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    DravoiX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Hey there   
    Welcome on the Forums
    have fun catching up
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    DravoiX reacted to stidesx in Hey there   
    Looking forward to playing, just going through forums. Nice to be here.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from mythx in Crowfall curious? Get answers here   
    Depends if and what guild you are joining, with some classes you can get a good speed of farming monsters. But the game is more about party / guild play. 
    Not necessary nor a good deal you can get the buildings by crafting in-game
    If you can't join the sieges ( I think both are 21:00 CT and CET) your PvP experience will be quite less.
    But there are guilds which could need you.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Makuza in The Guineceans of Vanguard - Go Broke or Go Home!   
    hackers could just set the flag to true all the time and everything would be normal
    and if u do it server side it uses to much ressources
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    DravoiX reacted to ComradeAma in The Guineceans of Vanguard - Go Broke or Go Home!   
    A simple client-side check for LOS/raycast during every tick of channeled power would help a lot with all the targeting issues without degrading server performance. It won’t stop hackers though.
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    DravoiX reacted to Xelvar in Ankündigung : GER | DE Twitch Stream - CrowfallGame   
    Hallo Community,
    und auch allen anderem einen wunderschönen Guten Abend.
    Ich möchte mich einmal kurz vorstellen... ich bin der Xelvar, Gründer und Betreiber der Phoenix Gaming Community,
    einer Spielgemeinschaft in der Spieler entspannt und in einer angenehmen Atmosphäre Ihrem Hobby Videospielen
    Unsere Gilde "Phoenix" in CF findet Ihr hier

