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    DravoiX reacted to Pann in The last Thursday at noon of this month.   
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Crowmight in Horizon | [EU]   
    Horizon has been created by a group of dedicated early backers, who PLAY Crowfall in its early state, to create a fundament for a quick start in Crowfall. Our main goal is providing a competitive & social environment, where you are encouraged to raise your voice.

           We built Horizon on the basis of the following three aspects:
                  - Active (jump in voice chat to hang out while doing your daily routines and tasks in game)
                  - Social (we can disagree with each other but in the end we have each others backs)
                  - Practice (you can't improve by just talking about the game)
           Our Expectations:
                   - Regular participation at events
                - Regular activity on voice chat, be there while you are in the campaigns
                - Eagerness to learn and improve - ability to handle feedback both positive and negative
                - Access to crowfall

            How to become a member:
                    Apply via a PM on Discord:
                        In this message  you should include your nickname, forum-name, your test-status (access level),
                        and some general information on who you are and what your gaming journey looks like.
                  Talk with us in an interview:
                        After we’ve received and briefly discuss your application internally, you will be invited for a quick chat.
                        We will talk about your application briefly, clear up some of the basics and get to know each other.
                  Test our guild:
                        After finishing part 1 & 2 of the recruitment process you’ll be an actual recruit in the guild.
                        During this phase we expect the same of you as our regular members.
                        In return you will have pretty much the same access to information as regular members.
                        This phase is just for us to see how you interact with our other guild members once the work begins.
                        This is the perfect time to ask all the questions you want to ask and find your place in our guild.

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    DravoiX reacted to sokidan in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Name - sokidan
    Discord - sokidan#6491
    Guild criteria:
    Region: EU Atmosphere: Laid back Casual/Hardcore?:  Casual Size: not important Play-Style: 70% PVP 30%PVE/crafting Commitment: I usually play 2 hours a day Experience: 
    SWG WOW Darkfall  ESO Archeage  UO  
    Voice-Chat services:
    Discord , no problem in joining vocal chats anytime
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    DravoiX reacted to Kraahk in Happy to join the community :)   
    Welcome to the forums.
    If you want to connect more with the french speaking community, I recommend this subforum and this community discord channel. There are also some french crowfall streamers, like Laas1er. I also suggest to find a group you can play with as soon as possible, since Crowfall will be a quite team oriented game.
    Have fun, good luck
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    DravoiX reacted to Yueyehua in Happy to join the community :)   
    Hi everybody! I'm new there. 🤘
    I was looking for long time an online game focused a bit more on social side of the MMO RPG and I found Crowfall.
    As I'm also a crafter at heart, I've read greedily all the documentations available on the web site. 🤩
    After few days of hesitations, I got a backer pack and tried to connect for the first time yesterday. 😄
    By the way, I'm half French/Japanese and I live in Paris (France), which means I much less fluent in english than I'd like to be.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Jadekatze in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    Disappointed ...
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Doomshadow in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    Disappointed ...
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    DravoiX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    Disappointed ...
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Armegeddon in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    Disappointed ...
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    DravoiX got a reaction from oneply in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    Disappointed ...
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Surelia in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    Disappointed ...
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    DravoiX reacted to Pann in Dev Diary: The Winged Knight   
    The Aracoix Knight is joining his Assassin and Druid brethren in the Aracoix War Tribe camps.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    $50 there is nothing worth in the 80
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    DravoiX reacted to Elegy in Just joined.   
    Was playing swg emu when a guildy told me about this. Started a toon looks amazing.
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    DravoiX reacted to blazzen in ACE Q&A for February   
    Patch Notes from the Future! 

