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  1. I don't really care for this. Losing your gear's stats (possibly) without ever using it just would not feel good. If people put in the effort to have the "best" gear and they only want to bring it out for certain events then that is their decision. With the current system the gear will see the same amount of use whether it be all at once or spread out over time. It is much more in line with the "risk vs reward" theme this game is going for by putting those decisions in the players hands to make. Besides, what is the difference between hoarding your gear and hoarding the resources for a master crafter to infuse it with? If I am using this gear so sparingly (for you to create this whole system) will I really use more mats to keep it enchanted (for when I need it) than just regular repairs and replacement? It seems (to me) that your fix will only create the same problem just with the mats instead. You have also created a system where an item could go on forever and never be destroyed. Item is infused-->Item loses thrall--->item is reinfused and on and on. All the while creating a run (and hoarding) on enchanting mats for gear that people will STILL only use when they deem necessary.
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