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  1. 4 hours ago, Soulreaver said:

    What if the assassin had a discipline called Patch of Darkness, creating a field of “blind” - scalable with how many pips are invested.

    like a smoke bomb that stays in a aoe field ?
    the mechanics are there.
    because blind is a debuff, debuffs can put on aoe spells.
    now the thing is can the blind be the whole time aslong the player stands in the smoke / blind dunno if the tech is there.
    but should be the Campfire mechanic that gives a debuff with the duration of 2 sec

    think that could be interesting for rangers and duellist aswell

  2. If you just go by the Default class with out Disciplines the Cleric has till a way better healing set as the druid. I liked the  legionnaire for beening melee with better healing single target (as the druid) and an RISK to go melee to reduce armor / kicking players away AND RECHARGING RAGE. (also still i loved the movent speed buff) it was usefull if a player runs a way you could catch him.
    The Cleric is just COMPLEX (ironie) Design. A Druid or a Legionnaire was still able to do other stuff expect healing a cleric only can Heal !!!
    A Cleric that goes out of mana will help none but yeah ... it makes also no fun to play see Confessor ...

  3. 1 hour ago, PopeUrban said:

    First it was the face of a ten year old. Then it was the doofy pompadour. Now you've gone too far.

    Whoever is in charge of male wood elf art, please go back and check your references. You screwed up.


    Top: Medium armor chestpiece on a male wood elf (Ranger) in game

    Bottom: Medium Armor on a male wood elf (Druid) on the front page of this site.


    How you can nail it so perfectly on the female model and be so far off base on the male model is beyond me. He looks like a human making fun of a wood elf. Like "Hey bill, look what I did to my armor, lol I'm an elf!" and bill is all like "Dangit dave take that crap off we have a war to fight, quit screwing around."


    i have to say i like the Armor plate and mail
    of cause it not fit to the old DRUID art but yeah still like it also its a little bit late to say it now because the art design is out since 5.3

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