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  1. Hey Guys, this forum is for Website Related Bugs. If u want help send an email with your dxdiag to Support@Crowfall.com. They are really fast
  2. Knockdown, Stun, Knock up Root, Supress, Blind
  3. @Pann thank you for the write up i really like the whole system, but it needs some adjustments in the combat sector because it shouldnt be allowed to train amor and weapons at the same time. Question: What happend with the Siege and Stealthed tree ?
  4. U need 72 hours of over training or ? So no progress for me. How is doing that only for a other dude. It's like u are crashing your car to repair the other
  5. @Scorn so a tome has only a one time usage ? On only one skill ?
  6. Yeah but gives u a tome 100% ? @Tinnis or only time for that skill that u are working like: I have a skill harvesting ore copper (blentiful) that I started it now and it takes 12 days to completely finish. When I'm using a tome did I finish it completely or can I decide how many time I want invest. And what happened with the rest time ? Can I go to the next spell ? Need the training with a tome the same time like normal training or longer ?
  7. Can u write down something to the tome machanic didn't get that system sorry was showing up later
  8. If they developing that tech good and with less bugs, I would fall in love. Games like the gta v RP Mod have that based on voice. We have to see if they not wasting time and money.
  9. XD ja is ebend tote hose aber spiele immer noch seit 13 monaten jedes wochenende
  10. Hey Quallog, so richtig aktive deutsche tester gilden gibt es nicht aber aber wenn du ab und zu reinschauen möchtest kann ich dir die Northlanders http://www.northlanders.rocks/ und Das CFC (eine Community) empfehlen http://www.crowfall-community.de/ Man sieht sich
  11. ok no siege today ... can stop farm Hunger shards on the Test version
  12. @Mr.Kurtz we at GC was only able to watch the Trailer without sound and most of the visitors only watched them partwise. I really liked the trailer on the GC Booth, but to be honest at home the trailer was ok but not special.
  13. DravoiX


    Ports kann es nicht sein da er auf die Kampangen kommt, auch auf meinem EK kommt er ja. @Epicnexus ein gilden mitglied hatte diesen Fehler auch mal am besten an Support@Crowfall.com wenden
  14. yep if u putting the icon on that place
  15. The Buff could also only show the Icons and the names will pop up with an overlay
  16. I need the Buff visibility to see when my Amor of faith is running out, to see my stacks of careless wisper and also to check if im burrowed or not. Also im like the place of the buffs I think supports need them ;P Instead of removing Replace the Text with a symbol or give it a better visual At least dont say remove. Give us the chance to move the ui and let us hide stuff that we dont need Also would like to have a system that hide the chat and non combat related stuff, if u are in Combat mode
  17. first slag is needed for basic stuff. also with slag u can only create grey stuff low tier advanced wep. That is also my last reply because you should play the game before writing that stuff. Because all that you mentioned is in Crowfall. That is all in. Im a PVP player and i HARVEST players and that is effective.
  18. i create an advanced slag weapon in 30mins with resource farming and im not skilled in that things. A Weapon breakes after 15+ death normally they hold 4 days. And slag Advanced Weapons are good enough.
  19. Hey Blueshadow, Pls check your drivers. also pls conntact the support for more help. the email is: support@artcraftent.com
  20. Does the Holy Symbol heal also the caster ? can somebody clarify the diffrent between friendly players and group members ? does that both include the caster ? Group means only group friendly means fraction ? Is the Block heal ranged based ? Otherwise we will see alot of Clerics in Firewalls yeah u created a good and simple healer class. But is the Block really necessary ? because the discipline Block is now useless // not really worth ( would everytime prefer to pick a weapon instead of a shield with every class) Knights: has Axes or Maces Cleric: shield sounds too good to throw that away ( also want to play my cleric melee) Druid has Scimitar (has also a shield) (maybe later a block also ?) an other classes cant equip that discipline i was everytime equiping the shield mastery on the legio for a tankiness now i getting that for free with more heals.
  21. lowest Settings are not optimized also make sure that u updated all your drivers
  22. Diffrent versions some weeks the fps is 60 some weeks the fps in lower this weekend had everybody fps problems. Make sure that u are playing on medium, also disable V sync gives you +20fps. also turn the shadows out. i reach with that 80 fps
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