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  1. 31 minutes ago, NchDu said:

    Ja ist wird wirklich schon etwas öde-.-, was mich wahrscheinlich dazu bewegt wieder mehr in CFC Ts zu schaun. Kann also anbieten , dass wir uns (und jeder der sonst noch mitliest) vorbeizuschaun um zu quatschen (discord scheint mir dazu noch zu elitär).also bei Lust und Laune einfach rein in CFC TS. Einfach öfters reinschaun, vll sind wir dann mal wieder nicht die einzigen ;)

    waaas mein discord ist nicht öde....

  2. 1 hour ago, blazzen said:

    What if flintlock shot exposed a target if they’re hit with it (and not already exposed) while using an ability? It would still punish if they’re exposed and hit while using an ability.

    the plague lord expose is really good in my opinion

    an i still dont like the idea of consuming the buff... sorry but i dont want to go so often in stealth to re stealth my target... Duellist have so much space for abilities but in my opinion not the right discs / skills as option to create that fits a melee playstyle

    And my last statement the for this thread the Duellist (melee) is in 5.3 in my opinion weeker because of:
    - The combat got higher mobility  because of more dodges or other movment abilities
    - Lost of his incredibile strong skill tree
    - alot of Bugs
    - the incredible hard to go from melee tray to stealth ...
    - anti stealth abilies
    - Critcal Dodge cant get used atm not enough crit chance



  3. 30 minutes ago, Jjohnsin said:

    I have literally ZERO issues getting on and staying on ranged classes


    27 minutes ago, Jjohnsin said:

    I could be all for a forest step, something like a burrow straight to your target would be very cool. Critical Dodge just seemed an easy way to give rapier a little more mobility without having to create anything new. But I agree rapier duelist would feel much better with some sort of gap closer

    why u want this then ?

  4. 47 minutes ago, Jjohnsin said:

    Ok the problem is NOT with expose punish abilities...at all. If you think that then you're already off to a bad start thinking about how duelist plays. The strength of duelist at the moment is solely behind the expose debuff, you SHOULD be able to proc it often, if you wish, but you should be limited in the amount of times you can proc the knockdown. Plus you can't nerf flintlock since it's by far the best pip generator duelists have, nerfing that would actually be a huge kick in the face. 

    i just want to express that the most viability of the duellist is the 1vs1 and if u want to nerf it it would be the best set the cd longer to reduce the chance of stunlock and increase the pip gains ...  I wouldnt touch expose at all atm we have to wait for the ranger and assassin expose to see it .

    47 minutes ago, Jjohnsin said:

    And again, this is just not true. If you can't proc the knockdown ESPECIALLY in a team fight when everyone is literally spamming skills...idk. duelist is an amazing controller in team fights. You don't need to perma chain someone, you use the knockdown to set up swaps onto priority targets. I could care less if i chain CC someone...yes I'll strive for it but it's not the point of the exposed debuff. 

    Second, in group fights people get on random CC diminishing returns very often from random stuns and knockdowns. But I'm not sure if you're saying duelist needs CC immunity or enemies do. Either way, duelist should be susceptible to CC and it should really punish him. Other enemies can always run juggernaut, or escape artist in groups, etc. Plenty of counterplay in group fights on both sides. 

     u know that rangers have a Expose remove ... but yeah so u shouldnt attack the backline Confessors are quite viable to attack but  they spam you. so and yeah forget about templar ,Myrm and Champion. Champions have i frames, Myrm have Juggernaut most of the times, and u cant get close to Templars because of divine light spams.
    So your easy targets are Knights, Druids and Clerics
    No i just saying that a duellist is most hurting a group because of spamming to much Bucketshots he can easly trigger the CC immunity ...
    also while u knock down a person u getting after 2 expose punisher nearly a Bucketshot (2) key


    57 minutes ago, Jjohnsin said:

    Stealth works fine at the moment. Ya it's kinda buggy...whatever, if you're smart you can still sneak around people and if people are wary they can see you. 

    No word...


    58 minutes ago, Jjohnsin said:

    I'm aware the ability is rooting the duelist. Doesn't change anything. Having a double C power makes sense...it's a similar C power to fessor. Fessor gets 2, duelist should definitely get 2. Plus it charges too slow in group fights to have up even close to reliably. 

    because its a bug ...



    59 minutes ago, Jjohnsin said:

    Duelist is probably not the worst group class at all. It's actually very strong in groups with a right comp. But it's a pretty unique playstyle and many people obviously haven't quite gotten a grasp on it yet. I'm not sure you recognize where duelist really lacks and where it's really too strong. 

