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    DravoiX got a reaction from ACE-Tiggs in Campaign Feedback 11/24/2020   
    Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any).  
    EU Times are not that great, due to summer time change, move it back 1 hour. How do you like the variance with the Campaign cards is there anything you'd like to see different with them?
           i would like to see them removed from winning an campaign and just as bonus activity.
    Do you like the Campaigns combined or NA / EU separate and why?
    i prefer sparated, but the populations seems to low for it, its still the problem that 75% of the population is sitting in infected or Godsreach. What was your favorite Campaign and why?
    Trail of Malekai, because people were motivated, also 5.8 due to perfect siege times and an bette siege with better keep layout + balistas as second objective What other types of Campaign setups would you like to see?
     Elemination, if you dont have a fort or keep you get kicked out or you have to bend the knee to who you lost. Campaigns are most of the times earlier won which makes them boring in the end. Do you prefer big maps or little maps for Campaigns and why?
    smaller maps i dont want to play walking simulator How long ago did you participate in a Campaign?
    5.8 ? i think
    If you don't participate in Campaigns, why? 
    the Cardsystem nor Sieges interest me.
    Other Campaign feedback? 
    fix that the population is steady 24/7

    let us customize our Keeps more Guards placements, doors, Ramps where to go up, ( the old layout atleast allowed us to not build some pieces of the wall.
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    DravoiX reacted to Pystkeebler in 6.300 TEST Feedback for 12/3/2020   
    I'm sorry to say it, but putting chests at outposts and forts just feels lazy. I can see the thought that went into the campaign system, the victory cards, the city building, and other high level game systems. But the actual minute-to-minute gameplay is still not entertaining. Slapping down a loot chest or a loot pinata (chief) is an over simplified solution that is not a substitute for actually entertaining activities. Too much of the gameplay is just grinding incredibly simple and boring tasks. This game sorely needs more varied activities or minigames; capture-the-relic, horde/king-of-the-hill, payload, and other fun things to do out in the world that can become pvp flashpoints. Plopping down a chest just doesn't do it. There is so much potential to make all of these POIs (forts, outposts, villages, all of it) more interesting, and to build interaction between them. But it all needs another layer of complexity in the gameplay.

    It feels like a symptom of a larger lack of immersion, suspension of disbelief, and world building. I feel like I'm constantly reminded I'm playing a computer game. Nothing feels like it's part of the world so much as it is placed in the world
    NPCs in temples stand around lifeless and unmoving. There's no idle animations, they don't interact with the environment, no NPCs move around the space. It feels completely dead.
    Animals spawn around their little terrain marker. They mill about in a stilted, random walk. Half the time they collide awkwardly or walk up the side of rocks and other terrain elements. Aurochs don't graze, wolves don't hunt. There's nothing that makes me think these creature interact with the world around them in any way. They also don't offer anything interesting from a gameplay perspective. They exist as little more than static spawn points and filler for the world. The same can easily be said about wartribes, thralls, etc. All of these are just farming locations.
    Wartribe camps are filled with randomly placed mobs that mill about aimlessly. Again they don't interact with the environment in any way. They don't rest around campfires, they don't work on the siege equipment, they don't spar in the open spaces. They will, however, walk up the side of tents. There are no scout groups, there are no patrols, there's no warbands out raiding outposts. Elites are laughable, and chiefs are little more than punching bags. There's not any larger gameplay mechanics other than run through camps and blast everything down. Repeat ad nauseam.
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    DravoiX reacted to ilogos in .   
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    DravoiX reacted to nihilsupernum in Remove Invuln's from Ultimates   
    Hard disagree.
    The ultimate invuln is often the ONLY counterplay you can get to a lot of high damaging abilities. If target-locked "hitscan" skills are going to connect for multiple thousands of damage, a player needs to be able to react to that with *something*. You shouldn't just die because someone looked at you and pressed a button. If you see the animation, you should be able to think: "hmm. That's ~3k of damage headed my way. I should do something about that so I don't get killed".
