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    DravoiX got a reaction from Dvalin in EU Servers for Closed Beta?   
    @Dvalin mostlikely yes, the change just came last patch on the request on of the eu playerbase. We can basicly request when ever we want the eu campaigns back it just got lonely on the servers
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    DravoiX got a reaction from FatGoat in [NA|AUS] Acolytes are Recruiting!   
    Nice post are you guys EU or NA based ?
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    DravoiX reacted to FatGoat in [NA|AUS] Acolytes are Recruiting!   
    We get it done and have a fun time along the way! Acolytes will be hitting campaigns, crafting and EK construction. Looking to create a solid core in 6.2, work together, learn how to fight/craft together and be ready to hit Live launch strong!

    About Us
    The Acolytes were founded in 2005 with the basic principle of creating a strong, social gaming community. Since then we’ve offered many outlets for our members to enjoy their time together as a community. We could be grouping together doing a dungeon, pvp’ing, raiding or playing a drinking game in Discord. We offer a chance to join a Guild that won’t troll it’s members or self destruct over night. We are going on our 15th year as a community.
    Discord Contacts:
    Apply to the Guild: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=Acolytes#Acolytes
    What Can You Expect from Us?
    A documented community past is nice and all, but we want to maintain the mentality of what have we done lately for our community members. We want to build a strong, thriving, long term Acolytes PVP guild in Crowfall. No one wants to join a guild that is dead 4 months into the game. We feel our history shows that we maintain long track records in the MMO’s we join.
    Just a few items we can provide you as a member:
    An environment to progress and successfully complete guild and personal goals Active Discord to chat about Crowfall Scheduled guild PVP and Activity Nights An environment where we get things done and have a fun time doing it Experienced and friendly players to help all levels of gamers
    What Do We Expect From You?
    We are looking for people who want to work together and enjoy the worlds that Crowfall has to offer.  Many great memories will be made.
    We expect the following from you:
    Level-headedness Team players who value their peers and guild Active community participation Sense of self-worth and pride without arrogance 18 years of age or older Harassment of other players/members is not tolerated We expect behavior befitting adults. Drama will be quickly dealt with and should not disrupt guild activities. Liking pie is optional  
    Discord: https://discord.gg/WxjVUfg
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/acocommunity
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/AcolytesGaming
    YouTube: https://youtube.com/AcolytesCommunity
    Acolyte Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/acolytesgaming

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    DravoiX reacted to Soulreaver in [EU] - Caldera - [CAL]   
    Beta is here!

    It' has been announced that Beta will hit the servers on 11th of August, https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/beta-is-coming.  Hopefully one of the last skill wipes till launch so this is a perfect time to get into the game.

    Caldera is an EU guild that has been around since the start of Crowfall, we're still here and intend on being here for a long time.  As a guild whom persistantly  looking for new players.  Give us a look
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Olahorand in Mir gruselt   
    die lokalisierung ist 3 jahre alt und wurde seit dem nicht mehr angefasst zur Zeit gibt es kein status ob überhaubt es noch in deutsch übersetzt wird. Ich weiß net ob du wusstest aber Travian ist seit fast 2 jahren aus dem deal raus.
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    DravoiX reacted to Ghostbusters in Champs need a massive buff   
    Just want to play my champ again but it sucks being so buggy. I  wonder why it only consistently does it on the champ. I've posted on the bugs section, as have others for at least 3 or 4 weeks now.
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    DravoiX reacted to Yumx in Vanguard quitting Crowfall .. For now   
    We have decided to quit Crowfall for now.
    We will most likely first be back when beta hits in hopes of it can cure our frustrations.
    But lately it's been feeling like a chore to log in and play the game - and when a game starts to feel like a chore, it's time to do something else.

    First off, for those who don't know me and our guild, I am Yumx, leader of Vanguard, I've been playing Crowfall almost non-stop since Jan. 2017, so 3,5 years by now.
    Our guild Vanguard is one of the top EU guilds, we won the first 2 dregs on test, both the NA one and the EU one.
    We also recently won the first EU live dregs campaign.
    You might also know us from our videos from the past, Go Broke or Go Home and The European Clowncar.