    Ich möchte Euch hiermit am 13.11.19 ab 17:30 zu meinem Live Stream auf Twitch einladen, den ich auf dem offiziellen Kanal halten darf.
    Twitch CrowfallGame
    Stream Thema : Nekromantie
    Vorgesehen für unseren gemütlichen Abend ist die Erstellung eines " Vessel " und zusammengefasst die Beschaffung der erforderlichen
    Rohstoffe um auch den Aufwand etwas abschätzen zu können. Tja was soll ich sagen, das kann ich aktuell selbst noch nicht einschätzen,
    ich bin also auch ziemlich gespannt.
    Bis bald im LifeStream !
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    DravoiX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders   
    Viel Glück
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    DravoiX reacted to PinkFluffyPanda in Thoughts on Crowfall, good, bad and ideas.   
    I dont really know if this is the correct forum to put this but if not @Pann feel free to move it to where it belongs.
    Anyway, i`m playing Crowfall on and off due to my work, so its ON for 2.5 months and afterwards its OFF for 2.5 months and so on. 
    This does mean that every time I come home there has been some chances to the game, sometimes big chances, sometimes minor chances.
    So this is my "review" of the game as of now, with the good and the bad, plus some ideas of my own which might be good but also might be poorly made sockse.
    1. I like the idea about PVE that promotes PVP, the open world PVP in this game is to me the most fun there is in the game, so having something to fight over (kings etc.) is fine, however its a start, its not by any means perfect.
    it would be nice to have Kings spawn less often than they do, but instead give them a random spawn timer (then the timer should be set so if there is only 1 hour between two spawns then there should be maybe 12 hours between the next one or something like that) but a global message should appear at the screen no matter where you are, stating that world boss X has just spawned in Map X on this position, or in this camp. The next message should then be if someone attacks the boss, then all players within the world should get notified that "X faction is trying to take on the X boss". The Kings should basically be world bosses with some kind of lair that then provides the killing faction with a lot of materials+gear or whatever.
    2. Sieges can be fun , i`m not the biggest fan of them i much more prefer open world fights or small scale fights, but that only my preference. The biggest problem i have with sieges is they can turn into zerg fest, with the biggest faction having a big advantage only due to its numbers. I would like to see sieges be more skill based.
    Make AOE attacks much better than they are atm and another idea which is don`t even know if this is possible but having the system checking how many players of each faction is in a map during a open siege timer. lets say Order has 30 ppl, Chaos 20 ppl, Balance 10 ppl in the map, then now the system has to calculate some sort of damage mitigation buff or something like that. So Order being 3 times as many as Balance, well then Balance has 3 times more mitigation to Order players, and 50% more mitigation towards Chaos players. Chaos players will also have 50% added mitigation when attacked by Order players and so on.
    I`m not a game developer so i don`t know if this will work, I`m not even sure the game can calculate such things?
    But at least there should be something that evens out the playing field, so the Zerg is not just winning by default, and instead skill and coordination becomes a lot more important. it does not have to be mitigation it could be something else, this was simply a suggestion.
    3. I have said this before and i`m now saying it again, I personally would like to see an arena where you could enter as 1v1 and up to 5v5, an arena where your performance would matter to the scoreboard, so being a good and well organized group of 5 and constantly beating your opponents would start to build up a good amount of points in the campaign scoreboard, meaning adding points to the faction. That way small groups/Guilds can have a good impact to their faction even though their numbers are few.
    4. in my opinion we are in desperate need of something to during off hours, the PVE kings with random timers mentioned in chapter 1 could be a start, however I think some other kind of stuff to fight over could be good, sadly I don`t really have any good suggestion myself at the moment but it is a problem in my opinion that people are only logging on to play for 2hours during prime time and then nothing else.
    5. This has been voiced a lot in the forum in recent times but i`m also gonna do it: Change the world maps in campaign, have 3 sieges maps with really nothing more than the Sieges, and then have 1 Adventure map in the middle of the world where all resources etc is so people really have to fight for it. This would mean a lot more open world PVP, and addition to that, people will actually start having pvp players escorting their gathering players 
    6. I think the gap between vessels is still too big, again this ties down to trying to have skill rather than anything else having the most impact, in my opinion a very skillful player should be able to beat a novice or decent player even the skillful player has a white vessel+white gear and the decent player having purple gear+vessel. Just to stress again, skill should matter the most more than stats in my opinion. And yes i know it all comes down to classes and who gets the jump on who and so on, but its just a way to stress that stats should not be able to "outplay" skill.
    7. Again this have been voiced before but i`m going to state that this is my opinion as well: Rank of Resources/nodes should be adjusted: Dregs R10 - The shadow R6 - The infected R4 - Gods reach R2. There should be some sort of "reward" the further in to the hunger you go. People can still go from GODS reach with the PVE farmed gear and be able to compete in The infected and likewise the gap between The infected and the Shadows is not too big, the biggest gap should be when entering The Dregs IMO.
    In addition to this little rant I would just like to say that i was positively surprised last time i came home and started playing again, the game looked SO much better, so way to go on that one ACE, furthermore the siege timers on the forts seem to be a good idea, now we just need something to do off prime time hours as mentioned in chapter 4. Also the Gods reach i think is a good beginner experience, since new players and even veteran players can try out different builds etc before taking it out on the battlefield, yes it might be a little annoying that we have to kill the same mobs over and over again when making a new character in order to come into the campaign world, but please do find me an MMORPG where you can grind as little as in Crowfall and then go and do PVP while still being able to have some influence.
    All in all i think Crowfall is going forward and I think the developer has a lot of good ideas, which just takes time to implement, even though the game is a little dead in population at the moment I still have faith and really hope Crowfall turns out great.
    And a final word, I`m not asking for everyone else`s opinion, so please don`t start de-railing this topic with the usual discussing about who is beating who and other pointless online arguments, if this starts to happen @Pann feel free to close this topic for comments.
    This is only meant as something for the developers @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman, if they can use any of it then good, and if not, well then I have still done my part to get my ideas across to them.
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    DravoiX reacted to royo in feedbacks and opinions   
    A few days ago the infected was set up on crowfall and I wanted to share with you my feelings since this launch and on the game currently.
    It's sure that I will push open doors and repeat things already said, but sting of wakeup call is always good!
    I know that the game is in development and that things will evolve but I give my player's opinion because crowfall looks more and more like a real game and lots of new players arrive and give up too quickly sometimes.
    In my opinion the first thing to do for the game got meaning, is to balance access to resources.
    Currently too many high-level resources are reachable. Indeed the god's reach should not have ranks as high, for the war tribes and for harvesting resources.
    A player who starts crowfall must start with the god's reach to learn the mechanics of the game
    but very soon he should be confronted with the infected. Indeed have a zone without pvp with as much benefits that the current god's reach is totally the opposite of the basic idea of the game (or at least what I understood).