    Ofc sorry im playing crowfall for more than 1 year and 50% of it duellist and im playing it wrong ok .. teach me senpai...
    Im just saying that the duellist ( as Melee) is since the class race split not able to go on ranged ppl because they have more dodges and going stealth is nearly to 70% bugged everytime
    u Cant go in a 20 vs 20 in a melee bulk because u are just die there.
    u cant stay backline because a confessor is kicking u out of Stealth...


    1 hour ago, Jjohnsin said:

    Not sure what you mean by you have to play as MoPistols for the dodge as melee...but rapier makes better use of more dodges where pistol already has range, it doesn't need more mobility. 

    Just meant that the MoRapier is not worth to take it ...

  5. First of all you have to spit expose punish with expose debuff.

    Expose punish are ability that get an additional knockdown when a player is using an ability like flintlock shot or the plague lord abilities. The other side of expose is that block abilities are don't have a cc immunity while exposed. So why in the hell should a duellist equip the rapier mastery...

    I can't wait to see dagger's

    And I agree getting hold down in a 1 Vs 1 by a duellist is no fun. But they are not balancing here.

    So I could live with your solution 2 but I think there are a lot of other things we have to think about.

    Because in a group fight expose punisher doesn't work so good. There should be an enemy hitting you and should break the chain.

    My problem is that you loading a stun while knock down ppl. So if u failed one time your chain u can just stun him... Because of no cc immunity. First problem. In the current state knights and Templar are the easiest one to stun/ knock down lock. In the earlier state the could prevent at least the stun.

    But  the easiest point to nerf the expose punisher on the flintlock shot is just higher the cd by 2 seconds so u can't use the retaliate to knock down your enemies 2 twice and also not permanent.

    But this is an incredible nerf and I don't know why the whole expose punisher should be nerfed.

    To the other stuff I will just say no 

    Because the duellist is in my opinion broken because the core mechanic STEALTH is not working

    The c ability is routing u while the I frame....

    And other stuff.

    Like I have to play with master of pistols for the dodge as melee..

    In my opinion is the duellist the weekend class in group fights

    And maybe I'm just to negative because the incredible skill training that the duellist had is gone


  6. 20 hours ago, Jjohnsin said:

    Second would an addition to #1. I'd like to see, maybe just on duelist but i'd be open to knight and cleric as well, a minor or major disc that has a passive that turns your dodge into sort of a restealth. So basically the passive would be like: "dodging puts your character into burrow, but you lose a dodge pip". So you'd only have 1 dodge pip, but you could use that dodge pip to get yourself back into burrow. Now going even further, it opens up build options like taking Critical Dodge on MoPistol to get your dodge pip back and really hop around the fight guns a blazing. And I really don't think it's like that strong of a change, as DoT's and random AoE's would still knock you out.

    u already can do that with dodge going in survival and dodge and switching in stealth but nearly 90% the stealth is bugged

    Duellists just need a good going in stealth ability IN THE DAMM melee tray

    its just annyoing to go dissy down when u want to go stealth

    20 hours ago, Jjohnsin said:

    Change the Guinea dodge. I'd like the idea of by choosing Guinea, you get a lot of mechanics dealing with burrow and digging, etc. It kinda seems like what the flavor of Guinea should be to me. My idea is to make the guinea dodge instead of a faceplant, to make it a short tunnel. Wouldn't be a iFrame or anything like that. But it would be cool, because it would be a little harder to see and predict which really goes along with what I think of when I think Guineacean: slippery, quick, agile, etc. Basically your model would jump into the ground, tunnel like 10m and pop back up. Pretty straightforward but would go a long way to making Guinea feel unique imo.

    this is just a blink .... that is not was  the duellist need in my opinion

  7. @thomasblair what is preventing us, with the new Armor system of just wearing breastplates ?

    so if helmet, gloves and shoes might get dmg bonus or Health its ok..... (health  values are still to low on the most stuff) but in  the beginning we will see alot players just running with breastplates. Also it could be possible that i would take leather helmets etc because they are giving the same / nearly the same stat, everyone can wear them and  are easier to produce (with the new patch less i aspect) but it still should be.

    is there still a bonus for having the same type of amor on all parts ? maybe a mitigation boost ?

    I LOVE IT that u remove that parts hitting, was just useless with ray cast. But why u didnt let the mitigations on all armor parts ? and just do a combined restistens ?
    You made it more easier to produce a good armor ( just focus on breastplates), because of mitigations / resistens.
    Or are the new Damage bonuses also scalable by rarity or expermentation ?

    What is now with the Centaur boots ? the centaur had a better foot mitigation because of double boots ? are there new stuff comming ? maybe horseshoes ?

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