    We've been playing Crowfall for with passion for years, providing the community with several guides, such as The Promo Class Breakdown, Minor Discipline Guide, and of course our Tier List.

    Enough about us - Why do we quit Crowfall?
    To put it into a sentence; It is the built up frustrations with many different aspects of the game.

    But to put some words on it, and to spark some discussions with the community, maybe the developers can use this to further develop the game in the future.
    *DISCLAIMER - Yes we know the game is in alpha, but it's far into development and you can get a pretty good idea of what the final game will look like*

    Game Loop
    The game loop is not where we wanted it to be.
    Currently it's 1 hour of action per day, and 23 hours of grinding - in a PvP focused game, for people that focus on PvP, that really kills the motivation when you spend most of your time doing PvE.

    We hoped with the implementation of caravans that it would drive more regular PvP, but in reality it does not do a great job at that.
    Mainly people just run those caravans in off hours to build up their buildings.
    This hopefully does change with a bigger population of course.

    Our hopes of Caravans were timed/announced events, fixed destination of the caravans, where you had to control/protect the caravans to the end, to get the huge amount of resources a caravan can give.
    Take us through the beautiful landscape and environments you've made, let enemies that don't make it to the caravans first set up ambushes, let's have some amazing PvP - this would be a type of circle standing I could like, because the circle would be moving :D 

    Victory Cards
    The victory cards most often promotes PvE farming or sitting in your base and hope the enemy doesn't come to try and take it, so even in the siege windows, most often you will find guilds sitting in their strongholds, because that is most beneficial towards winning the campaign.

    This is obviously something they said they can change and do balance passes on - so this is just feedback on what we've tried so far.
    But currently with how expensive buildings are, with how short campaigns are and the time it takes to gather those resources - victory cards that promote having "most rank 3 buildings" is just pure slavery.

    If you were to have Victory Cards that focuses that hard on PvE, such as Hellcat paws, or sacrificial shards to a certain god, make the points gained from those cards way lower than actual hard cards like most kills in sieges, most stuff capped etc.

    War Tribes
    The war tribes was a fun addition to the game initially, having those random drops is always a good time waster for MMOs, but in it's current state with Chiefs, Kings etc. in the early game, where crafting almost doesn't matter, being forced to farm those on cooldown to be competitive is not very fun.
    This is because the drops from these bosses is just too good not to go for, it's also the main way to get crafting additives.

    We really lack alternative ways to get crafting additives, hopefully through PvP (destroy an enemy crafting building - get crafting additives?)

    Loot boxes in war tribe camps
    It's a cool idea to have boxes with strong weapons and armor in. But they are too easily accessible currently.
    Let us fight over them, make it an event in the campaign (15:00 Urgu camp boxes will open)

    Why do we have to farm special versions of animals to acquire necro additives and crafting tools?
    Why are there not a PvP way to get these, a trained necromancer chopping up an enemy vessel etc.

    Again more alternative ways to acquire additives would be appreciated.

    With how little they actually matter to the scoreboard, and how long they take to capture, it feels like they need a rehaul.
    Yes, it makes sense that it's an activity for smaller scale, but you almost gain nothing from taking the time to kill the guards, then proceed to stand in the circle for X amount of time, just to gain very few points.

    Maybe they can have a bigger purpose outside of when the victory cards about outposts are there? Like if you own the outpost in the parcel you gain resource advantages on that parcel?

    Fort fights have always been some of my favourite fights, the only problem with them, is how they are captured in the end.
    If one force has more people than the other, they just need to stand in the circle to turn it to their side, there's not much strategy or tactical decisions outside of when your enemy make mistakes.

    Could be awesome to see some multi objectives like in the new keeps, because right now Forts are just as valuable as Keeps, if that's where you decide to make your homebase, it's just much easier to lose.

