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    DravoiX reacted to Kraahk in Kraahk's Crowfall Maps   
    News:  3.9 Maps, including some resource and POI informatins: see here.

    If you look at these maps, be aware of the facts that
    if you test crowfall for the first time, you should not look at these maps yet (play the tests without any map first or you will loose a valuable and potentially important experience) all maps are subject to changes (parcels can change, resource nodes can change ... AND the coordinate grid can change, even if otherwise the map keeps the same and at any time - so don't believe these maps blindly, test them first) these maps are BW 3.8 maps (there will definitely be some changes on east (+50% cells), and i will replace the 3.8 maps as soon as i nailed down the new environment) i rebuilt these parcels roughly, based on my own researches (they are not perfect and may not show 100% of the real details, but they should be pretty close or at least good enough to give the general idea) these maps are still experimental (feel free to share your feedback and suggestions how to improve them) it's christmas time (so have yourself some merry little holidays, relax and take it easy). You may use the pictures without editing them for any purposes. So feel free to share them with other crows. If you have something else in mind, contact me.
    Have fun, good luck

    (click on the pictures to enlarge them)




    Some unnecessary words:
    edit 2016-12-24: added link to 3.9 maps. some structural changes.
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    DravoiX reacted to Kraahk in Can we sink any deeper? The 6 stages to the hell of Crowfall!   
    Come all ye crows and murder-lads and listen to my true story.
    It might save your souls...
    ...for i have seen the deepest dregs.
    Stage 1-3
    Stage 1: 330,000 m below sea level
    First you think its cool.
    You slobber and you drool.
    You grow additional limbs
    to show off in the gyms.
    Yeah, bath yourself in glee.
    The truth is: You're not free!
    Stage 2: 660,000 m below sea level
    You feel a little pinch.
    One eye begins to flinch.
    The fingers getting longer
    (what you equate with stronger).
    You still think you'll get through.
    If you only knew...
    Stage 3: 1,000,000 m below sea level
    But your are lost. You just don't know.
    You take your part within the show
    that leads you to the deepest hole.
    And on this path, just like your soul,
    your face is getting darker.
    Ignition of the sparker.
    (click to enlarge)

    Stage 4-6
    Stage 4: 2,000,000 m below sea level
    Oh, now you start to feel the pain?
    You think it will drive you insane?
    Suggestion: Better be prepared!
    For this is nothing if compared
    to what awaits you on your way.
    This stage is just like holiday.
    Stage 5: 2,150,000 m below sea level
    Your shoulders down, your fingers stretched.
    Your body, like your soul, is wretched.
    But that your eyes can't see no more,
    they sailed away and left the shore.
    Do you believe now what i tell?
    That it's not good to go to hell?
    Stage 6: 2,250,000 m below sea level
    Your body crushed, you feel your sin.
    You're down. Remember where you've been.
    And what decisions brought you here.
    Don't shift the blame onto your gear.
    Confess to her - and with some luck
    she'll kill you and get you unstuck.

    Thanks to the confessor who stopped my endless fall. I felt like reborn. And strictly speaking: i was. xD
    edit: couldn't count up to three. fixed.
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Kraahk in Nam(e)ly   
    Have fun

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    DravoiX got a reaction from Akineko in Bist Du Dabei ? Alpha/beta   
    Moin ich bin der Dravo

    und werde ab morgen ein fleißiger Tester sein
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    DravoiX got a reaction from Kraahk in Bist Du Dabei ? Alpha/beta   
    Moin ich bin der Dravo

    und werde ab morgen ein fleißiger Tester sein
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