    We could imagine that the god's reach offers resources up to rank 4 for example to access the lvl 15 and then, we would naturally go into the infected to continue the progression, but finally having the pvp aspect. Infected it could go to the 7th rank for example and the higher ranks would be reserved for campaigns. Restore meaning to the risk / reward choice is for me an important thing for the future.
    Then, after several years of testing and several reset we notice the same thing every time the passive skills have not been reset since a long time, new players have the impression of being faced with an impassable wall (which is not entirely true or totally false).
    The passive progression should be much more horizontal than it's now. The latest levels of harvest are a good example of what should be made for passive skils, a star-shaped tree. Like that a new players can "quickly" be good in ONE  branch of the tree  but will time to be good in ALL.
    This would allow new players to feel quickly useful (within a guild or not) and thus to have fun and the desire to play. So I think a restructuring of the "form" of progression would be important and really beneficial to CF.
    By doing this kind of progression, we can imagine a new player choose runemaker job and be an axe specialist then pick specialist etc...
    This would also allow the dev to "add" branches easily when the game will have several years

    For the economy, I think we should remove the vendors from the temple and leave them only in freecity to give life to this area that could allow rp for those who likes and boost the trade of more players. Even if I admit that the top would have been an access to EK directly since the GR in order to give meaning to the ek but it may be difficult technically. Moreover vendor's location can become reward from campaign like that war will have sense and alliance between guild in a faction can be a negotiation for bigger guild which give 1 or 2 location to smaller guild for their help.
    For new players also a recurring problem is felt, a feeling of being lost when you start the game. I think a "tutorial quest" would be welcome to guide the players in their first steps and teach them the different aspects of the game. An example that marked me is a player who discovered
    that you could sacrifice after 3 days of play! The starting area of the god's reach would be perfect for that. We could even start the game in crows to understand a little better the lore of the game (I dream a little there). I think it should be the only quest in this game to understand who you are (ig) and how to play. You can tell me we already have the little bubble info but they are so fast that new player forget and dont take time to read it .
    Finally I will finish there because it is already long all that poorly made socks, in terms of fighting, the possibilities of having an impact when you're outnumbered are too low, indeed the lack of aoe (or their effectiveness) doesn't allow a small group to worry or kill a larger group unless it makes big
    errors. Even if @Belantis made a great post of the different strategies u can use, when u see big fights on the videos or stream u see ppl turning around and some fights become boring cause of that. (it's just an opinion and i can understand ppl dont feel like me on this point)
    thank you if u have read everything! 

