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    Ports kann es nicht sein da er auf die Kampangen kommt, auch auf meinem EK kommt er ja. @Epicnexus ein gilden mitglied hatte diesen Fehler auch mal am besten an Support@Crowfall.com wenden
  2. yep if u putting the icon on that place
  3. The Buff could also only show the Icons and the names will pop up with an overlay
  4. I need the Buff visibility to see when my Amor of faith is running out, to see my stacks of careless wisper and also to check if im burrowed or not. Also im like the place of the buffs I think supports need them ;P Instead of removing Replace the Text with a symbol or give it a better visual At least dont say remove. Give us the chance to move the ui and let us hide stuff that we dont need Also would like to have a system that hide the chat and non combat related stuff, if u are in Combat mode
  5. first slag is needed for basic stuff. also with slag u can only create grey stuff low tier advanced wep. That is also my last reply because you should play the game before writing that stuff. Because all that you mentioned is in Crowfall. That is all in. Im a PVP player and i HARVEST players and that is effective.
  6. i create an advanced slag weapon in 30mins with resource farming and im not skilled in that things. A Weapon breakes after 15+ death normally they hold 4 days. And slag Advanced Weapons are good enough.
  7. Hey Blueshadow, Pls check your drivers. also pls conntact the support for more help. the email is: support@artcraftent.com
  8. Does the Holy Symbol heal also the caster ? can somebody clarify the diffrent between friendly players and group members ? does that both include the caster ? Group means only group friendly means fraction ? Is the Block heal ranged based ? Otherwise we will see alot of Clerics in Firewalls yeah u created a good and simple healer class. But is the Block really necessary ? because the discipline Block is now useless // not really worth ( would everytime prefer to pick a weapon instead of a shield with every class) Knights: has Axes or Maces Cleric: shi
  9. The area CC and KD is the confessor, sure we have to adjust the DMG (for all classes). But i think the main problem is that only fessors have the area CD to stop Dodge Classes. and that is a loop, because they are Dodge classes. So the Goal is to resolve the problem confessors are the best against confessors the KD is essential in Group play to stop blobing / bulking, But also you need that to stop fast / dodge Characters and this is a Confessor monopol.If we had an alternative alot of players would play that. additonal to that we have atm only 2 ranged Dps At last the biggest p
  10. lowest Settings are not optimized also make sure that u updated all your drivers
  11. Diffrent versions some weeks the fps is 60 some weeks the fps in lower this weekend had everybody fps problems. Make sure that u are playing on medium, also disable V sync gives you +20fps. also turn the shadows out. i reach with that 80 fps
  12. Funny thing Mass is a stat in the game so it would possible Really like that idea
  13. Want to see the server full of players Maybe we will crash them too
  14. I miss the last big EU clash .... T__T but this will be great
  15. Why just add a discipline / passiv like Relentless for Mana, Then you have (Rage Mana) Adding a passiv that Healing or Attacks give you mana Druid Essence funktion ... it would be easy to build a discipline / passiv that transform mana in other Rescources. But Old RPGs had also only Mana and they worked still want old mana pots
  16. Would also say all classes one rescource would be nice
  17. Scarecrow (stun, suppress), Troubardour(Damaget tick), Reality Warper(Cooldown increase), Bard (Buff your dmg) combined that with a divine light or alot of bleeding or moderate bleeding or the dot of the scimitar durid or the Confessor bleed, these allstacking together, troubadour has also 3 types of aoe debuffs so you need 3 guys with that. too many DOTS / buffs in my opinion i added the ability as an finisher because these ability will not kill a player but only one skill of them and they are die.
  18. not that i know, but Troub. and Scarecorw stack which is a stun damage comb without doing something. i only Wrote that post, because i got overrun by a 5 man group with these abilitys.
  19. @Yoink yeah the damage seems to be fine on single target , except the Cosnant Chain, that Skill is abit too strong, but we cant say that really because there are to few DMG disciplines yet. Yeah sitting the Tick rate lower could solve the problem for a short time, but if you stacking these Buffs / DOTS on a target, is still a too efficient way todo damage. Im thinking about 20 vs 20 if 5 people have these buff / dots it went horrible
  20. Hey SSNitro, its your chance to learn german :D:D yeah the news published yesterday in german, but something went wrong https://web.archive.org you can try this
  21. Hey, after 3 days (EU) of disciplines testing, I have a major concern that disciplines like: Bard, Scarecrow, Reality Warper, Troubadour and more destroy the tactical and positioning challenge of fighting. I know it’s an early build of disciplines, so I don't start with pls reduce the damage or let only one buff apply. I want that disciplines are requires skill and training to handle them. The Problems that i have with these Disciplines / Abilities: + they dont recipes skill or knowledge + once activated you don't have to be curious about this ability anymore + they are
  22. Ranger > Confessor > Legionnaire > Templar > Knight > Druid > Champin > Forgemaster > Duellist > assasin > Myrmidon
  23. We're also just about ready to launch our Test server, which will give us the ability to stage new features to a subset of players (starting with Pre-Alpha 1, as usual) wait what ?! new test server ? 24/7 confirmed ?
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