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  1. I've been following Crowfall since 2016 but don't know a great deal so if I make any errors in terms of the way the game works feel free to correct me. What separates someone who just wants to craft from someone who's maxed their XP in combat and now wants to go down the crafting tree to become self sufficient eventually when he/she maxes said tree they'll be able to make just as good armour as someone that just wants to craft, essentially making them irrelevant. Why not have an Artisan class and have the ability to specialise in Armour Smithing or Weapon Smithing as talents much like how a knight can choose to improve their physical resistance or their weapon power for example. Obviously this would come with its own issues and I could see why it wouldn't fit in with the nature of the game, but my question still stands. What separates someone who just wants to craft from someone who's maxed in combat and has become self sufficient working down the crafting tree? The way the levelling system works from what I know would only contribute to this as your skills level over-time rather than completing tasks relevant to that skill, for example he/she could have their secondary tree as crafting and it'd still continue to gain points regardless of what they do. Like I said, I don't know a great deal about the game so maybe there is already a solution to my question or maybe that's just how the game is intended to be.
  2. Well I'd like to see an Orc Shaman archetype, Similar to Ner'Zul from WoW. Orcs are my favourite race in pretty much every fantasy game i've played, if Orcs became a thing in Crowfall it would definitely seal the deal for me, it would add a more Tribal kind of archetype that we can choose from and I think we do need a few more Archetypes to choose from. This Orc Shaman would be a ranged DPS archetype calling upon the elements to defeat his opponent, this Orc would be strong so not easy to kill but still be able to dish out a good amount of damage, of all the spellcaster archetypes (Frostweaver, Confessor) the Shaman will be the strongest of the three therefore the hardest to kill but might not be able to do as much damage as the confessor or frostweaver for example. Obviously this isn't an invented archetype nor is it really fun but I just thought i'd like to point out something i'd like to see in the game
  3. Well I'd love a lightsaber but I dont think it would really work
  4. Thought i'd seen somewhere Todd saying something like that I think it was a youtube video, and a layout of whats going to happen would be nice, just so that we can see where they're going to go with the game and anything that they plan to implement into the game at a later stage.
  5. Will we get cosmetic armors and weapons that we can use and earn that could overlay over the top of whatever armor and weapon we are using, kind of like transmog from WoW for example. Maybe they could have some kind of task/challenge system and in doing these challenges you win cosmetic armor pieces or weapons, I just dont like the idea of everyone running around in the same gear and I don't want this to be an only buy from the store with real money thing. So is this something that's going to happen? Thanks
  6. werzal

    Game of Thrones

    Ah a Game of Thrones thread, Perfect!
  7. Ahaha these are brilliant!
  8. I'd like to see more but 100k isn't a bad start especially for a game without an IP, 100k for the first few months i'd happily settle for an MMO doesn't have to have millions of players to be successful, it all depends on what the game is like on launch and whether or not it lives up to everyone's expectations but I'm sure they will deliver
  9. I think that on launch we will probably be looking at 50k-100k players, we may loose some or gain some depending on the state of the game at launch obviously the game isn't going to have a perfect launch. We could be looking at around 50k-100k players a few months after launch and could see a growth in population as the game progresses however I doubt the game will ever go over 250k players and that'll probably be the amount of players we will have at the games peak. This game was never intended to be a massive hit, its meant to be a game with a small/medium sized community that are very dedicated to the game, I'd like to see 1 million players but it just won't happen, most of the members i've seen in the forums seem to be realistic about what they expect Crowfall to be and as long as it stays that way Crowfall could well be a successful game with a dedicated community.
  10. Awesome website and I love the emblem, I'm looking for a guild that will be quite social and still serious whilst still allowing for people such as myself who have more important responsibilities in life such as a job and this seems to fit the bill perfectly for me, hoping that's likewise for you guys just recently sent off an application
  11. I was from Farstar and spent most of my time in the guild REP-D, I still miss that game, I remember when I first found out about it I used to own an xbox when I was a kid and of course used to love Star Wars so I saved up all my money and bought Star Wars Republic Commando and when I opened the case I saw a 25 day free trial for a game called Star Wars Galaxies and downloaded it onto my Dads computer and I loved it, shame its gone no MMO will match SWG.
  12. I like this idea, i'd like to see us being able to chop down trees with an axe to get logs or mine a copper ore rock to get copper with actual animations (swinging an axe at a tree). SWG was also my first MMO ever and there were certain things in that game that i'd really like to see in this game such as oridi mentioned above drilling and harvesting structures that get however many units per hour. This can then lead onto further things some players may only go into campaign worlds to harvest resources and then sell them in there house that they own in their guilds EK assuming that the game will actually work like that because i'm pretty sure we will have player owned houses and Thralls I think they are called which are pretty much player owned vendors that can sell stuff to other players this will encourage interaction within the community and socializing which is a very important part of any MMO.
  13. Thank you very much That sounds like a good system that could work for me.
  14. werzal

    EK Battles

    Thanks for the replies, I think maybe I didn't totally understand the way that the CW's will work so thank you all for pointing out everything, I just don't want the EK to be really boring it has to be a place we can go back to and enjoy because we wont be playing CW's all the time.
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