    If anything, I'd like *more* invulns. Put them on dodges! Put them on movement skills! Keep them on ultimates.
    This game has precious little play/counterplay going on in it right now. I don't want it to be a game where everyone merely points at each other and presses all their buttons. Invulns are a useful tool to react to damage.
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    DravoiX reacted to ACE-Tiggs in Top 5 Feedback 11/18   
    Sorry for the delay in responding, with the holiday and LiveStream it's been busy. All posts up to this one have been entered into the tracker. Thanks for the feedback and please keep posting!  Once we have TEST open for players, I'll create a new feedback thread for the upcoming changes. 
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    DravoiX reacted to galvia in Livestream 12/1/2020 Discussion, Feedback and Questions   
    I think this is one the most valid criticisms of this upcoming system, and the game itself. Winning things in this game feels more like a relief than a victory. Being successful is not a reward in and of itself today. The rewards systems do help but I think there are more things to be done to keep people chasing the carrot so to speak.

    If we look to other MMOs, most of this stuff is handled via cosmetics. Campaign rewards can help. Things like custom weapon effects/skins, unique mounts, titles or things like that will go a long way. I don't think making people want to login to keep passives rolling is good design - it's guilting people into staying engaged with the game. I think the real idea is to make the game genuinely fun as a driver for bringing them into the game.
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    DravoiX reacted to Fefner in Livestream 12/1/2020 Discussion, Feedback and Questions   
    It's a massive change and small guilds will get left behind. Lets say a big guild has 50 members all they need to do is spend 1 day skinning for runes. they will get the required amount quicker than a small guild consisting of 10 members to get the legendary belt then they simply move on to the next belt.  Once all the belts have been farmed and given to the most active members of the guild then that guilds end game has already started leaving small guilds lagging way behind. The only way a small guilds could keep up is if all their member no life the game.
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    DravoiX reacted to Extintor in Crafting Progression Item Drop Rates 6.200   
    So, to max out what you used to get from the passive training you'll need 27 green disciplines per character (vessel upgrade -> new grind) for the discipline and 117 disciplines and 67500 gold for the belt. If we say 1 discipline every 10 weapons is ok then we'll need to craft over 1500 weapons and that needs over 70k resources. Sorry, but it feels kind of grindy to me.
    For the harvesting part it may have sense, you're harvesting and getting resources (by the way, is the motherlode damage stat anywhere?) but for the crafting part is just a burn of resources making inferior items most of them only good for sacrificing.
    One thing I noticed when I did some testing is when you craft potions in bulk it seems as the hole crafting just counts as one potion for the chances to get a soul.
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    DravoiX reacted to makkon in 6.200 LIVE Feedback for 11/23/2020   
    myrmidon changes you did a couple of weeks ago (longer berserker duration) is a balance breaking and does not needed.
    I will try to explain why.
    whole archetype of myrmidon was already nice in 1v1 and very small scale while in a large battles (especially with problems like performance, HP desync, amount of aoe CC and bugs) it makes this class worst.
    you should fix:
    1) decrease power in small scale
    2) increase survivability in large battes
    how? well. good question. with remaking some abilities or change some bonuses. to decrease power in smalle scale you can decrease berserker duration for all promos. to fix survivability in large battles you can give more utils to prevent crash dmg. to to decrease 1v1 OP titan/conq you can deacrease dmg.
    example of nice ability: increase dmg from amount of ppl around. not from LMB clicking.
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    DravoiX reacted to Durenthal in Feedback on the current state of the game   
    Lack of population has been an ongoing problem for Crowfall, and the designers need to take some time to work out why that is and what they can do to fix it.
    There are tens of thousands of people with access to the beta right now.  Yet under 1% of them are playing at peak times.  I've heard all the excuses about how people who've paid for early access don't actually want to test an unfinished game, how an upcoming wipe is causing people to not want to play, etc.   Wait, let's unpack that last one a bit.  People don't want to participate because there's a chance their work will be wiped away.   Crowfall progression feels like work.  Every aspect of it.