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    DravoiX reacted to Tinnis in ACE's August QA communication failure   
    okay...you rearranged it due to sickness. *fine*. that happens.
    however you then failed to:
    - post a forum or news article for when it was rearranged [aug 29th]
    - post the stream video on your youtube channel
    in addition the twitch VOD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/474006839) has now expired beyond the 14 days of archiving. 
    even missed out in the newsletter that went out on the 14th sept obviously too.
    so literally inaccessible to anyone at this point it time, if they even knew it happened.
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    DravoiX reacted to Deioth in The New Guild Experience - The Passive and Crafting Problem   
    Eldritch has come into 5.100 in a very unique position. All of us are effectively brand new players (despite some having dabbled in previous versions, our passive trees still had very little in them). This gives us a perspective the veteran players and guilds simply don't have and that, we believe, ACE lacks serious data on. As fun as it has been, despite all the trouble and issues (and pushing Order because come at us bro get rekt), we've been privvy to an experience that absolutely MUST be addressed and quickly (i.e., before Beta at latest).
    It's certainly one thing that we're new. We have a lot to learn. We don't know the best way to build specs or the best disciplines, but we're learning. We don't have the best comps, but that's just how it goes being this new and small. We don't know every in and out of crafting and harvesting, but we're learning. There are a lot of balance issues in general and since we lack any possibility of useful crafted gear any time soon it's also quite telling how all of this together can reveal just how lopsided fights are against well geared guilds and well built players. All of this is something we expected and something we are content to tolerate. What we did not expect and cannot tolerate is what the passive training tree and crafting system generally has resulted in. Granted, in pre-alpha we can't expect an economy (especially on a faction where we've become half the population of as a guild of, what, not even 12 active players?), and maybe on release it won't be quite so bad. However, that does not change the fact that our experience as a new guild has revealed some serious flaws with Crowfall's current design.
    There are some real problems with how the crafting system currently works in general. There's a pointlessness to crafting anything but blue and better gear. There's also a pointlessness to crafting anything without being near or at max crafting skill and experimentation points. This means we can't feasibly create any kind of intermediate gear to help us compare to those already kitted out in blues and better. But, that isn't the worst of it. The worst of it is the passive training tree itself. This tree alone has already pushed away three or four recruits from even bothering playing the game. One in particular dove in expecting to be able to become a great crafter, right up until she discovered the passive tree and how it works. She hasn't logged in since, neither Crowfall or our guild Discord. Another, realizing just how long it would take to catch up in any meaningful way with gear, has likewise stopped playing after about three days.  All of this, if the systems remain in place as they stand today upon release, will guaranteed push away many players and risk killing this game before it even begins.
    A catch-up mechanic will not fix this. The problem is inherent in the current design of the crafting system in general requiring the crafting equippables, all the additives, and thousands of Dust to kit out a single person (therefor you screw yourself by crafting without crafting maxed and at least blue mats/additives), as well as the time gating of the passive training itself. I'm sure we all know and understand the purpose and intent of the passive training system, but in its current iteration it simply does not work whatsoever. There is also the issue of veteran players simply being able to fill out everything given enough time, thus killing any real hope of specialization in roles (combat/harvest/craft).
    After some discussion, we've come up with a few ideas for changes that we feel need to happen.
    Simply Add Active Training.
    This will help, but only to a point. This game's very nature doesn't lend itself well to the “craft 1,000 daggers” approach like WoW or Skyrim et al. Still, an active training aspect is absolutely crucial to ensure players don't feel entirely locked behind a time gate, allowing those that play consistently to build up their crow skills. The basic idea is, so long as you're engaged in an activity related to the tree you're training in, you'll gain points faster.
    Add Skill Levels and Limit How Many Can Be “Mastered”
    This will help with the specialization, but one issue will be that if new players think they want to go one way and decide they do not like it we'll need some kind of respec mechanic. This would certainly give gold a good sink. You would have so many levels you can train, maybe you can train everything up to “Journeyman” which might be, say, level 3 of 10, which means you'd only be so far into each main tree. Meanwhile, the 10th level of “Master” maybe you can only pick two, and only pick 4 for the maybe 6th level. And yet, a lot of players may like having lots of characters for lots of builds and situations, or like harvesting and crafting a lot and what to engage with all of it. If someone wants to give it the time, they certainly shouldn't feel like they're being pigeonholed. That brings us to idea #3.
    Give Vessels Their Own Passive Skill Tree
    Nobody should feel pigeonholed. Plenty of players like having alts. Certainly, no one should be able to master everything, but mixing in the vessel itself into the equation will allow people to stretch out in a few ways, such that only those that truly focus on specializing will completely fill out certain trees. So, you might hold out on Journeyman level--to use the above example--on your Crow, but each Vessel might still be able to choose one Master of their own so long as your Crow hits a certain level of that skill. But, to truly specialize, you would need to Crow and Vessel Master on the same skill tree, or some equivalent.
