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  1. Hey willkommen Miata Schon probiert es als Admin auszuführen ? Ansonsten Support@Crowfall.com Mfg
  2. DravoiX


    hey Epicnexus, erstmal gab es dazu heute ein News beitrag ;D ich verlinke dir ihn https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/graphics-settings-how-to/ zweitens: wie sieht deine Hardware aus ? Drittens eine Alpha ist dafür da um Content und den Game Cycle fertig zustellen das Optimieren und Balance findet im Beta prozess statt. Wir befinden uns derzeit in der PRE-ALPHA MFG DravoiX
  3. also Schlachten kannste jetzt schon haben und Gilden sind auch schon da
  4. Auch von mir ein Standard frohes neues Jahr. 2017 war leider nicht das Jahr von Crowfall, aber das war letztes Jahr, lang lebe crowfall 2018
  5. the plague lord expose is really good in my opinion an i still dont like the idea of consuming the buff... sorry but i dont want to go so often in stealth to re stealth my target... Duellist have so much space for abilities but in my opinion not the right discs / skills as option to create that fits a melee playstyle And my last statement the for this thread the Duellist (melee) is in 5.3 in my opinion weeker because of: - The combat got higher mobility because of more dodges or other movment abilities - Lost of his incredibile strong skill tree - alot of Bugs - the incredible hard to go from melee tray to stealth ... - anti stealth abilies - Critcal Dodge cant get used atm not enough crit chance
  6. i just want to express that the most viability of the duellist is the 1vs1 and if u want to nerf it it would be the best set the cd longer to reduce the chance of stunlock and increase the pip gains ... I wouldnt touch expose at all atm we have to wait for the ranger and assassin expose to see it . u know that rangers have a Expose remove ... but yeah so u shouldnt attack the backline Confessors are quite viable to attack but they spam you. so and yeah forget about templar ,Myrm and Champion. Champions have i frames, Myrm have Juggernaut most of the times, and u cant get close to Templars because of divine light spams. So your easy targets are Knights, Druids and Clerics No i just saying that a duellist is most hurting a group because of spamming to much Bucketshots he can easly trigger the CC immunity ... also while u knock down a person u getting after 2 expose punisher nearly a Bucketshot (2) key No word... because its a bug ... Ofc sorry im playing crowfall for more than 1 year and 50% of it duellist and im playing it wrong ok .. teach me senpai... Im just saying that the duellist ( as Melee) is since the class race split not able to go on ranged ppl because they have more dodges and going stealth is nearly to 70% bugged everytime u Cant go in a 20 vs 20 in a melee bulk because u are just die there. u cant stay backline because a confessor is kicking u out of Stealth... Just meant that the MoRapier is not worth to take it ...
  7. First of all you have to spit expose punish with expose debuff. Expose punish are ability that get an additional knockdown when a player is using an ability like flintlock shot or the plague lord abilities. The other side of expose is that block abilities are don't have a cc immunity while exposed. So why in the hell should a duellist equip the rapier mastery... I can't wait to see dagger's And I agree getting hold down in a 1 Vs 1 by a duellist is no fun. But they are not balancing here. So I could live with your solution 2 but I think there are a lot of other things we have to think about. Because in a group fight expose punisher doesn't work so good. There should be an enemy hitting you and should break the chain. My problem is that you loading a stun while knock down ppl. So if u failed one time your chain u can just stun him... Because of no cc immunity. First problem. In the current state knights and Templar are the easiest one to stun/ knock down lock. In the earlier state the could prevent at least the stun. But the easiest point to nerf the expose punisher on the flintlock shot is just higher the cd by 2 seconds so u can't use the retaliate to knock down your enemies 2 twice and also not permanent. But this is an incredible nerf and I don't know why the whole expose punisher should be nerfed. To the other stuff I will just say no Because the duellist is in my opinion broken because the core mechanic STEALTH is not working The c ability is routing u while the I frame.... And other stuff. Like I have to play with master of pistols for the dodge as melee.. In my opinion is the duellist the weekend class in group fights And maybe I'm just to negative because the incredible skill training that the duellist had is gone
  8. The start went really nice, Horizon has now 7 members. We are looking forward to some skirmishes against other guilds. If interested pm me
  9. Naja kraahk wie wir wissen werden Beiträge nur 1:1 übersetzt und nicht in eine eu Fassung umgeschrieben
  10. hey pls contact support@crowfall.com
  11. u already can do that with dodge going in survival and dodge and switching in stealth but nearly 90% the stealth is bugged Duellists just need a good going in stealth ability IN THE DAMM melee tray its just annyoing to go dissy down when u want to go stealth this is just a blink .... that is not was the duellist need in my opinion
  12. @thomasblair what is preventing us, with the new Armor system of just wearing breastplates ? so if helmet, gloves and shoes might get dmg bonus or Health its ok..... (health values are still to low on the most stuff) but in the beginning we will see alot players just running with breastplates. Also it could be possible that i would take leather helmets etc because they are giving the same / nearly the same stat, everyone can wear them and are easier to produce (with the new patch less i aspect) but it still should be. is there still a bonus for having the same type of amor on all parts ? maybe a mitigation boost ? I LOVE IT that u remove that parts hitting, was just useless with ray cast. But why u didnt let the mitigations on all armor parts ? and just do a combined restistens ? You made it more easier to produce a good armor ( just focus on breastplates), because of mitigations / resistens. Or are the new Damage bonuses also scalable by rarity or expermentation ? What is now with the Centaur boots ? the centaur had a better foot mitigation because of double boots ? are there new stuff comming ? maybe horseshoes ?