    What it comes down to, is that while Crowfall occasionally feels rewarding, it rarely feels like fun.   And that's the core problem you have, ACE.  Those of us who persist in the test do so because those rare elements of fun make us want to seek out more of it, or because we feel an obligation to our guild.  The vast majority of your testers have decided that there's not nearly enough fun to justify all the work that comprises the rest of the game.   If the game had a lot more fun, a wipe would be meaningless because we'd be enjoying the gameplay, and doing more of it later would also be enjoyable.
    Let's examine some of the elements of Crowfall.
    The New Player Experience is a necessary evil.  New players need to learn the mechanics and concepts and weird stuff that makes Crowfall unique.  And going through it once is educational and rewarding (free mount, relatively fast pace of advancement for white vessels, at least).  But after the first time on each class (let's be generous and say that it teaches us how to play our class and is therefore worthwhile the first time you play a class), it's just work.  And if you have a crafted vessel, it's more work to get to max level.  The better the vessel, the more experience you have with the game, the more work it is to level the vessel.  Why is that?  We should pay for our stronger vessel with a longer leveling curve?  That suggests that even the devs see the leveling process as work, a price to be paid to reach the real game. Harvesting for mats.  Resource nodes have 1000 health.  Node dmg is capped at 100 per swing unless you're using energetic harvesting.  So let's assume an average of 10 swings of a tool to destroy a node (longer in the early game, shorter for trained harvesters with good gear and energetic harvesting later on).  Each node pops out a couple of useful doobers, some dust, and a fair number of less useful doobers.  Solo harvesters spend a lot of time hitting resource nodes.  They deplete their stam, they use a glowing tool that can be seen a long ways off, they make a lot of noise.  All this so they can attract gankers for a bout of massively unbalanced PvP (the ganker chooses the start of the fight, when the harvester is low on stam usually, the ganker is in pvp gear as opposed to harvesting gear, the ganker carries no loot while the harvester is a loot pinata, and when the ganker wins, it recalls home immediately to offload its loot.  No risk vs reward here).  And the rewards of solo harvesting are dwarfed by the drops from forts and pig caravans.   So solo harvesting is a lot of work (there's that word again) for little reward and no fun.  Group harvesting (motherlodes, with harvesters and guards, or even groups of harvesters working in close proximity (although there are no places at all in recent maps where this is viable for most types of harvesting)) is marginally more rewarding, and less dangerous, but it's still work rather than fun.  Maybe here we have to accept rewarding rather than fun? Forts.  A fort produces a large amount of free resources each hour to the faction/alliance/guild that owns it.  Forts are rewarding.  Capturing a fort involves bringing a large number of people to capture a flag in the last few minutes of an hour-long siege window.  Because the only thing that matters is who owns the flag when the siege window ends.  5 minutes of blob vs blob combat dictates who gets the reward for the next 24 hours or so.  And the forts only have their siege window in prime time for their local time zone.  Same as keeps.  This promotes appointment gameplay.  Login at the start of prime time, hope your blob is bigger than the enemy blob (because large group combat in crowfall is a numbers game for the most part), logout after the siege window ends.  No real reason to play outside the siege window once you've got a leveled and geared character.   I would like to see Forts replenish their loot at random intervals throughout the day (based on population on, if you prefer), with less loot per pop, and a 5 minute warning before the loot spawns.  Fort fights should be good fun for 5 man groups. Caravans.  I think ACE did pretty well with these.  Pigs spawn at a decent rate, move at a decent rate, and can lead to small group combat, which is what Crowfall does best, and where all the fun is to be had.  They are probably too rewarding in comparison with harvesting though - a solo pig runner will come up with way more uncommon and rare resources in a day than a solo harvester. Keep sieges.  These should be the epic centerpieces of Crowfall throne wars.  