    With these ideas together, we think we have a solid recommendation to try testing with:
    First, determine a maximum pool of Skill Training Points. Players will still have their passive training, but now every single action generates a usable active point. PVP, point capture, harvesting, crafting, war tribes, all of these activities provide a certain amount of actively generated points. Players then allocate as they see fit on the Crow tree or the Vessel tree. Eventually, a player will hit the maximum points on their Crow, at which point a certain amount can still be actively trained on a per vessel basis. So, lets say (for sake of example) you can gain a total of 6 million points on your crow, while a vessel can train up an additional 2 million. This will do a few things: Players can actively play and get better/stronger at whatever they want to simply by playing, players can specialize without being able to get everything, and players will have some wiggle room to split off and enjoy alts without severely pigeonholing themselves (so even a crafter heavy crow, for example, can still have a good combat character, they just won't Master any Combat skills). This could work where you can only Vessel train from however far the Crow has, and adding points to the Crow for the same nodes would free up those points from the Vessel. Players won't be able to pace through a single tree any faster than anyone else, either, with this because you would pull from a single point pool; you'd merely be choosing Crow or Vessel to allocate to. With this introduced, and having an extra however many points that can be Vessel-specific, we could see the re-introduction of the Race tree allowing players to fill out minor buffs for each race like increased stat caps and minor general craft and harvest buffs (or, at least each race group, so Human, Elf, Monster, Stoneborn, Guinecean)
    Second, greatly expand and refine the skill trees as they exist now. Harvesting as it exists currently feels pretty good with respect to specialization so it doesn't feel like there's much to do to enhance this. The parts that could use some expanding is Combat with a near total overhaul applied to Crafting. Combat should be split up a bit and restructured a bit, having the Weaponry and Armor branches as they stand now, but making some changes as specified further below. Crafting needs to be restructured almost entirely and have new branches added in as detailed below.
    For Combat, simply tweaking and fleshing out more options will be sufficient, but overall it's adequate as is. Consider introducing three new trees that require Armor and Weapons maxed to reach. These would be named along the lines something like Warrior, Specialist, and Medic. These would provide passives dedicated to benefiting DPS specs, tank/CC utility specs, and healing specs respectfully. For Weapons, consider swapping things around, you choose One Handed Combat, Two Handed Combat, Melee Mastery, or Ranged Mastery along with an additional three Mastery trees: Organic Mastery, Physical Mastery, and Elemental Mastery. I feel like this might split things a bit better but that's just a whatever. This isn't anywhere necessary we don't think, but it would be nice to see this expanded, especially if the point cap and vessel points are introduced so players can better specialize.
    Now, the part that needs the absolute most work of all: Crafting. The overhaul here isn't just going to be the passive tree, either. This also will need to include some real tweaks on material requirements and other costs based on the rarity tier being worked, if additives are being used or not, and to also ensure that every level of commonality (except maybe white?) is valuable to craft with for gear. First, you should need to unlock access to make items of a certain grade, requiring a certain amount of the tree unlocked to reach each level (e.g. you can't craft with Blue materials/components until you unlock that node). This will give players good milestones to reach and make sure newer crafters know their limits. Second, crafter gear (like necromancer goggles) should also require hitting a certain crafting level in that crafting tree. This will help make master crafters stand out, but with things balanced out so non-masters can still contribute useful stuff. Third, dust and ember costs need to be offloaded more towards utilizing those items so that players can make good use of lesser quality ingredients without using up nearly as much dust/ember resource so they can still make decent gear. As it is now, even if you didn't need to be a master to make great gear, you're only hurting yourself crafting greens/whites because of the amount of dust needed, or without additives because the benefits are too good. Green grade non-additive gear should still have value to make and not be too expensive for mat/dust requirements since as things stand now there is no “stepping stone” intermediate gear anywhere comparable to even master crafted blue and that makes gear disparity problems even worse. Fourth, experimentation points should be frontloaded on the tree so you get more experimentation early to help with crafting decent lower grade gear, while further mastering crafts improve your risky experimentation to max out high grade gear. Fifth, requiring hitting the final Mastery node of any appropriate craft should unlock additional specialist crafting trees: Component Mastery, Weapon Mastery, Armor Mastery, Tinkerer (experimentation and crafter gear focus), and Taskmaster (Thrall focus for when Thralls are ready to go).
    Hopefully, this assessment will be taken to heart, and a serious overhaul of these systems will be worked on. No one should feel pigeonholed, no one should require master crafting or days of dust/ember grinding to get reasonably competitive gear, and no one should be time gated from feeling useful or doing what they want to do.
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    DravoiX reacted to Smiguel in Horizon | [EU]   
  13. Haha
    DravoiX reacted to miraluna in News cycle— disappointing —   
    Ever feel like someone is staring at you while you are trying to work?
    Playtesters be like...