    The current iteration of keeps are in a pretty cool spot, the only thing we're lacking is players being able to decide their own layout, where to place the wards, buildings, walls etc.
    Not necessarily free building, but just give players several different layouts to choose from, so we have some decisions to make depending on the surrounding area.

    Siege Windows
    As mentioned, the downside of sieges being scheduled to 1 hour per day is that, then people think that's when to PvP.
    So they almost only log in to PvP, at that time of the day. This is very much a mental thing, that people see "okay X is open from X to X, that's when I need to prepare my self for PvP".

    That's why we suggest timed events more regularly, like Caravans, so people have a visual indicator of PvP is about to happen.

    Campaign layout
    Often when you want to go attack forts or keeps, having a respawn point nearby is pretty nice to have, especially if you expect you take some losses, then you don't want people to have to run 5-10 minutes to get back to the fights.
    But most often respawn outposts are very far off forts, so an idea could be that you give players a way to transform regular outposts to respawn points for X amount of time?
    Maybe a stonemason craft or something like that.

    It would also help with huge advantages defenders already have in this game.

    My officer and I were the ones crafting for our entire guild (20+ people), and the current crafting iteration could use some optimizing for sure.
    The biggest problem is how inconvenient it is to craft items that require items from other professions, and it's not so much that you have to be on different accounts/characters, it's more that we lack a nice way to keep an overview.

    An idea could be: Guild crafting requests, so when you step to a crafting table, a request tab pops up, shows what kind of items guild members have requested, and then you just click on it, and it shows you what item you need to craft at this crafting table, for that item.
    So let's say a guild member requests a 1 handed axe, with Crit damage and attack power.
    Then on my woodworker account, I go to the woodworking table, click on requests, on the 1 handed axe that is requested, and it says "Craft a Wooden Plank: Birch/Birch/Birch".
    Then when you craft it, it says "Part complete by WoodWorkerCharacter" in the request tab, so you can see your progression towards the item, and who crafted the parts.

    A part from this, going back to asking for alternative ways of getting things, have crafting be able to compete with War Tribe loot early game too, that way people can choose to either go farm war tribes, or the crafting route - we need more choices.

    This is obviously the most important one for us.
    The reason I kept playing Crowfall for 3,5 years, is because the PvP was addicting.
    The thrill of beating your enemies with great coordination, and well timed anti healing, tracking enemy ulties etc. was just an overall great experience.

    This has sadly turned for the worse in the current patch, with the implementation of Frostweaver and huge amounts of AoE damage.
    Currently fights go like this:
    - Everyone has frost guards, because the frost armor is so strong that you can't play without it.
    - Everyone has Stormcallers, Frost guards and Archmages, because the AoE damage is so strong, you would be gimping yourself if you didn't use it.
    - With the amount of damage these classes put out in AoE, you don't really need anything else, because you also get a buttload of CC from the frostguards Volatile Ice mechanics.
    - So the rest you just fill up with healers.
    - So you see an enemy group, tell everyone to get their AoE ready, then fire it all at once while running into the enemy, and they get AoE'd down, while everyone is clapping in excitement and playing their face and feet.

    The PvP has been dumbed down to a level that is not fun anymore, for us at least.

    Crowd Control and Retaliate
    That every class has access to multiple CC powers on low cooldown, makes the overall CC experience in a fight very spammy.
    But to counter this, everyone has retaliate ready all the time, and become CC immune most of the fight.
    This leads to that everyone that PvPs almost always have 1 finger on their retaliate button, because you just have to react to the Retaliate Pop up to keep playing like nothing happend.
    It feels trivial to the fights, it's just annoying but doesn't have that much of an impact.

    What would help the overall combat experience in our opinion, is to limit the amount of CCs, make them longer cooldown, but make them have a bigger impact - so retaliate on a cooldown - that way it also means that you need to use stuff like juggernaut and escape artist to outplay/counter stuff - and you can set up burst windows.

    We want to go back to tracking enemy cooldowns, so we know when we can go for the kill with set ups.