Instead they're a blob vs blob mess.  Blob vs blob combat isn't fun with current game mechanics.  There's no way for individual skill to count for much.  Tactics don't do a lot either - it boils down to "isolate someone on the other side and burn them down.  Repeat over and over.  Move in the densest blob you can so the enemy can't isolate your guys and burn them down."  Shot callers may get some reward out of blob vs blob fights, but for Joe Normal, the only reward is the satisfaction of either defending your stuff or destroying the other side's stuff.   There's no fun in the moment, just the reward at the end.  Honestly, I have no idea how you fix this with current gameplay mechanics.  It's going to take some significant changes. Wartribes and Thralls.  This is.. ok, I guess.  Doing it solo is asking to be ganked.  Doing it in small groups can lead to some small group fun (and occasionally being run over by a roaming blob). Throne War mechanics.  There really are none beyond sieges.  There's no way to claim and hold land, and no reward for doing so even if you could.  There needs to be fun stuff small groups can do at any time that will help their team compete, and that needs to be the bulk of the gameplay. In the end, solo play in Crowfall is neither fun nor rewarding (unless you're a solo stealther ganking solo harvesters, I suppose).   Small group combat is fun, and possibly rewarding, but really hard to find in Crowfall as things stand, because everything worth fighting over is worth bringing 50 people to do the fighting, and is conveniently scheduled so guilds can do so.  Large group fighting is not fun at all, but rewarding if your blob wins (note that I didn't say if you win.  If your blob wins).
    ACE, please take a look at your systems, scheduling, and mechanics, and rejig things with an eye to making gameplay fun.  Small group combat is where Crowfall shines, so try to focus on that in the short term, while also looking for ways to make large group combat fun, and to make solo play viable and fun.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from EzzorathTV in 3v3 Community Tournament - CF Fight Night - 11/14-11/15   
    seems a bit weird since a fight can go from 2 vs 3 to 1 vs 3 but the 3 could be low hp and even change fast to a 1 vs 2. You eleminate nice come backs with that rule
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Wilbur in 3v3 Community Tournament - CF Fight Night - 11/14-11/15   
    seems a bit weird since a fight can go from 2 vs 3 to 1 vs 3 but the 3 could be low hp and even change fast to a 1 vs 2. You eleminate nice come backs with that rule
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    DravoiX reacted to Wilbur in 3v3 Community Tournament - CF Fight Night - 11/14-11/15   
    We are happy to waive this rule for the 3v3 tournament.  It was included with the 5v5 format inmind.
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    DravoiX reacted to ComradeAma in This is like early alpha more then a beta right?   
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    DravoiX reacted to Xarrayne in 6.200 TEST Bug Reports for 10/22/20   
    I crunched the actual numbers for Archdruid Blight dmg values; I hope you brought your graphing calculators... The Damage meter doesn't seem to register more than 50 hits at once, but the math is still solid and an accurate comparison can still be made.
    I hit the exact same dummies (GR Keep in Blenden) and matched damage stats between Live and Test as best I could; if anything I probably had higher damage stats on Test (where final dmg values are lower). No external buffs or self-buffs were used, nor any such debuffs or armour breaks.
    Live Stats:

    82 Weapon Damage, 650 AP (this will be important to note for later).
    Live Damage results:



    Note the Biggest Hit values - 975 on each.
    Test Stats:

    60 Weapon Damage and 850 AP; I have 200 more AP on this char, but also 22 less Weapon Damage so only 20 less effective Attack Power. I also have 1.5% lower Nature Dmg here, but nearly 4% more Nature Pen, 4% more Crit Chance and 5% more Crit Dmg. No other relevant stats differed significantly between the two environments.
    Test Damage Results:



    Note the much lower values on "Biggest Hit" - a staggering 60% lower than the Live value of 975.
    I chose 3 examples from each environment that most closely resembled the stated/expected Crit Chance for each stat sheet; Live was 1.5% added Crit Rate over stated value, Test was 1.5% added Crit Rate over stated value.