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    DravoiX got a reaction from royo in News cycle— disappointing —   
    Blaming marketing is quite harsh since Debby Sue is allready a year there and most QA / Streams were way better before Quality and Question wise. We had awesome streams with @vkromas , @ShadowLion, @Melissa which prepared them self before and after a Stream. What (most of us) just want is interaction with the Developers. But most of the content feels like 0815 auto generated reused content most of the time.  I played multiple games for a long time even if i hadn't fun with the game it self. Alot of players feel aboned which is their right, because a community isnt really existing only some "players" that want to shine through.

    I hope that ACE will  realise that we dont need a Q&A everytime with Todd or Blair, with the right setup everybody(even @ACE_JackalBark NO PERSONAL ATTACK just picked a person) of the ACE team could make a wonderful interaction with the community.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from APE in News cycle— disappointing —   
    Blaming marketing is quite harsh since Debby Sue is allready a year there and most QA / Streams were way better before Quality and Question wise. We had awesome streams with @vkromas , @ShadowLion, @Melissa which prepared them self before and after a Stream. What (most of us) just want is interaction with the Developers. But most of the content feels like 0815 auto generated reused content most of the time.  I played multiple games for a long time even if i hadn't fun with the game it self. Alot of players feel aboned which is their right, because a community isnt really existing only some "players" that want to shine through.

    I hope that ACE will  realise that we dont need a Q&A everytime with Todd or Blair, with the right setup everybody(even @ACE_JackalBark NO PERSONAL ATTACK just picked a person) of the ACE team could make a wonderful interaction with the community.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Gahmuret in News cycle— disappointing —   
    Blaming marketing is quite harsh since Debby Sue is allready a year there and most QA / Streams were way better before Quality and Question wise. We had awesome streams with @vkromas , @ShadowLion, @Melissa which prepared them self before and after a Stream. What (most of us) just want is interaction with the Developers. But most of the content feels like 0815 auto generated reused content most of the time.  I played multiple games for a long time even if i hadn't fun with the game it self. Alot of players feel aboned which is their right, because a community isnt really existing only some "players" that want to shine through.

    I hope that ACE will  realise that we dont need a Q&A everytime with Todd or Blair, with the right setup everybody(even @ACE_JackalBark NO PERSONAL ATTACK just picked a person) of the ACE team could make a wonderful interaction with the community.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from oneply in News cycle— disappointing —   
    Blaming marketing is quite harsh since Debby Sue is allready a year there and most QA / Streams were way better before Quality and Question wise. We had awesome streams with @vkromas , @ShadowLion, @Melissa which prepared them self before and after a Stream. What (most of us) just want is interaction with the Developers. But most of the content feels like 0815 auto generated reused content most of the time.  I played multiple games for a long time even if i hadn't fun with the game it self. Alot of players feel aboned which is their right, because a community isnt really existing only some "players" that want to shine through.

    I hope that ACE will  realise that we dont need a Q&A everytime with Todd or Blair, with the right setup everybody(even @ACE_JackalBark NO PERSONAL ATTACK just picked a person) of the ACE team could make a wonderful interaction with the community.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Kraahk in Suche Gilde   
    Für deutsche Gilden hast du 3 verschiedene Auswahlmöglichkeiten
    @Gildenleiter/ @Darksilver von der Gilde Farewell
    @Mogres von  der Gilde Nordic Marauders
    @Finkregh von der Gilde Northlanders

    such einfach nach den Beiträgen direkt hier drunter

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    DravoiX reacted to Rikutatis in World of Warcraft Classic   
    I understand the strong nostalgic appeal vanilla WoW has on people, but god I could never go back to tab target... main reason I didn't back CU as well. 
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    DravoiX reacted to PaleOne in News cycle— disappointing —   
    Hey guys—
    Just wanted to let the dev team know that the one thing that keeps this game alive is hope for an amazing future—
    Without  your energy and vision enthusiasm wanes.
    Got a notice from twitch today about the channel being live and got excited— only to see another guest streamer—
    We are seeing guild participation drop lower and lower—— people are leaving in droves —
    You need to feed this fire before it goes out.
    Even if you at least give us an outline of your intentions — we at least won’t be disappointed 
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    DravoiX reacted to Kraahk in Get the Tankard of Dawn - Official discussion thread   
    " We’ll even track the time for you so you don’t even have to do that. "
    <- Sounds nice. But to be frank, as long as this time isn't shown to us somewhere, we actually DO have to track it on our own. 🙄
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    DravoiX reacted to makkon in [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]   
    gratz. this also mean top 9 most active players also in ur guild atm 😅
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    DravoiX reacted to Tigerman in [FR] Les Scorpions du Désert   
    Les Scorpions Du Désert [LSD]