    Class mechanics
    With the implementation of the Frostweaver ACE showcased that they are able to actually make unique and interesting powers, so an overhaul for the other classes towards this direction is very much needed.
    Most of the current classes/builds are not mechanically challenging, even a 6 year old can play champion in PvP.
    There's no real depth in the skill variety, combos etc., the promotion classes adds very little to the playstyle.
    An example here could be that you put almost all CC into the actual CC promotions.

    With the limited amount of viable majors and minors, everyone is running the same builds.
    You're playing Icecaller? Earthkeeper? Crusader? Use Field Surgeon and Naiad.
    Minors? Sturdy, overwhelming odds, matching X.

    There are no other choices that can beat that.
    We desperately need more viable choices so we can specialize our builds more towards our preferred playstyles - but it's impossible currently with how the fights play out.

    This is one of the next steps they announced they will be working on.
    And it's definitely needed.
    Here are some suggestions to changes:

    - Reduce Volatile Ice Damage.
    - Reduce Volatile Ice Proc chance.
    - Reduce Aura Emitter Damage.
    - Increase Barrage damage to whatever you reduce the other AoEs to.
    (Single target dmg should always be higher than AoE, which is not the case currently)
    - Reduce Frost Armor (from Frost Guard) to take 5 seconds to break, instead of 10.
    - Move Crowd Control to CC promotions for the different classes.
    - Make hybrids more viable. (Arbiter/Archdruid some more base support power forexample)
    - Give melees more CC immunity than Ranged Classes. In big fights, melees have to run through hell to get to targets, where ranged can just pew pew from range, meaning all the CC affects melee way more than ranged. To make up for this, give them more CC immunity so they also have a chance to do anything.
    We need melee to be viable again, and this is one of the main reasons they are not playable in big fights.
    - Early game the offensive stats from war tribe gear is way higher than what you can gain for healers, meaning damage is way higher than healing. Could use some fine-tuning, see Crafting feedback.
    - Generally we think with longer cooldowns on powers, ultimates, retaliate etc., the fights won't be as spammy, but more about setting up combos together, which is what we would prefer.

    There are so many promotion classes that are unplayable in the current iteration of combat - because they don't feel specialized enough in what they are advertised as.
    Champion (Only Pit Fighter is played):
    Alpha Warrior lots of damage? Well with how the Pit Fighter capstone works, Pit Fighter actually have enough damage but way more survivability.
    Barbarian lots of crowd control? Well all the other champions have almost the same amount of CC, just more dmg or survivability.

    Cleric (Only Crusader is played):
    Arbiter lots of crowd control? Well with how retaliate works, and since you can have 2 roots on Crusader from naiad + native root, the Crusader have enough crowd control and way more healing.
    Radical ranged dps? Compare it to ANY other ranged dps and it will fall short in output over time.

    Knight (Secutor and Swordsman are played):
    Sentinel lots of crowd control? The other knights have exactly the same amount of CC, and the Secutor even has better CC through spammable dodge pip removal.

    Templar (Paladin and Fury are played):
    Vindicator melee dps? The main damage from a vindicator is execute, their divine light is not worth it, because only 5 targets and slow tick rate. Compare it's output to forexample Titan (if the melees even can have uptime) then it falls short.

    Ranger (lol):
    Archer is somewhat viable, because of their single target sniping from long range, but the damage output versus the other ranged dps (confessor, stormcaller, archmage), it's so slow.
    Their barrage is also very low dmg compared to other AoE.
    Warden tanky ranger? Well if people just ignore the warden, what can it actually do?
    Brigand stealth traps? Traps being that huge and clearly visible makes it very bad for combat where you fight enemies that have eyes in their head. Their slow stealth movement also makes it hard to use Brigand for group fights, where they would shine if they quickly could get into the backline and surprise with traps.

    Assassin (even more lol):
    Sadly the only thing assassin is useful for is PvE, and that's the blackguard.
    Assassin needs a serious overhaul, make it have some kind of impact through lockdown (see retaliate changes) or AoE antiheal or something useful.