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    DravoiX reacted to Gradishar in ArtCraft Entertainment Closes Series-A Funding Round   
    You think so? When we complained about guilds using /who to load up siege zones, did they listen? When we complained about the clunkiness of root animated combat, did they listen? When Durenthal and Blazzen whined about how their Elite PvPers didn’t want to harvest or craft...did we get war tribe gear? Did they start working on refineries? There have been times when I’ve thought they listen to our childish incessant complaining way too much. There is little doubt in my mind that our feedback has significantly shaped the game over the past 3 years. Wether we made it better or worse is open to debate. When 5.110 hits TEST I am sure they will again be eager for our feedback on the version of the game they’ve spent the last 6 months developing. My only hope is that they will have the good judgment to know which voices to listen to, and which to ignore.
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    DravoiX reacted to Kcing in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Hello All.
    I invested into Crowfall a few years ago in a big way. At the time I had plans to form my own guild. However time are much different now for me and I haven't the time to manage a guild. I’m looking to join a guild of mature players. By mature I mean a guild suitable for players of all ages. An occasional fowl word, especially during the heat of battle is OK with me however I’m looking for a guild that has morals suited for everyone. This is my most important priority in finding my guild match. My 2nd hope for a match is to find a guild that sets re-planned times to practice and plays together as a team on weekends. I work nights and cannot commit to defined playing times during the weekdays but I can do solo activities for the guild when no one else is online. I generally get home from work around midnight eastern standard time. My 3rd desire (but not so important) is for the space to place a capital parcel in the guild’s EK close to the re spawn location so I can build a small city. I have a ton of assets including a large castle, some forts and keeps, a guildhall to name a few. The actual size of the guild is not so important to me but playing with a set of regular people on weekends that practices and fights together is what I seek. I also kinda prefer to play Balance but this has little actual relevance. I haven't started playing seriously yet but I'm ready to join a guild and start developing my skills as a team. I can play in both the live and the test servers.
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    DravoiX reacted to Gradishar in ArtCraft Entertainment Closes Series-A Funding Round   
    Why on God’s Green Earth are you trying to hype this game at its current state? Of course you should be laughed at if you are trying to get them to play a game you yourself are NOT playing. There has been a LIVE Server feature freeze since last summer to get the development time to get the game to a releasable state. That necessarily meant folks walked away from the existing LIVE Servers. Trying to get folks to come back and play the existing game is absolutely idiotic. Stop doing it. You aren’t helping. If 5.110 delivers...then show folks the videos we make of how much fun we are having. If 5.110 doesnt deliver...then wait until 6.0 shows up...and we can see if that’s ready for prime time. In the mean time, find something better to do with your precious time. The game will or will not be worth the time, money and effort once its released...and no amount of consternation now will have ANY effect upon that ultimate verdict. 
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    DravoiX reacted to Tinnis in ArtCraft Entertainment Closes Series-A Funding Round   
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    DravoiX reacted to juvesak in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Hello there new player looking for english speaking guild 
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    DravoiX reacted to CrusaderW in Need help building a new Crowfall Community Site   
    Thank you @Yumx, very good point. Since I'm currently on a "spiritual quest" and want to practice detachment from my ego anyway I guess a rebranding is then one of the first task I would like to tackle. So if anybody has recommendations for a new name let me know. Let the feedback coming and let's build a community site that is worthy of this game and it's community!
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    DravoiX reacted to Yumx in Need help building a new Crowfall Community Site   
    Hey Crusader, it's a good initiative, but also a big project - no wonder you would like help.
    But I think one thing that could scare ppl away from helping you, is that this 'community site' has your name all over it.
    Maybe consider changing the website name, if you really want to make a community site?
    Good luck with it! 
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    DravoiX reacted to Raindog in What is the most addictive/defining thing about CF for you?   
    I thought I was on a bit of a break as EU got very quiet so I thought I would check out some other games... but soon I was logging back into Crowfall, sneaking out into the world on my own ... and MINING ! Turns out I am addicted to the BLLAAAAINNNNGG ! noises when you harvest an epic or legendary. Crit Chance gear and Crit amount sandwich for the win!
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    DravoiX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Hey there   
    Welcome on the Forums
    have fun catching up
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    DravoiX reacted to Atome in All I want for Christmas is...   
    The game to actually release?
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