    Origines :
    La guilde Les Scorpions du Désert [LSD] est une guilde multi-jeux organisée en association loi 1901 dont le but est de soutenir ses joueurs autour d'un style de jeu unique : le jeu en groupe. Active depuis 2002, Les Scorpions du Désert est l'une des guildes les plus réputées et les plus actives du monde francophone.
    Sur Crowfall :
    Sans prétention, nous nous lançons sur Crowfall pour apprendre et évoluer à notre rythme. Tous les types de joueurs sont la bienvenue. Nous avons une approche selon laquelle tout le monde a sa place, du hardcore gamer au casual, du plus jeune au plus ancien. Nous souhaitons tester tous les aspect du jeux: PVP, CRAFT, FARMING.
    Conditions :
    Les seules conditions sont d'être majeur et d'être respectueux envers les autres joueurs. La présence sur le Discord est un plus notamment pour le PVP.
    Objectifs :
    Atteindre une dizaine de joueurs actifs pour organiser des sorties PVP et les métiers. s'éclater sur ce jeux à fort potentiel. Intéressé(e) :
    contact discord: Tigerman#5107
    à très vite et bon jeux.
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    DravoiX reacted to Scorn in Title: Required   
    Oof, that's some scary bomberman Xarrayne.

    I don't generally worry about bombs as a Templar, the Parry and Heavy Armor go a long way towards preventing that Damage.
    Generally if I see or hear a Bomb near enough to even be perceived as a threat I will mitigate it through Parry. (50-75% further Damage reduction)
    However, I do recognize their effectiveness against softer targets or someone caught unprepared.

    It is fairly rare that I die to orb bombs (<5%) and my response is 1 of 2.
    Either I was unprepared and unable to react in time to seeing/hearing the Blight or Orbs and paid the price for my own ineptitude
    My opponents were able to prevent me from using my survival tools such as Parry or Brilliance (ult) in which case they played quite well and deserve the kill
    There is no reason to blame the ability, it is avoidable or at the very least able to be mitigated.

    If there is a friendly Arch Druid they should be able to communicate a bomb is theirs, hopefully before they decide to blow it.
    If you're not sure, assume it's not friendly and get out!

    The time needed to place and set up a bomb is fairly high in most cases, and all that time can either pay off in a big way, a small way or a complete waste of time and resources.
    Knowledge and understanding make up the foundation of Crowfall battles and recognizing the potential danger zones, and danger potential, an Arch Druid brings are important.

    Damage going through walls is problematic but all AoEs do that in Crowfall, not something I see changing all too soon but it would be nice.
    The lock on of certain abilities (Spark, Rapid Fire etc) is more worrisome to me compared to how AoEs ingame have been functioning for 3years or so.
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    Well first of all I respect the opening statement, and similarly as someone who plays Archdruid I ofc have my own biases... Now, I haven't heard of nor witnessed the Blight orbs not being visible in this Trial, but if I've missed it then yes that absolutely needs to be fixed. In general the audio cue should definitely be clearer at the very start of the animation, and I'd also agree that there should be a discernible difference between friendly and enemy Blight orbs; there's an element of "you should communicate to your allies" about it, but I concede that it's not always practical or possible to communicate to absolutely all necessary parties that they don't need to blow a CD for nothing. As for lacking wall interception that's something common to all AoE, so yes it's a problem but not a specific problem. Should also be fixed, ACE pls.
    As for damage, I'm curious to know exactly what happened on Jecht's end... If nothing else I rarely get opportunities to crunch the real numbers! He told me 15k at the time, possibly not accounting for the shield from his Ult, but I think the main problem for him was that he didn't parry; that was his misplay. The loss-of-Retaliate bug definitely screws over people who aren't tanky enough to face-tank such damage (again ACE pls), but when that works properly everyone has counterplay to a bomb: Retaliate and walk away. From the time that the orbs are first detonated there is a whole 2 seconds before the explosions actually happen, and that's after the 1 second GCD incurred from casting the CC required to hold people in place. If people are able to Retaliate in a timely fashion, as should normally happen, then 1-shot bombs kinda stop being a thing outside of catching noobs, boomers, and disorganised blobs... You either need to spread the orbs out to guarantee something lands (which won't one-shot anything) or rely on luck/excellent timing from allies with their own AoE CC, which is insanely rare and honestly should be rewarded with a couple or so kills.
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