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  1. Yep! A few of us will be on today around 1pm central for some resource grinding for vessels, and maybe some recording for a new guild recruitment video. Hit me up on discord - Damarus#6410. We usually play evenings, especially around 9pm on keep fight nights.
  2. @PopeUrban I'm good with that logic. I don't fear that the UI will force folks to 'ignore the view' as much as other might (the irony of those big clunky UI is that they give so much information, that they pretty much give no information), but I also don't think it's needed at the moment. The game currently does well with focusing on the viewport and not the side panel.
  3. Like the ideas for removing the hard bar per the OP. Just to toss out idea, another way to simplify the display of health bar when it does appear, is option for circular view (think total war 3 kingdoms) - uses less area to tell the story.
  4. Hey I appreciate you considering me. I've got a couple of questions. 

    How often do y'all participate in group Pvp/Farming sessions?

    Are you a veteran guild?

    Do y'all have/use discord?

    1. Ominous_Howl


      Sorry, didn't realize this was posting on your profile wall. Meant to send via private message.

    2. Damarus


      NP, let's switch to private.

  5. We had a blast this past weekend playing Balance in our first campaign. We got to ride on the coattails of the big guilds to partake is some epic fights.
  6. This I agree with. I think it was in the June (maybe July?) Q&A they mentioned a resource drop event on the map, where folks would have to get to it, caravan it back to a keep / fort, and open it up to get resources. Seems that you wouldn't actually get the goods until you got it back to a fort / keep. Reminded me a lot of a supply drop event in Royal games, with the extra effort of caravaning it 'home'. I think that's a decent example of what your talking about - would like to see more things like that in the game.
  7. Can you elaborate the idea a bit more? It's going to be easy for folks to dismiss and give trollish responses when no one really gets the summary of it. Also assuming I know what you mean - I counter propose your idea, with simplifying the leveling system even more than trying to augment it to make it 'more fun'. The game already makes levels fairly meaningless with how easy it is, and how gear lacks level requirements. This is good - the important of this game is on the fight and the teamwork - not the grind for an arbitrary number. The only thing that is useful within the process is new players learning skills and the talent line 1 by 1 - vs. tossing them all the things at once. I'd love to see how we could flesh that progression out a bit more for new players, and ditch the random level number altogether.
  8. [PAR] is a guild established August 2019 in Crowfall. It’s initially composed of real life friends and family, who have lots of PvP MMO background. We are currently playing balance, but are not forcing ourselves to stay a specific faction during the test period. We're currently a fun group of ~8 players who group about 4 nights a week to defend keeps, grind resources, etc. Our Guild Plans to stay small / medium size Sticks with a casual core mindset of stress, but a hardcore mindset of accomplishment Uses Discord Will host events and scheduled group nights Who We’re Looking For Those who can be level headed in a battle, and not rage after a loss. Age 18+, our group is adults Currently recruiting All roles, and those interested in crafting dedication. Learn more about us by messaging me on the forums, or by messaging Damarus#6410 on discord.
  9. This! Big bulky green blobs are always fun - although I am not sure it fits in this world...
  10. Could do a raid team UI of sorts - while groups still limited to 5 people, you could still see UI representing all the parties within the group (as many games do). Helps healers and group leaders in a general sense of understanding the level of pressure their group is under.
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