
  3. @Pann are we allowed to tag all ?What are the tags for Akshey, thommy(Bentley) and Susi? Otherwise would also nice if u just can collect some answers from the bussy programmers. Would love to hear how the new guys are feeling after some month of working. But having heard anything on the forum from them, so I don't know there forum names. Who is sitting next to whom?in the office? Who is coming to Gamescom this year? Also what are you playing at the moment? Specially @thomasblair and Mark don't even know the name of mark halash xD I kinda miss max and the buggy streams xD
  4. hey, can pls confirm that players dont get any notification on the website when the get invited. so they cant join any guild anymore ? just had this error with my newest members.
  5. we could maybe submit next weekend but yeah its alot of stuff todo
  6. In my eyes the health pool change was the main cause why the champion is so strong now % heal and a lot of health .... good idea .. also he is now a tank / best tank in game. in that position where the templar should be high health and good heals ... sorry im not a big fan that all fighters have the same HP ..
  7. Alot of stuff happend and some new changes are comming soon keep an eye on our guild post
  8. I think it's a reasonable wall of advanced gameplay, you need high tools and at least 3 ppl, where 2 ppl are skilltrained and the third the just hitting with a the hammer to get the pips even when he does no DMG he get pips to reduce the armour. I really like the change with5.5 and the cave so you have atleast 3 to 4 ppl with you to protect you against the monsters as well and harvesting. The fourth guy is skinning and clearing the way most of the time. We harvesting so fast that the mothernodes are too less to just harvest them I would love to find more mothernodes or again the small nodes around them it just enough to have a full rotation when you want harvest. The waiting for resources is way more annoying. The armour system is also on the small notes and foreman just lower the armour to a single person note. Also harvesting leadership is nice so u don't have to use the mining discipline. I have to say I wasn't a big fan of it either before 5.5 but with the adventure parcels it feels like every person even fighters have a task when in that caves If you can't break through armour it plays an other sound maybe alter even an other animation but that is just fancy stuff. After all I have to say in 5.5 I was seeing the first time an use full high end group activity in crowfall. Also pls don't forget that necromancy and jewelry are end game crafting professions
  9. Partwise yes, but mainly because the game is player driven and we are still missing alot of core elements. Also there are alot of players arround that have nice ideas but Crowfall has no time ;). So they listen only partwise, which lowers also the motivation to play crowfall. But I think most of the players are just tired, which leads to be bored. No, because i want to test and help Crowfall so reasearching and testing stuff for the sucess For players some players it might be just collecting stuff for nothing and that takes sooooo long. No i love the dedicated endgame, but basic fights sucks ... Like my awenser round about 8 month ago nope when u asked a similar question. maybe leather and the mothernode ressources are too time consuming. (because they changed) YES it is poor game mechanics and no balance leads to boring pvp After all im still happy with crowfall but looking at the past there are some changes which lead to some boring stuff. Specially the Class Race split was just a waste of time ... I was thinking Crowfall is a game where i can create my own character which fits to my playstyle ... missing that part alot
  10. Die Beschreibrung wurde viel frueher erstellt. Und wurde daher nicht geupdatet und wird nach meinen Erwartungen bis zum softlaunch oder realease auch nicht solche versprechen / detailierte angaben haben. Da die Entwickler schon mit iherer Kickstarterkampagne genug versprochen haben, was sie warscheinlich nicht einhalten koennen. Die andere seite ist, wie du schon im vorrigen posts herraus gefunden hast, kann es leicht fuer rechtliche dinge ausgenutzt werden , wenn sie es doch mal aendern wollen.
  11. I was thinking when Res in crowfall, should be an c ability or at least a chargeable attack... Because c heal abilities save life for sure as well But for sure Res will break the combat even more
  12. Dont forget the old templar ;D
  13. DravoiX


    Fort oder Keep also nicht die startbasis / Beachhead
  14. Viel spaß in Crowfall ps Softlauch ist nicht im Februar für fragen rundum Crowfall stehe ich gerne zu Verfügung
  15. Our member @Drakonil is streaming from day to day crowfall https://www.twitch.tv/drakosgamezone
  16. nobody could merge all eks together ... also it will helps the performance on your pc alot
  17. @cremdalacrem elken sounds nice but its only on one ear ....
  18. waaas mein discord ist nicht öde....
  19. the longest stun is 6sec ... but i think stun and knockdown are equal ...
  20. Hey willkommen Miata Schon probiert es als Admin auszuführen ? Ansonsten Support@Crowfall.com Mfg
  21. DravoiX


    hey Epicnexus, erstmal gab es dazu heute ein News beitrag ;D ich verlinke dir ihn https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/graphics-settings-how-to/ zweitens: wie sieht deine Hardware aus ? Drittens eine Alpha ist dafür da um Content und den Game Cycle fertig zustellen das Optimieren und Balance findet im Beta prozess statt. Wir befinden uns derzeit in der PRE-ALPHA MFG DravoiX
  22. also Schlachten kannste jetzt schon haben und Gilden sind auch schon da
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