    Live damage values averaged 19,700 damage across 50 hits, or 7880 damage per target at 20 hits per target.
    Test damage values averaged 13,500 damage across 50 hits, or 5400 damage per target at 20 hits per target.
    In these simulations the Test environment Blight falls 40% short of current Live values. Even if Test environment Archdruid is missing its 25% Blight damage bonus then it still falls 15% behind current Live environment values. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in A Brief Look at the Confessor - Talent Tree   
    if its the old one 500 blackmantle block 500 healing
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    DravoiX got a reaction from galvia in A Brief Look at the Confessor - Talent Tree   
    if its the old one 500 blackmantle block 500 healing
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    DravoiX got a reaction from goqua in Crowfall curious? Get answers here   
    Depends if and what guild you are joining, with some classes you can get a good speed of farming monsters. But the game is more about party / guild play. 
    Not necessary nor a good deal you can get the buildings by crafting in-game
    If you can't join the sieges ( I think both are 21:00 CT and CET) your PvP experience will be quite less.
    But there are guilds which could need you.
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    DravoiX reacted to makkon in PvP Tip: Skipping Global Cooldown aka Animation Canceling   
    there are alot of other flashcast things ingame.
    pretty sure smart ppl who are not "playing with fire" or "for fun" can get clue on this mechanics in 1-2 days playing if chose right class.

    else it does not matter.
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    DravoiX reacted to Elixor in Dregs is not fun in the current state - Feedback on Alliance   
    Following my feedback on fights  (link below), I wanted to share a bit more about alliances in the Dregs campaign.
    Bear in mind that, I'm quite new to the game (1st campaign).
    So far, I assumed Dregs was a GvG type of game where we all compete for forts and keeps. The reality of things is in it basically giga alliances, organising themselves to "game the system" and ensuring sub-guilds are given points to make it to the top but not to compete with the main guild. Which turns a GvG concept into basically a faction versus faction. (in the current campaign the 3 factions would king of be Earth, Winterblades&allies, and the rest a a disorganised faction) 
    Now, nothing from the game prevent that, and from what I've heard recently, a future patch is actually meant to bring Guild Alliances.
    I understand about the campaign cards too, and this is great, but in this case we shouldn't have the scoring at the top of the screen based on the conquests points (as many, (most?) would see this as the ranking).
    As a solution, I don't know to be fair, what I know is GvG is so much fun, and yet the snowball effect of alliances on Dregs ruined the fun completely.
    (A few disorganised thoughts sorry but I hope you got my points and I'd love to know how we could solve it. Note as well this is not a "omg they kill 5 of us and they were 10" )
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    DravoiX reacted to yasha in Harvesting is outdated!   
    Thank you, I am glad other people can see the obvious issues with the mob drops and vendors. 
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    DravoiX reacted to Ble in Main issue of this game summarized.   
    Optimization is the worst he's ever seen. 60-70 FPS with really good comp with no one on screen and settings on low - if he increases settings, performance is unacceptable Large fights "watching the game on a powerpoint" Game is so bare bones as far as what it offers, he struggles to call it an alpha.  Nowhere near ready. He is the exact demographic for this game and he does not enjoy the game at all. Combat: "better than it was in 2019, but is it good?  No, it's not good." "I'd perfer a 2d game with point and click on people instead of this" "all the problems are still there and theyve been there the whole time" "the core of the game is so fundamentally busted, I cannot see the end of the game" "there's design in the game that doesnt make sense" "not being able to move ui in 2020, unacceptable" game does not communicate emphasis and irreversibility of some choices. 15 abilities but only 10 hotbar slots doesnt feel good the game world is so dead and disfunctional Nothing to do, hardly any creatures - (he doesnt know about what to do and I guess it was not communciated to him all the great things crowfall has to do....wait) no point in trying out end game - not fun/slide show/gamers who like this niche will not survive to that point he doesnt understand how they think people are going to play this [game] the many lacking things of this game was acceptable as an alpha - but as a beta, its incomplete Game does not meet minimum beta standards "people are going to get salmonella from this mfer because its so undercooked"
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    DravoiX reacted to FyeFey in Harvesting is outdated!   
