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  1. Sent you a message didn't think you'd seen it yet. Just wondered if you're still recruiting? I'm down for playing with you guys if your active on EU time-zones. Let me know just looking for a smaller group of people to have a bit of fun with during testing.
  2. Whilst I do agree that crafters need to have more identity, I think creating classes for crafters could bring on a host of its own problems. Perhaps a re-work of the passive system would be more favourable how this could improve said problem for crafters I don't know.
  3. I only skimmed what you had to say but I couldn't agree more that the passive system needs re-working, they emphasise the importance of crafters but where's the individuality/identity for them what makes them different from anyone else. Whilst I do like the system that is in place I do think it needs improving. The passive system has its pros and cons whilst it might make crafters feel less important in my opinion. The power curve of the passive training for combat being quite low allows anyone to engage in pvp including crafters, gatherers etc. which I would assume is their reason for h
  4. Been having this same problem recently, don't mind working around it for now. Removing history and data seems to work for me or loading the forums off a different browser, should anyone else have the same problem.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for an average sized active guild to take me on whilst the campaigns are active. To give you an idea of my experience with Crowfall I backed in 2016 and played during the hunger dome phase with Caldera, it was great fun even though I was only around for a short period of time. The members of Caldera were very helpful and are a great bunch of people, however after the hunger dome phase I wasn't active on the game or with the guild until now, that's over four years. Rightly so I was removed from the guild, they let me know and told me the reasons why, to be honest I didn't
  6. Isn't the performance issues down to the fact its created with the unity engine rather than their own custom engine. I just wonder how much the engine can take even when its been completely optimised and polished. I dont know a lot about what goes into development and how the engine works so correct me if i'm wrong.
  7. I think they've done a great job, they needed to make a new system to allow smaller more casual guilds to remain relevant during campaigns without being overshadowed by the massive guilds, the world felt dead before and now it gives people more reason to log in other than Sieges. In regards to the PvP not being the focus anymore I couldn't disagree more, simply because one way or another everything in this game either contributes or encourages PvP from harvesting to objectives in the new system. This new system does make it harder for larger guilds to win simply because they'll now
  8. I see, thanks a lot that clears things up.
  9. I was just wondering if each character that I create would have a unique name as during testing at the moment your character name comes under your account name. I wondered if this was subject to change? if not will it be possible to change our usernames or have our usernames separate to a display name that covers all characters perhaps, Im not 100% sure on how the vessel system actually works and if this would affect that. Sorry for the odd question just seemed a bit odd that I couldn't name my character when testing as i'm sure the last time I tried Crowfall I was able to choose a c
  10. Whilst this is a pvp focused game, I do agree that it would be nice to see a more linear path for newer players. We're still in testing so maybe this is subject to change.
  11. I feel like the closer Crowfall gets to a new stage of testing beta, alpha etc. a big update is always released, the scope for this game has drastically changed since it was kick started a few years ago. So you'll probably be waiting longer than a Year to full release. Just to clarify I don't have a problem with that, it takes however long it takes. Just thought I'd voice what I had to say given a year seemed unrealistic to me for a full release. I don't play the game much either but I try to stay updated so don't take my word as gospel.
  12. Depends how the faction campaigns work, how does the grouping work etc. I don't really know a lot about the game I just try it every now and again. Anyone care to elaborate?
  13. Well I'd like to see an Orc Shaman archetype, Similar to Ner'Zul from WoW. Orcs are my favourite race in pretty much every fantasy game i've played, if Orcs became a thing in Crowfall it would definitely seal the deal for me, it would add a more Tribal kind of archetype that we can choose from and I think we do need a few more Archetypes to choose from. This Orc Shaman would be a ranged DPS archetype calling upon the elements to defeat his opponent, this Orc would be strong so not easy to kill but still be able to dish out a good amount of damage, of all the spellcaster archetypes (Frostweave
  14. Well I'd love a lightsaber but I dont think it would really work
  15. Thought i'd seen somewhere Todd saying something like that I think it was a youtube video, and a layout of whats going to happen would be nice, just so that we can see where they're going to go with the game and anything that they plan to implement into the game at a later stage.
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