  13. it is but its just a bad copy of a knight
  14. Horizon has been created by a group of dedicated early backers, who PLAY Crowfall in its early state, to create a fundament for a quick start in Crowfall. Our main goal is providing a competitive & social environment, where you are encouraged to raise your voice. We built Horizon on the basis of the following three aspects: - Active (jump in voice chat to hang out while doing your daily routines and tasks in game) - Social (we can disagree with each other but in the end we have each others backs) - Practice (you can't improve by just talking about the game) Our Expectations: - Regular participation at events - Regular activity on voice chat, be there while you are in the campaigns - Eagerness to learn and improve - ability to handle feedback both positive and negative - Access to crowfall How to become a member: Apply via a PM on Discord: In this message you should include your nickname, forum-name, your test-status (access level), and some general information on who you are and what your gaming journey looks like. Talk with us in an interview: After we’ve received and briefly discuss your application internally, you will be invited for a quick chat. We will talk about your application briefly, clear up some of the basics and get to know each other. Test our guild: After finishing part 1 & 2 of the recruitment process you’ll be an actual recruit in the guild. During this phase we expect the same of you as our regular members. In return you will have pretty much the same access to information as regular members. This phase is just for us to see how you interact with our other guild members once the work begins. This is the perfect time to ask all the questions you want to ask and find your place in our guild.
  15. Hey und willkommen PG wenn du leute zum spielen suchst melde dich bei mir , baue zurzeit eine englisch sprachige EU gilde auf.
  16. Ok ready for flame mit 2018 hat Ace eh schon ein sehr schwerers Jahr von der Konkurenz her. Mir ist eigentlich egal was for einem Spiel steht EA / Pre alpha / Alpha oder Soft launch mir egal. Sehe ich ähnlich. Nur dass ein möglicher Softlaunch im Februar nicht auch zwangsläufig heissen müsste, DASS sie vorschnell veröffentlicht haben. ACE hat in der Vergangenheit gezeigt, dass sie sehr gut abwägen können zwischen dem, was ihre Community "fordert" und dem, was tatsächlich das beste für das Spiel ist. Ich finde auch, dass man es jetzt, wo die Verzögerung eh da ist, konsequent durchziehen und der Schwerpunkt mehr auf dem Endergebnis, als auf der Ungeduld der Backer liegen muss. Wenn es aber trotzdem Frühjahr 2018 wird, was ich nicht glaube, dann wird ACE seine gut durchdachten Gründe dafür haben. Aber ich denke wir werden eine alpha in Frühjahr sehen, es ist einfach schade das wir dieses Jahr 0 voran gekommen sind.... Das mit der Verzögerung ist so ne Sache sie sind seit ende 2016 verzögert und viele dinge sind VIEEL schlechter als im anfang von BIG world anfang des Jahres. Ist es trozdem ein schlechtest spiel nein. Ich denke wir werden ein gepolished / bug armes spiel sehen bis Februar mit HOFFENTLICH der ersten Kampange den Core element. Der MMO markt war 2015 leer aber 2018 kommen echt viele MMO's die ähnlich wie Crowfall sind. Und Spiele wie PUBG haben es uns gezeigt was wichtig ist ist ein stabiles und functionierendes spiel. Daher wird das MMO gewinnen was am besten funktioniert und nicht irgendwelche unnötigen systeme hat wo 90% des Contents nutzlos ist.
  17. hey @Rolandfridge so hard wie Kreigon es gesagt hat ist es zwar nicht, aber Crowfall zieht sich wenn du dennoch gerne mit Leuten spielen möchtests stehe ich gerne zu Verfügung, ich spiele Crowfall regelmäßig und habe auch im Pre-alpha status sehr viel spaß. MFG Dravo
  18. Feedback: the Bestiary images have to be adjusted for the mobile version Bug mobile shop is bugging Dragdown is not working and the recommends are not showing while on firefox (pc) as a mobile its showing correctly but not working https://imgur.com/a/QjnUy
  19. Feedback: the What is Crowfall site looks akward i didnt even noticed that im able to click on stuff also the NEED HELP IS ANNOYING
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