    Frostweaver (Everything is played):
    You make a well designed class, and suddenly every promotion is used and feels unique.

    Confessor (Inquisitor and Fanatic is played):
    Why change the names btw? Fanatic (CC promotion) is not used for their CC abilities though, because all confessors have the same CC. They are mainly just used for their passive elemental break debuff.
    Sanctifier is sadly still a joke, has no impact on fights, condemnation being locked in animation, their low range on CC, sanctifiers are ignoreable in fights.

    Myrmidon (Titan is played once every full moon):
    Titan went from one of the best DPS' if played well, to unplayable with the implementation of ranged AoE and huge amount of CC.
    Battlerager is ignoreable, it can soak dmg, but has no CC that makes an impact nor any utility or damage.
    Conqueror was also a great pick before to have 1 of in your lineup - now it's useless, frostweaver does it better.

    Duelist (Slayer is played):
    Slayer is played because it has lots of control combined with good ranged damage, you actually feel like a DPS promotion playing this.
    Vanguard Scout is a promotion people forget exist.
    Dirge is used for harvesting characters, because it's easier to craft mail/plate harvesting gear.

    Druid (Earthkeeper and Stormcaller is used):
    Archdruid used to be THE AoE damage. You would work together to set up the big one shots - it has now been overtaken by the quick AoE dmg Frostweavers and Stormcallers has, why take 20 seconds to set up a one shot, when you can spam AoE dmg every second on a Frostweaver with almost no ramp-up time?

    Hitboxes really have to get fine tuned, if anyone has ever tried to play a ranged character, trying to hit enemies on objects, fort/keep walls etc. most often even though your reticle is straight on the enemy character, you will not hit your enemy. Very frustrating.

    I understand that leveling was implemented to slowly introduce players to the class and their powers/mechanics.
    But if that's the reason, why do you then still have to level advanced vessels? Did you think we forgot how to play our class after we upgraded our vessel?
    We should just have short class introductions when you create a basic vessel, and that should be it.
    Leveling feels misplaced in a PvP game like this, which brings me to the next part, New Player Experience.

    New Player Experience
    Now I know the current New Player Experience is not done.
    But here's what a new player needs to know (I have explained, trained and taught A LOT of new players over the last 3 years):
    - They need to understand that fights are mainly played in groups.
    - They need to learn how to use siege equipment.
    - They need to learn how objectives work.
    - They need to learn how to craft advanced stuff. Learning this means they get to learn how crafting items are dependent on multi professions/crafters and requires time. Which hopefully teaches them to appreciate when they get well crafted stuff.
    "I would like an epic Runic Sword" "Yeah but do you understand the effort it takes to make a sword like that happen?"
    - They need to learn the basics of their class (later all classes, but that shouldn't be in the intro)
    - They need to learn how harvesting works, where resources come from, what Plentiful harvest is etc.
    - What victory cards are etc.

    If they learn all this stuff in the introduction, they will be well suited to out into a campaign and actually contribute for a guild.
    It's a huge amount of work, but this is what guilds are forced to teach new players when they take them into their guild.


    Now this sounds like a lot of negative stuff, but it's just how we have experienced the game the last 3 years.

    Here's some positive stuff though:
    - Dregs, Guild vs Guild worked out great, the forced friendly fire between allied guilds adds a fun factor to fights.
    - Thralls at night is a cool mechanic, and forces people out into the world (will work great with a big population)
    - The game have been great enough to play it non-stop for 3+ years, you have done a lot of stuff right.
    - All the different stats in the game makes it an awesome experience for min/max'ers, that you can really dive into your stats and exactly hit your caps in late game etc. is great. (Only problem is what is actually viable vs obtainable)
    - Harvesting was chill and useful (till Caravans)
    - The feeling of being dependant on eachother in a guild is still there, you can't fight without your crafters, you can't craft without your harvesters, you can't harvest without your crafters.
    (I know wartribe = non crafted gear, caravans = non harvested resources, but still :D )

    We hope the devs can use some of this feedback.
    Hopefully a bigger population will fix a lot of these frustrations, only time will tell.

