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  1. Want to see the server full of players Maybe we will crash them too
  2. I miss the last big EU clash .... T__T but this will be great
  3. Why just add a discipline / passiv like Relentless for Mana, Then you have (Rage Mana) Adding a passiv that Healing or Attacks give you mana Druid Essence funktion ... it would be easy to build a discipline / passiv that transform mana in other Rescources. But Old RPGs had also only Mana and they worked still want old mana pots
  4. Would also say all classes one rescource would be nice
  5. Scarecrow (stun, suppress), Troubardour(Damaget tick), Reality Warper(Cooldown increase), Bard (Buff your dmg) combined that with a divine light or alot of bleeding or moderate bleeding or the dot of the scimitar durid or the Confessor bleed, these allstacking together, troubadour has also 3 types of aoe debuffs so you need 3 guys with that. too many DOTS / buffs in my opinion i added the ability as an finisher because these ability will not kill a player but only one skill of them and they are die.
  6. not that i know, but Troub. and Scarecorw stack which is a stun damage comb without doing something. i only Wrote that post, because i got overrun by a 5 man group with these abilitys.
  7. @Yoink yeah the damage seems to be fine on single target , except the Cosnant Chain, that Skill is abit too strong, but we cant say that really because there are to few DMG disciplines yet. Yeah sitting the Tick rate lower could solve the problem for a short time, but if you stacking these Buffs / DOTS on a target, is still a too efficient way todo damage. Im thinking about 20 vs 20 if 5 people have these buff / dots it went horrible
  8. Hey SSNitro, its your chance to learn german :D:D yeah the news published yesterday in german, but something went wrong https://web.archive.org you can try this
  9. Hey, after 3 days (EU) of disciplines testing, I have a major concern that disciplines like: Bard, Scarecrow, Reality Warper, Troubadour and more destroy the tactical and positioning challenge of fighting. I know it’s an early build of disciplines, so I don't start with pls reduce the damage or let only one buff apply. I want that disciplines are requires skill and training to handle them. The Problems that i have with these Disciplines / Abilities: + they dont recipes skill or knowledge + once activated you don't have to be curious about this ability anymore + they are stackable with other AOE abilities + in bunched fights they creating area of DOTS Buffs, players die in secs + the damage is not avoidable, can't do a to dodge the damage + cost no resource to keep it going + they are destroying stealth, aim without line of sight My Suggestions: 1. Creating a Rhythm, where you have to press a button (cost resource) to refresh the skill. If you don't hit the button at the right timing the Buff will fall off. 2. Creating a harder way to start these abilities, especially with the Bard and Troubadour, we have a Music related theme so why no combination related starting. so if you want to start a Song you have to press 1. 2. e 2. 1, e (But this is a lot of work for u, but it would be a nice if you implement a Minor discipline that allow these combinations.) 3. I would suggest an split between in starting radius and effect radius. Because in some part 17m radius feels too heavy, but it's really comfortable in group fights and otherwise they are running too fast out of it. So why not a positional solution for that, where players have to look where teammates / enemies are and then they can act accordingly. There are so many solutions for that, but please don't destroy my positional combat. Please don't make so many just careless one button pressing abilities other Solutions: Wave typed AOE (controllable waves) , Charge / PIP typed, Situational based and many more
  10. Ranger > Confessor > Legionnaire > Templar > Knight > Druid > Champin > Forgemaster > Duellist > assasin > Myrmidon
  11. We're also just about ready to launch our Test server, which will give us the ability to stage new features to a subset of players (starting with Pre-Alpha 1, as usual) wait what ?! new test server ? 24/7 confirmed ?
  12. Frostweaver with double daggers and hamster with a shield wooow looks nice also like the design of the discpline runes... looking really mystic
  13. the 3 screenshots are my new Desktop Background
  14. flügel in einem conzept art darzustellen und das noch gescheit aus der Frontperspective ist sehr schwer so sehen wir die rüstungen besser beim Mänlichen gruiden finde ich die letzte Rüstung (Platte) sieht leider zu leicht aus ;(
  15. DravoiX

    Templar Impressions

    DL is not way to weak, i love the weaker DL because some enemys don't run out of it. But like the 2 above us the parry DMG is to high specially if i are in the loop of parries u don't wanna get 12-16k DMG I would see a little more DMG on the auto attack because with 2,0-2,5k we are nearly 2 k weaker then legio and knight Also without parry the Templar can't kill one Totally agree with @mrmoneda
  16. @scornoflife Templar mirror matches are totally annoying
  17. @VIKINGNAILMy best ping to us East was 90ms EU 22ms
  18. Hey, auch nochmal ein herzliches willkommen Welche Spiele spielst du gerade ?
  19. Hey Ceollach,

    Wirst du unser deutsche CM ?

    oder machst du nur Vertretung ?

    Super Reaktionszeit gerade ebend :D hast meine Antwort abgeblockt :D

  20. hm they changed someting or maybe the players knowing now how to play with the new style ...
  21. So.... wir testen immer noch Derzeit sind wir 11 Mitglieder und suchen immer noch mehr ! Wenn ihr farmen wollt und in der Chaos-Fraktion seid, schaut doch von 19-21 Uhr vorbei dort bauen wir gemeinsam alle Rohstoffe ab. Danach startet das Gemetzel diese werden auch Aufgenommen schaut einfach beim lieben Drakonil vorbei. Sehe euch auf dem Schlachtfeld DravoiX
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