    I want to put down my experience in terms of decisions of the contend in the game and the effect that it had to me as a main Harvester.
    To begin with, Im playing this game for over 1.5 years active at this point and i realy enjoyed it till the start of the beta recendly. Till this point the 3 main aspects of the game, namely Harvesting, Crafting and PvP, were pretty much balanced.
    On the first Fort / Keep changes the refreshing buff from the fountains / temple was introduced, thats helps everyone to easily refill ther food bar. That sounds nice in theory, but was the first step reducing the value of harvesting, because noone was in need for food anymore, and the amount of food needed could easily be gathered by killing wartribes or on the run. But this was still minor cause mostly what happend on the harvester side now, skinner could make some money selling meat to vendors.
    Through the introduction of Caravans I noticed a actual slight loss on the harvester side, because you could use the materials there not only to build your forts, you can refine them as well to get out materials you normaly had to harvest for, but you had to put quite some time into it and with the reduced accessibility (because of respawntime), qualety and the amount of dust needed, the value over all isn't so much if you compare it to a decent harvester and the qualety never goes over rare/blue, but allready put PVP over Harvesting, what is actually welcome because its a PVP focused Game and the balance between the 3 aspects were still intact.
    With 5.125 going on live the Fort and Keep system changed again and now the allready strong guilds can generate good amounts of gold, dust, and materials for free, just by holding the forts. Allowing highly PVP focust guilds to even more focusing on holding down smaller groups and guild, because they dont have to bother about recources at all (up till epic/purple at this point) so all they need harvesters for would be bee wax (siege weapons), heartwood (quivers), Blood (vessel and jewel crafting), bones (mainly harvesting potions), minerals/jewels and body parts (and maybe some plants for PVP food).
    So with the start of beta and the riseing player numbers the problem of the new system was getting even bigger, at least for me, because we had to go through the passive training first, just to notice that with growing player numbers and the big PVP guilds hunting down player you need way more than just a group of Harvester. You pretty much need an additional team of Guards to protect yourself, because harvesters aren't min/maxed PVP vessels and you will lose mostly every fight.
    At this point the  stronger guilds have allready all the materials they need to gear themself up, giveing them even more of an advantage over everyone else.
    Noticeing this I was questioning myself, what the actual purpose of harvesting is, now that those who are focusing strong in pvp at the start woudn't lose there advantage anymore because they will get everything they need to craft better gear as soon as possible, spiraling up to them dominating over the actual needed harvesting spots (mostly graves, cause vessels are the next step) and other good harvesting spots, leaveing harvesters with lot of frustration and even no recorces in campaign.
    The real need for harvesters, in my opinion, now start pretty much at the point you need legendary materials. What, with the current passive training speed, would be around 1 year after starting passive training, at which point noone would be interessted in harvesting anymore.
    On the other hand it isnt just destroying the balance between the 3 aspects i mentioned at the beginning, it even leads to a pvp enviorment new people, small groups and those who arn't hardcore pvp players are getting dominated, leaveing them behinde for the sake of a few guilds.
    I hope that Im not the only one haveing this thoughts and that our voices will be heared and can lead to a solution of this problem.
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    DravoiX reacted to Soulreaver in [EU] - Caldera - [CAL]   
    Just joining Crowfall??

    If you're just joining Crowfall and find knowing what to do a daunting ordeal, don't worry @Shadiz has gathered some of the vast amount of information and complied it into 5 points of how to get the best possible start in Crowfall : Enjoy

    5 tips to Crowfall
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    DravoiX reacted to tallblokeuk in [EU] - Caldera - [CAL]   
    I joined Caldera about a week ago.  My first impressions are great, they're a welcoming, friendly and skilled bunch of players!  Would recommend to anyone new or experienced alike!
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