    Now, this was a long post, and if you've reached the end, thank you for reading, this post was made to spark discussions about the game, so fire away, but keep it constructive!
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    DravoiX reacted to Yumx in Vanguard quitting Crowfall .. For now   
    Us pushing for the win has nothing to do with all this feedback, all this feedback would still be valid even if you guys could compete.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from KDSPrecious in [EU] - Caldera - [CAL]   
    The first Dregs on Live is over and already a new has spun into motion - which we of course is taking part in! I want to toss out a special thanks to KDS for helping us out with harvesting and crafting. We had a great time having you under our banner, especially impressive were the large fights which are somewhat unusual for Europe.Thanks to the whole EU Community and Russians for providing the blood and gore of these fights.
    My first couple of months in Caldera is coming to a close. While it has not been the easiest one, it took us time and sweat to get our gears working. Lastly, I want to give thanks to all our recruits that joined over that time, it wasn't easy being tossed straight into the fire, but you guys help us improve so much!
    Gazing forward to what is to come.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Soulreaver in [EU] - Caldera - [CAL]   
    The first Dregs on Live is over and already a new has spun into motion - which we of course is taking part in! I want to toss out a special thanks to KDS for helping us out with harvesting and crafting. We had a great time having you under our banner, especially impressive were the large fights which are somewhat unusual for Europe.Thanks to the whole EU Community and Russians for providing the blood and gore of these fights.
    My first couple of months in Caldera is coming to a close. While it has not been the easiest one, it took us time and sweat to get our gears working. Lastly, I want to give thanks to all our recruits that joined over that time, it wasn't easy being tossed straight into the fire, but you guys help us improve so much!
    Gazing forward to what is to come.
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    DravoiX reacted to RycoWindstorm in Lets go!   
    Hey all,
    Ryco Windstorm here. I have been a backer of Crowfall since the begining but until now have been watching its development quietly in the back ground. I reecntly rolled a new charachter Frostweaver (FrostGuard) to test the game and am really pleased with its progress but want to experience some of the group PVP.
    Im looking for a guild to play with and will outline a little bit about myself:
    1. I was the guild leader of "Immortals" in Albion online which ran sucessfully for many years but due to work commitments I am not looking to start my own guild in crowfall and instead want to join an existing one.
    2. I enjoy PVP, this is the main draw to the game for me. I will ofcourse do gathering, crafting and building (I own a medium fort blueprint that i purchased from the store).
    3. I am a streamer, previously on Mixer with growing following before they announced the shut down so starting over on twitch www.twitch.tv/rycowindstorm or www.rycowindstorm.live
    So I hear you ask, what am i looking for in a guild:
    1. Primarliy active people to play the game as it currently is now with a low population. If your guild is activly playing the game now between the hours of 6:00pm - 12:00pm weekdays and weekends then please let me know.
    2. Organisation and focus on PVP, dont mind larger guilds with a mix of players or small very specialist PVP guilds.
    3. A guild that does not mind me streaming, I will ofcourse do what needs to be done to prevent stream sniping but if your a guild that likes the action or has no issues with streaming let me know!
    4. I often play games with my 13 year old son who is insane at PVP, im not sure if he will play crowfall but if he chooses to I would like a guild that would be open to letting him in with me so we can play tother with our new friends. He has played lots of group games with me with older people and used to others using bad language etc.. so people dont have to censor themselves around him but he does have to censor himself around me  
    5. Its goto be a guild that looks to try progress in the game but also has fun and works together on goals.
    So if you think you are the perfect guild for me or know one please let me know.
    Good to meet you all folks and look forward to meeting / bashing you in game O
    Over and out
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Soulreaver in Advocating on behalf of our EU/Russian friends   
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    DravoiX reacted to Jagour in Advocating on behalf of our EU/Russian friends   

    Please please please highly consider activating some of the Fort's siege's at EU friendly times for this campaign. I can understand if you don't want to activate Keeps but currently no EU/Russian player can reliably participate in any type of siege for NA hosted campaigns.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in I HAVE ARRIVED   
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    DravoiX got a reaction from TenSixths in 5.110 TEST Bug Reports for 6/12/20   
    Vault placement is out of screen

  16. Haha
    DravoiX got a reaction from Aedius in 5.110 TEST Feedback for 6/12/20   
    should i really highlight a normal monster ? im okay with bosses and other enemies but the guards in the temple shouldnt scout NPC monsters 
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Tyrant in 5.110 TEST Bug Reports for 6/12/20   
    Vault placement is out of screen

  18. Haha
    DravoiX got a reaction from miraluna in 5.110 TEST Feedback for 6/12/20   
    should i really highlight a normal monster ? im okay with bosses and other enemies but the guards in the temple shouldnt scout NPC monsters 
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    DravoiX reacted to jtoddcoleman in Update to TEST environment coming today!   
    Hey folks,
    We are putting a new version up on our TEST environment this morning!  This version has 3000+ bug fixes and miscellaneous polish updates since we posted the last version on 5/28 (I know, crazy, right?!) and we would love your help in putting it through the wringer.
    As I mentioned in the last ACE Developer Q&A Livestream, now that we have LIVE running again, we will return to our original approach for managing the TEST and LIVE environments: the purpose of our TEST environment is functionality testing; i.e. verifying new features and content, bug fixes and performance improvements in preparation to move a build to LIVE.  The purpose of the LIVE environment is to get a feeling for playability.
    To that end, once we launch this version on the TEST server, we’re going to set up a few things that make it easier on you (our brave and stalwart testers) to push against the edges of the build and help us find the cracks, including:
    -         Turning up the speed of passive training to 10x, to run you get through the skill trees faster,
    -         Adding in free resource and materials vendors in the Temples and Strongholds to let you build all the buildings,
    -         …and because we have a sacrifice system to quickly turn items into XP, these same vendors should give you a quick path to level up new characters so you can test out combat.
    On that last point in particular, we would love some help with combat testing, as significant fixes or improvements were made to Retaliate, Frostweaver targeting, Trap deployment mechanics, collision, overall client performance (and a ton of other stuff that I’m forgetting but you can read about in the patch notes).
    Given that it’s the TEST server, we’ll bring it up and take it down as necessary, and generally without warning.  We don’t know yet whether or not we’ll keep it running over the weekend; that depends on how the initial testing goes… if we think it’s helpful, we’ll do it.  If not, then we won’t waste your time.  First round of testing will be God’s Reach and Infected; we have a few lingering issues with Dregs and New Player Experience, but we should be able to start testing those early next week.
    The goal is to get this version out to LIVE as quickly as possible, so we can get you guys playing a Dregs campaign and finding the “highest nails” that we need to address next.
    As always, thanks for your assistance!
    p.s. if you want to take a look at the TEST version, it requires a separate installer, which you can download here: 
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    DravoiX reacted to Ravencroft in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild  criteria: 
    Region:   EU Atmosphere:   The kinda guild that doesn't take everything on the internet seriously. Casual / Hardcore?:  Hardcore Size:   Any Play Style:   RP/PVP - I like it both ways. I want to help foster an RP community whilst planting a few well placed daggers. Commitment:   Online 24/7 as can be reached whilst at work. Game time will be EU evenings and all day on weekends. Miscellaneous:   Planning on Necromancy for crafting and hoping to find a guild worshipping Zaleena. Experience: 
    I have been playing MMO's since 2000. Have ran multiple guilds and communities and have extensive experience in game events management. Have GMed for a couple of MMO's here and there. I am someone willing to work towards a senior roll in a guild and can provide much in the way of experience, training and community management. Voice chat services:
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    DravoiX reacted to Fayde in Rising Challenge: Moving From Live To Test   
    In my opinion, it doesn't make any sense to recommend for new players to familiarize themselves with obsolete gameplay mechanics (e.g. the survival tray system) or old game graphics at this very moment. "Smoother and more predictable gameplay experience" just isn't a valid argument with a development gap between Live and Test environment this big.
    It's not like the Test server has major downtimes from constant patching that would lead to an inferior gameplay experience.
    In fact, New players ask why the (live client) servers are empty and get directed to the Test environment client on a daily basis.
    I really think you should temporarily direct new players to the TEST environment until you transition the 5.110 build to the Live client. That would almost certainly produce less confusion than that announcement.

    Also, I am curious how attaining or passing level 10 will give you any insight into the basic gameplay mechanics. You will find yourself with roughly two abilities on your hotbar and have killed about seven mobs. But hopefully people haven't noticed the survival tray before they transition to the test environment :)
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    DravoiX reacted to Soulreaver in [EU] - Caldera - [CAL]   
    The history of Caldera has many milestones to be proud of and one of the greatest has been achieved in bonding with our brothers and sisters in arms, the Horizon guild to become stronger together. To signify this change we have worked hard to symbolise this with a new guild logo that we proudly take into battle, it shows the union of both guilds into a greater whole.
    Today is the start of a new era in Caldera with new faces, new ideas and a stronger sense of community than ever before and with these Firm foundations in place, we are looking to expand our community and influence further in all aspects of the Crowfall Universe.
    If you are interested in joining a Socially-hardcore EU based guild with a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you learn, excel and triumph then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.
    Join our Discord and ask questions!
    Caldera Discord
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    DravoiX reacted to Zastier in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Since Dregs is out on Test and I am currently unguilded, imma make the post here again
    Guild criteria: 
    Region:   EU/UK Atmosphere:   Relaxed, friendly, nothing too serious. Casual / Hardcore?:  Usually casual, I play games to chill and have fun. Can get into stuff if needed though. Size:  Small or Medium, much rather an approachable tight group than a huge group Play Style: Like healing, enjoy DPS sometimes, maybe tanking tho not sure about it here. So far I enjoy Cleric and Templar quite a bit.  Commitment:   Varies quite a bit, I play when I feel like it and have no other commitments. Miscellaneous:   I enjoy gathering and crafting, am looking for people to learn the game better with. Experience: 
    Played Crowfall on and off since 2017, also had some good times on Albion, ESO and BDO.  Voice chat services:
    Discord, because why not?
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    DravoiX reacted to Freshly in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Guild  criteria: 
    Region:   EU - CET +1 Atmosphere:   Casual & laid back, but PvP focused - Hardcore when needed. Casual / Hardcore?:  Casual to Super Hardcore/Dedicated (only when needed) Size:  Large - Maxed out Play Style: Cleric (PvP Focused) - Myrm (PvE Farming) - Assassin (Solo - Group PvP Focused) - Most likely will get a second account centered around crafting but i don't know yet. Commitment:   7 - 12 hours a day, except Tuesdays & wednesdays i'll be able to do 7 hours at best. Miscellaneous:   I do play other games, such as World of Tanks, so i have massive commitment there. I ask the guild leaders & officer of future guiild, to respect that and understand it.  I am also a twitch streamer, eager to stream PvP content, such as Siege - Guild v Guild (Yes, there is counter measures to stream sniping, it's called stream delay & i am able to divert coms sound from stream as well. Allowing the stream only to hear my voice & music and not the coms.)  Experience: 
    WOW,  Dota 1 - 2, Albion online ArcheAge - ArcheAge Unchained - EvE Online I'm a GOONS for life, even tho i quit the game. Gloria victis - Star Trek Online (barely played it, didn't like the style & gameplay) - TERA (Same as STO didn't like the style & gameplay)  Voice chat services: Teamspeak 3 - Mumble - Discord
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Silkhe in 5.110 TEST Feedback for 4/10/20   
    like Surelia posted Crafting is not possible atm, since the experiment window is greyed out

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